Biggest Tip When Going For A Solid Phone-Number Close

“Your results are as solid as the work you put in”!

I received an e-mail earlier from a subscriber to game, wanting to know the most crucial tip when securing a solid phone number: 1 that isn’t flaky and brittle as dried shrubs on an Autumn day.

There are several noteworthy tips from my playbook such as:

*Don’t beg/ask for the number

*Close with confidence

*Let her punch her number in

However, the most useful tip- in my book- to securing that phone number, is ‘Duration’.

How much time did you spend in set?

How long does your pick-ups last on average?

The thing is: the longer you stay in set [talking with the girl], the more solid the connection should have been…which means a more solid and non-flaky phone number.

Less time talking with the girl; greater the chances of the number not being so solid or solid at all.

As I mentioned in a recent post: the only exception should be cases where time is extremely limited and you have to close fast.

Even in such a case, it is still likely that the number would’ve been flaky and not so solid.

Hence, it is always advantageous to draw the process out as long as possible.

Now here’s the thing: you want to extend the initial chat [the pickup] before actually grabbing the number.

In other words, you don’t want to grab her number after 5 minutes then spend 20 extra minutes talking to the girl.

You would prefer to grab the number nearing the end of the 25th minute then bounce right afterwards.

Therefore, grab the number after about 15 + minutes of conversation [for example] then leave right away.

Don’t grab the number and continue to conversational stack into 10 additional minutes of game, or else you run the risk of messing up a good thing even though the number was solid…or you risk making blunders.

Too many guys are in the habit of looking at this thing as a sprint [number closing] opposed to a marathon.

The more time you spend with the girl, the better overall it’ll be!

Hence, you shouldn’t be approaching girls while saying to yourself:

“Let’s make this fast as possible! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry”!

As long as the girl isn’t in a discernible rush, then you have no logical reason to rush!

Always bear in mind a little tidbit I shared with you a while back: Girls have shit to do!

Now, this isn’t always factual: but it almost is. 😉

The average Jane has shit to do besides fuck around on Pinterest, Facebook and listen to her favorite songs.

Whenever a girl says she’s busy: 8 in 10 times, it is just a subtle brush off.

Therefore, as long as she’s outside of her cave and walking around, she’s pretty much window-shopping or grabbing groceries if she isn’t on a work break or something.

You do have those delicate and time-constraining situations where the girl needs to hitch a ride or grab a scheduled bus to get home or get to work…or school.

The video-still screenshots above are from a recent in-field pickup of mines.

When I spotted the hottie, she was in a huge rush noticeably, so I used social intelligence and social awareness to realize that I would NOT have been practical to stop her for a lengthy 45 minute chat. So I paced her, we walked together and I gamed her on the go.

It was a moving target as we would say in pickup.

Since time was very stringent and she had to catch a scheduled bus to get home, I was only able to chat her up for about 8 minutes tops before going for the number.

As you can see in the stills, I confidently let her punch in her information opposed to begging and asking.

I assumed the sell!

My demeanor and mannerism as I was pulling [getting the number] was that of someone who knew that it was a done deal.

All in all guys, when getting a girl’s number, or upon the approach itself, focus on prolonging things and not how quickly you need to get it over with!

Only rush it if time isn’t sufficient.

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