Girl Wanted To Pay Me To F**k Her And To Write About It


Want an interesting story?

This Indian hottie from Vegas contacted me about 7 months ago on Facebook with a proposition.

She claimed that she’s a fan of my work and has been a follower for some time.

She’s also said that she’s into black men, but black guys in Las Vegas have no game and she’s constantly going home alone every night from the club.

Hence, so- she was willing to fly me out to Vegas for a weekend just to fuck her. Or she would take a flight to where I was if that was more convenient.

Great proposition; but I politely declined.

She then went further to say that she would pay me beforehand, if I were to write a false field/lay report about her, essentially lying that I had picked her up, seduced her and fucked her.

Again; I politely declined.

I’m not in the business of writing falsified stories/field reports based on lies…I explained to her.

Anyway, so what was her angle/aim in wanting me to write a blog post about her?

Attention, Recognition and Retribution!

Some chicks are addicted to the camera just as they are to having people talk about them.

Some chicks want recognition through social media, YouTube or the blogger-sphere.

Now, as for the East Indian chick from Vegas, this was actually deeper.


Her boyfriend had dumped her and she wanted a way to get back at him.

What better way to get back at the guy who dumped her, than to have him find out that his ex-girlfriend was fucking some black Pick-Up Artist, and the proof would’ve been in the article circulated on the internet. 😯

The chick actually sent me a virtual stack of photos to use in the article as “Proof”.

She was dead-serious about this shit and was willing to pay a hefty sum for my nefarious assistance!

Again; I declined!

That had nothing to do with ethics or morals on my part.

I have no qualms with treating a girl like trash. But I just don’t believe in writing fake shit in order to make myself look like the biggest Don Juan.

At the end of the day, I took away 2 things from that situation:

1.) Women in America are sex-deprived because the average guy has shitty game…regardless of his race.

2.) Pickup is a huge DHV! This is why I encourage every student of the game to start to embrace this lifestyle and plaster the shit all over social media!

If you didn’t learn by now that chicks love attention, controversy and drama, then you’re either deaf, dumb or blind…or all of the above.

Additionally, this proposition is all indicative of the reality that, though hot women have tons of options- and they surely do- it doesn’t mean that they will use those options.

A girl may be talking to lots of guys at the moment, but they all serve distinctive purposes in her life, not just sexual.

Hence, though she may be talking to 30 guys at the moment [hypothetically], on average, only 2 of them would have been sexual items.

She’s cannot realistically fuck 30 guys within the same cycle…even if she’s into all 30 of them, and even if she wanted to fuck all 30.

Thus, what you have is a case where hot girls have options but those options aren’t passing their fuck-worthy test, so those options either become friend-zoned and or get used as utilities for different purposes like running errands and providing monetary favors.

At the end of the day, it is very telling when a hot girl has to complain about men not knowing how to approach her and how many sexless nights she’s had.

Hence, this is another reason why learning pickup will pay off in the end for both parties.

11 thoughts on “Girl Wanted To Pay Me To F**k Her And To Write About It

Add yours

  1. Haha, time for a “comming out”.
    Kenny, you can not deny it anymore that you are a man of morals and integrity.

    The problem is, you can not at the same time being honest to yourself and having bad ethics. The honesty always wins. 🙂

    But it’s OK, I don’t want to scratch your image as a bad guy. 😉


    1. Lol thanks for that 1 Matt. I’m glad you didn’t expose me and blew my cover. I really wouldn’t want my readers to know that I’m actually a nice guy 😉 .
      Anyway, so yea, even though guys tried to shame me out for not going for it either way, guys need to realize a few things:

      1.) I am not sexually hungry, so it wasn’t like I needed to get sex from this girl for some reason

      2.) I never write fake stuff. All of my field reports are 100% factual. So to get paid off to write a fake article about a fake lay just isn’t my thing


  2. U telling me u passed up the opportunity to fuck the baddest bitch u can and get paid for it? I’m sorry Kenny but a lot of your stories seem exaggerated and this one is just over the top, no offense because we all got preference but I wouldn’t fuck any chick I seen u pick up and most of the girls u get like 15 come on bro


    1. “Baddest bitch” according to who? According to you? She’s not the baddest bitch to me. So how can you use your definition of “baddest” and try to broad-brush it? Are you that crazy troll? And as I said, I’m not desperate. Maybe you are. But I’m not. And my “stories” don’t have to add up to you. I could’ve easily twisted this post and made it look like I had sex with this girl if I was so much of a fraud. But I did. I kept it real to say that I didn’t have sex with her. So what kind of idiotic point you’re looking to reach besides trolling.


        1. Yea ok. And you sleep in my bed every night to know who I’m screwing. You’re a fan and I’m glad that you’re here. You just don’t know how to express appreciation so you lash out. Step your hater-game up.


          1. I’m not a fan and I don’t have to be in your bed I see the women u go after those chicks can’t pay me to fuck them


          2. Why are you here commenting then? Why not go write a blog and give advice there? Share your knowledge. I think that would be the answer than to be here crying over who I fuck.


          3. @uknown

            A) nigga you can’t spell for shit. It’s Unknown dumbass, and lets see you post a pic of yourself with a bad bitch. Not talking about your right hand with lipstick on it either, damn is the same hand you’re stuck with fapping to cp with the same one you type that hater shit with?
            I told you uklown (see what I did there) that the next post is your mom’s house address so me and Kenny can have her pucker up this Dick on her nasty ass purple kool aid lips nigga. Imma make her swallow my nuts dry till she giving birth through her forehead cuz she got so much dick on her brain. Little fuck nigga


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