Grounded, Banned And Punished!

Remember the mixed Asian and black girl whom I met last Saturday evening during street game?

Well, her parents found out that their daughter was seeing me, so they decided to ban her from seeing me.

They literally grounded her…though she’s an adult [19]!

I went to pick her up last night [to hang out] and her aunt and mother verbally assaulted me, saying that I wasn’t the type of man they wanted her hanging out with.

I tried to talk to the mother but she shunned me and told me to leave her daughter alone because she’s a good girl.

I agree!

She is a good girl!

The aunt threatened me not to come back around looking for her niece.

What gives?

I really don’t know for certain.

Either they’d googled me or they happened to come across some text-message exchange between us that were left in her phone or something.

Thinking about it, I did recall the mother ranting and saying that “Kenny is the guy who left those nasty messages…”.

She then came to the gate and asked if I was Kenny. But before I got to explain after confirming I was Kenny, she blurted out “leave my daughter alone”!

“She’s a good girl”!

Again- I agree!

She is a good girl!

Now grounded and stripped of her mobile devices, I guess I have no way of seeing her. 😦 😦

At the end of the day, this sort of thing happens from time to time, and will happen even to you, once you become a more social guy who sees nothing at all wrong with meeting new and interesting people.

This one sort of stings because I was really into this chick.

It wasn’t just about a quick lay.

I actually enjoyed hanging out with this girl.

Oh well- shit happens.

I am not even going to address the fact than an adult woman should be allowed at minimum, the freedom to talk to whomever she pleases…but that’s for another post.

#GameOn #RollOn #TakeItInStrides

17 thoughts on “Grounded, Banned And Punished!

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  1. Lol u type like u 14 I’m not going to argue with u I can tell u don’t get no pussy talking like that and if u think Kenny is the man you’re really lost lol I still haven’t seen one bad bitch he pulled and he’s been rejected more than he bagged something he has no game he thinks he’s a master pua because he can try to manipulate and run game on 14 year Olds lol u and him ain’t


    1. Ha-ha this nigga beyond a beta male, he typed his first comment like a little cry baby female. You a soft baby pussy ass nigga. I’ll beat your ass if I ever see you little bitch. I’m a crazy nigga too so don’t fuck with me nigga. Where I’m from we clown you puss fem boys on the daily more so than I lay up in some coochie nigga. Im bout to tear up some young hot white pussy right now on campus then hit the hood and bag up some ratchet milfs who go money for a nigga.
      Till you get ass like me idgaf wht a chump ass cry baby wimp got to say. Lil nigga can’t even get a hard on if hot white pussy was wet on your nose you little soft fuck nigga.
      The only thing yo ur ass better type to me is where your mama stay cuz I’m giving you a little brother in her throat tonight pussy! Soft ass fuck nigga better not come here again.


    2. Hey Kenny is a great guy! His site helped me get laid with girls I used to be afraid of. You’re not a PUA master so I wouldn’t talk! Leave


    #Playa Up Always


    1. I agree…that’s why I deleted their comments. If they don’t like the site and what we push/teach, then they have no reason being here. They are free to read on and observe but any trolling comments from Beta-Males will be deleted. They can take that shit to a mainstream dating blog where they advice men how to simp and kiss women’s ass


    2. And I don’t mine criticism. I never ever deleted a comment in my life until now. Critiquing my game is okay. But trolling isn’t allowed. And it’s always Beta-ass weak guys who feel a need to comment and troll on Game blogs


      1. Yo can u delete some of my negative comments in this section. I ain’t want to flood the negativity I got from owning that vigin betaboy!


        1. I hear you bro…though I’m all for putting Betaboys in check so I have not 1 issue with your comments J. Just that none of that Beta shit will be tolerated and we all agree on that


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