Ever Wondered Why Girls On Facebook Were So Stuck-Up?

Ever wondered why chicks were said to be so stuck-up on Facebook?

Well- this screenshot should answer your question.

This is also further proof that black men are largely responsible for putting chicks on pedestals…which further squashes the myth that all black men were born with game.

Thanking girls for accepting your friend request is not just putting yourself in the “Beggar” frame, but you’re ruining your chances from the gate!

Women are very fucking ruthless and heartless!

What I mean by that is, women do NOT reward men for niceness!

They actually punish men for doing/saying things which are perceived to be “Nice”.

If and when a girl accepts your friend request; treat it like it never happened!

Just move on!

Thanking and praising her on her Facebook wall will do nothing but annoy her and hoist her further atop the pedestal.

Those same men who praise women for accepting their friend requests, then turn around and call women stuck-up snobby bitches!

Well- you made them that way fool!

You gave their ego all the ammunition they need to believe that they are praise-worthy!


6 thoughts on “Ever Wondered Why Girls On Facebook Were So Stuck-Up?

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  1. Kenny, I wonder if women became so ruthless and heartless because of an over-abundance of punks that give them what they want when they want. That includes beta fathers who call them princess all the time.

    On Facebook once, someone I know put up a list about daughters, and said that she is my princess, not your (a potential date’s) conquest. I didn’t make a comment, but I was thinking that she is neither your princess or someone’s conquest, and that fathers need to stop calling their daughters that.


    1. I don’t quite disagree with a father calling her daughter princess. That’s totally fine to me. But it’s a whole different ball game when a guy is calling a random girl princess and not be joking around about it. A lot of guy’s game is based around calling women queen, princess and so forth. Those guys never get anywhere.
      It’s like trying to flatter your way into poon. It won’t work for them because the girl can see it miles away.


      1. Well, it’s OK for a father do do that rarely, but when girls are called that constantly from anyone (fathers, other guys, etc…), then it gets to be too much.


  2. On fb it ain’t shit. New girls u got to treat em like they cool but it the best at being cooler.
    Girls you know in real life on fb I just swag on em thru the keyboard taking lead making it fun for both of us.
    The goal is sex! I make it known by my presence. Bitches like when a nigga swag got sex appeal and makes conversation go easier. To my white boys,If you act like a shy bummy loser who creeps girls with your vibe she not fucking with you especially on sex, or to the black brothers tryna chase pretty bitches and act like the smooth noble shy playa then when u try to talk about sex with a bitch she gonna reject you super fast cus your game gotta be more than that.
    Girls wanna have fun, especially with me. Kenny site will show you all that if you niggas payed attention. I love pounding on pussy, bitches thank me for it.
    Get the girls, #PlayaUpAlways


    1. Great point J. I especially liked the advise you give to brothers which is that they cannot play that smooth respectable shit and then try to talk about sex later on. That’s not congruent with the nice-guy talk. With women whom you know already, certain things a guy can get away with. But with random girls on FB, the 1st impression is everything. It kills mw when guys try to come off as a respectable father type then enter the chick’s inbox trying to have sex with the girl.


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