Some Chick Logics For You

Women see and perceive things and situations very differently than me.

I’ve already taught you that over the years.

To the pick-up world, the way in which women interpret and see things, we’ve dubbed it “Chick Logics”.

To the contrary, there’s no such thing as “Dude Logics” for men. Logics are logics for us, just as they should be for everyone else.

However, since women have a different set of logics which often seem illogical, we call that chick logics.

Let me give you an example of this [Chick Logics].

Sex with a condom on with a girl who has a boyfriend, makes her feel less of a cheater.

To a man’s logical interpretation: cheating is fucking cheating, whether the girl makes the guy wear a condom or not!

To a woman’s logical interpretation [chick logics], it makes a difference whether the guy throws on a rubber or not.

To her: cheating isn’t just cheating when she does the so-cheating.

Hence, the way in which women interpret such a situation is a case of what we in pickup call “Chick Logics”.

It is just 1 of those psychologically irrational mechanisms within a woman’s brain.

I slept with a girl a few weeks ago, one who has a boyfriend, and her main concern was that she didn’t want me to fuck her raw…not the fact that she was fucking another guy to begin with.

Cheating alone wasn’t such a big deal at all to her.

Whether I wore a condom or not was a much greater deal.

As I eluded to earlier, for a guy, cheating is cheating!

The use of a condom doesn’t make it less of a violation!

Not using protection doesn’t exacerbate the violation or make it worse!

For a woman however, psychologically, she may feel less of a cheat by knowing that the guy whom she cheated with was wearing a condom.

For clarification sake, I just want to let you know that women aren’t thinking this logically.

They are thinking within the moment and within the heat of passion, lust, love, infatuation, horniness, etc.

Therefore, no sane woman within a non-emotional setting will ever tell you that using a condom makes cheating more acceptable.

It is just something they interpret as logical and acceptable within the moment.

Now, if this is your first time ever coming across any material about “Chick Logics”, I understand that you may be somewhat taken-aback and even dumb-struck at this revelation.


We’ve all been there!

On the bright side, now that you are in the know about the way women think and operate, you’ll begin to see things better and to understand women and what to expect of them.

You will have learned to have lower expectations of women…which women actually want- to be honest here.

You will only get disappointed and hurt once you continue to expect that women will live up to these high-ass expectations that society and men place upon them.

A girl would love to have the freedom to fuck whomever she wishes and whenever she wishes!

However, because of societal backlash, slut-shaming, judgment and so forth, she has to resort to devising these not-so-elaborate tactics in order to make her appear not so slutty.

Hence, her tactics to cover her tracks come off as illogical [chick logics] because there’s no way to logically justify cheating without looking slutty…though women have attempted to, by creating cliches such as:

“A woman cheats because her significant other doesn’t have any time for her”

“Women only cheat for good reasons”

“Her boyfriend never had any time for her since he was always hanging with the boys”

“Her man was abusive so she found comfort somewhere else”

Those are just some attempts from women to put a logical and justifiable spin on cheating.

In the grand scheme of things, women simply do not want to have expectations enjoined upon them that they will have to live up to- because most times- they fail to live up to them.

What I am encouraging you as a guy to do from now on, in light of this revelation [chick logics], is to quit expecting that women should see things the way men do.

Quit expecting women to not cheat! And this goes for your girlfriend or wife if you’re married!

The moment that you think that it can’t happen to you, is the moment it will happen [your girlfriend cheating on you]!

As long as emotions rule women [when it comes to men]- and they do- , they will continue to make rash and spur-of-the-moment decisions, not out of logical calculations but emotions of the moment [chick logics].

This is why every woman is susceptible to cheating…not that they will all act upon it, but it can happen if the right/wrong emotions are in play.

What's your view?

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