Asking Girls If They’re Single Pisses Them Off

A female friend of mine posted this to Facebook yesterday.


Apparently, guys are still hitting up girls over the internet, asking if they are single.

When will dudes realize that asking a girl if she’s single [as an opener/ice-breaker], is a turnoff for women?

If you want the girl, the fact that she’s single or taken shouldn’t matter to you at all…and it doesn’t for her!

Women understand this. But clueless men over the internet clearly don’t [that her relationship status doesn’t matter to her].

If I desire to fuck a girl, the last thing on my to-ask-list, is to ask her whether she’s single and ready to mingle, or has someone already.

That doesn’t matter to me neither to her!

I approach every single girl as though she’s single and ready to mingle.

Inquiring about a girl’s relationship status never EVER enters my mind…simply because it doesn’t matter to most chicks (whether they’re single or taken). So why ruin your chances from the gate by having your initial message/inbox asking,

“You have a boyfriend”?

Quit being lame guys!

Women respond to whatever it is you put out there!

Therefore, if you bring up her relationship status, she will have no choice but to make it a focal point of the conversation.

Moreover, whenever you raise the question of, “Are you single”? It forces the girl to feel somewhat guilt-stricken to know that she’s being chatted up by some guys, knowing she has a BF.

Hence, to avoid all this; simply drop the, “Are you single or taken” question altogether.

It is counterproductive at best!

That is why women are annoyed whenever they are faced with such a question…especially as an ice-breaker.

Lemme further go on to say that the way women perceive this question within their mind, is like this:

“If he wants me, why the fuck would he even care to know if I’m single or taken!? If you want me: you want me”!

That is the way in which women interpret that question.

In the defense of men here, I will admit that that is a very pertinent question to know whether a girl has someone or she doesn’t.

I mean- after all, if a guy were to get involved with a new girl, he would want to know her relationship status prior to involvement.

That is very rational!

However, guys keep missing 1 of the greatest points of seduction which is that women are NOT rational thinkers when it comes to courtship, relationship, dating and mating [sex].

In other words: girls see things radically different than men.

Therefore, while a question such as “taken or single” seems very logical for men, it is seen as very annoying and illogical to women.

Frankly speaking, let’s level with each other guys. You really don’t give a rat’s ass whether a girl is single or whether she has someone already.

The only reason you even ask such a lame yet plausible question is because you don’t actually know what else to say, what else to ask, so you elect to throw out there, 1 of the most common openers/ice-breakers: “Are you single”?

You’re not actually doing this from an ethical standpoint [as most Betas would argue], but a standpoint of ignorance.

You simply don’t know what to say in order to break the ice online, so you opt for the most obvious.

Be as it may; if you genuinely want a girl, there is no reason to ask her if she’s single or taken.

If will not only piss women off, but it will kill your chances within 1 swoop!

So-called “Nice Guys” are largely to blame for this because they pretend as though they give a shit- so they ask her these lame-shit questions- when in reality, they are just looking for quick sex just as every other guy out there is!

Only that assholes like myself are honest enough to not mislead women into thinking that we care about their current, past or future affairs.

By the way, don’t expect the girl to tell you that she’s turned off and annoyed because you’d asked her if she was single and ready to mingle.

That would trigger and activate her ASD [Anti-Slut Defense] mechanism which will in turn, cause her to feel slutty.

10 thoughts on “Asking Girls If They’re Single Pisses Them Off

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  1. Yea, I seen a couple posts about married women on here and studied this site.
    I remember in high-school asking girls if they had a man and could wife em up. (Even though it worked back then cuzz high school people ain’t had enough doses of reality yet.) As I got older and wanted older knowing most older quality women are wifed up, I had to find a hurdle around it. Doing some searching and shit I found various set of skills to handle it. Most married chicks are bored and frustrated. Nigga realized a Anti-Slut shield hella high on first approach, but I find ways to show to them I dont give a shit I’m the prize, keep leading on into their lingerie.
    It’s best to assume any women you want wants you too, and it works. But yu got build that vibe up first! So many cats tryna be polite without showing a balls as a man will fail over and over. Yea its cool to be a little bit nice at first initially, but dammit we are men and I will grabb ass all day like a real one. I haven’t had no resistance not even once. Girls that be married will always try talking like they dont like it at first, keep leading on, being manly never been so rewarding. I’m bout to go dive into nice juicey dominican ass right now and her husband is away on vacation while I’m about to vacay on this nigga’s wife into her pussy (and her wallet lol)

    Keep it pimpin Kenny my bro, we in here doing it big. Playa Up Always – Juwan777


    1. Married chicks are no different than girls in relationships. The same game needed to snatch them up since most of them are simply bored to death and need some new stimulation.
      And I like how you think when it comes to assuming attraction! Guys should always assume that he can get any fucking girl! Believe it! Deluded yourself about it! You can’t enter the boxing ring and believe that you can’t beat your opponent! It doesn’t mean you will win. But you damn sure best believe you will win! And that’s what killing most guys out there. They enter the game [of tryna get laid] with a loser’s mentality and self-doubt. That’s why I said in a recent post that cocky guys always get laid! Thinking you can get any girl is cocky as fuck! But that’s the mindset one needs to have for greater success in any arena of life!

      Good look tapping into some DR poon πŸ˜‰ ! I like banging Dominicans too, so much props there. πŸ™‚



  2. I have a problem. I listened to your guys advice. I slept with a married chick. I came in her andnnow she’s pregnant.
    Her and her husband are Catholic. So abortion is out the picture. What can I do tomix this? Help!


      1. Women hate being asked if they are single because it telegraphs your romantic intent explicitly.

        Women prefer that romance ‘just happen’….they want to be seduced.

        By asking if they are single or not, you ruin the fantasy that they require.

        You qlso end up reminding them of their current man or ex……not good.


        1. @al Great point! You deserve a trophy for that…seriously. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t have said it better. Asking the girl about her relationship status is telegraphing the guy’s intent right off the bat…which is why women get annoyed and turned off by it. The spontaneity is gone! She no longer has the mysterious vibe to go on. There seduction is ruined since it’s all been telegraphed.


    1. I wouldnt worry about it. Accordig to the law,

      A child produced during wedlock is presumed to be the child of that union.

      So if she has the child, she will pawn it off as her husbands.

      Also, how can u be sure the kid is yours ??? It is just as likely to be the husbands……

      Women lie all the time …. maybe she doesnt even know who the father is … cant even be sure that you are the only other guy she was banging raw…( other than her husband).


      1. I’m laughing at Always Dave. That reminds me me to wrap it up! I rawdogged my last girl πŸ˜‚ but 😎 nigga still move onto new 😹 lol


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