More PUA Instructor-Level Text-Game: “False Disqualifying”, Push-Pull & Playing Hard-To-Get With Hot Girls

Ok guys, some more personal text-game examples via screenshots for you.

Some days ago, a hot chick from the past hit me up on Facebook…I guess to catch up.

Background: I picked her up during some street game a few years back [perhaps 4 years ago].

We hit it off of course, but because she had to fly out, I wasn’t able to pursue the bang.

Whenever I miss a bang opportunity in such a fashion, I usually NEXT the girl since I don’t believe in long-distance romancing unless the chick will return shortly…in the matter of a day or 2.

Anyway, upon departure, she friend-requested me on Facebook. Though I wasn’t interested anymore, I accepted the request anyways.

Although she returned shortly after, my interest level was at zero, since I had a plethora of other chicks on my proverbial bang-list.

This is the beauty of the masterful PUA who has attained a level of abundance with women: any 1 girl does NOT count!

Doesn’t matter how hot a girl is- and this chick is smoking-fucking hot by the way- a master PUA who enjoys an abundance of hot women, does NOT get hung up on any 1 particular chick.

Anyway, so few days ago, she hits me up on Facebook out of the blue.

Remind you: I had deleted her from Facebook over a year ago.


Because I can! πŸ˜‰

I have a knack for treating hot girls like disposable paper.

That is part of my bad-boy persona: to flip the script on women, and become the one who plays indifferent and hard-to-get.

One cannot play hard-to-get when he has no options.

When you have options; brushing women off will have become easy-breezy.

Be as it may, here is the text-log via Facebook Messenger from a few days ago [Saturday].

I want you to take note of my vibe, disposition and push-pull strategy.

By the way, an obscured photo of this HB is below.


[Her texts in gray. Mines in blue]


She confirmed that I did delete her from my Facebook…and I did. Again; deleting a hot girl for no apparent reason, will deliver a punishing blow to her hot-girl ego since no guy out there has the heart and balls to pull such a move on such a hot girl.


I did add her back the night before, after taking notice of her through a mutual friend’s post.


I flatter her a bit as an attempt to butter her up. She claimed that I put up a front when we first met so she moved on. So- why did I put up a front? I didn’t! I simply had more girls on my plate whom I needed to prioritize before her…so I put her on the back-burner and she took it to mean I was being a dick, putting up a front and playing hard-to-get.


Basically, she assumed that I wouldn’t date her…if she were single. When a girl does/says this, it indicates that she’s qualifying and she’s the one in the position of lesser value/power. She’s the beggar, and she’s in the seller frame. This is a far cry from the usual frame where guys are trying to get a girl into a relationship. She is trying to get me into a relationship…if she were single she claims. πŸ˜‰

She also said “I know you”. In other words; she knows the type of guy I am…someone who enjoys abundance with women, and isn’t about any drawn-out affair.



Again, she tries to make her case/pitch as to why I should want to be in a relationship with her: I would get her sexy body as a perk of the relationship. In essence, she tries a subtle bribe. Now this is where I get creative with some “False Disqualifiers” by telling her that she’s too young for me. She then “qualifies” herself by saying “so what”…meaning she isn’t too young for me. That is the power of effectively using “False Disqualifiers”.


Again I rained on her parade by telling her that she’s too young and not my type in other words, if she isn’t over 28. I mean, which man in his right mind would say this to a hot 24-year old? NONE…except a man who has lots of women and choices in his life!

She then mentions that she’s close to 28 [being 24] πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .Again; she qualifies herself to me. This is what you want happening when trying to seduce a hot girl. You want her begging and trying to prove herself worthy to be with you.


I play hard-to-get even more by telling her in other words, that it isn’t practical for me to wait until she reaches 28 because anything can happen tomorrow. Then she qualifies again by saying in other words that 3 more years isn’t a long way.

I then throw her for a loop [push-pull technique] by telling her that I like her. Remember what I told you recently that you want to become a contradiction with women? You go left then suddenly take her right. Say/do something which contradicts something you’d said/done previously. This is exactly what I’m doing here.


I’m making her feel a bit inadequate by saying that she doesn’t measure up since she isn’t 28 +. Again, she tries to convince me that she doesn’t have issues as most girls under 28 do…according to moi. πŸ˜‰


I don’t quite know why the hell she would think I was open to marriage. Anyway, I told her that I break hearts. Adding to the bad-boy frame which I try to project.


Here, she tries to match my bad-boy, heart-breaker frame by implying that she and I are alike…or that she’s more heartless than I am. Again- she qualifies herself again and again and again.

Ok, so what is this “Qualifying” concept I keep citing?

“Qualifying, or “to qualify”, is a pick-up term we use to describe the act of one trying to prove him/herself to another person.

It is equivalent to the average job interview process, where the interviewee presents his or her credentials and “Qualifications” for the job or position.

That is qualifying.

The person who attempts to show/prove that he or she qualifies for the job [for instance], is essentially at the mercy of the person to which he/she qualifies.

The one who tries to qualify, essentially has less value!

The person seeking the job [the qualifier], has less value than the one who hires.

Just as the boss, supervisor or manager has more value than the employee whom he or she oversees.

Hence, in dating, the one who presents their qualifications as to why he or she should be taken on board, is the one having lesser value than the other.

Therefore, when I say to a girl, “You’re too young for me”, and she goes, “No I’m not. I’m old enough”. She is essentially saying that she qualifies and has the qualifications though she’s younger than what I’m looking for.

Do you get it?

When it comes to dating and getting laid a ton, it is often a power play on both sides.

However, most times, it is the girl who has the guy trying to prove himself to her [qualifying] through words and actions.

My text-game method flips the script, and gets the girl trying to prove herself to me instead.

Hence, I am the one with the power, leverage and the chooser’s frame.

With that being said: how do you get a girl to qualify and try to prove herself to you…and chase you like this girl is doing?

A combination of factors which emanated from my vibing during the text-log.

1.) Learn to dismiss girls!

2.) Ignore her texts ever so often!

3.) Delete them from your Facebook!

4.) Develop a rebellious vibe

5.) Give off a player vibe and hit on other women [pre-selection theory]

Those are just 5 key factors in how I get hot girls to chase and qualify themselves to me.

Do you have to do this with every hot girl [dismiss her, etc]?

No you don’t.

However, since hot girls are accustomed to guys chasing and begging, it is a much wiser approach to utilize this sort of text game.

Also, this works great with girls who are stuck-up and snobbish.

Overall, I’m hoping that you realize how powerful it is to be the chasee and not the chaser.

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