Awkward Silence When In The Company Of A Girl [Date Tips]

What is your greatest fear when in the presence of a woman, perhaps on a so-called date, or during the initial conversation upon meeting?

Running out of things to say!

The impending Awkward Silence which follows!

Now- why does this happen [apart from the given, that you simply run out of things to say]?

For starters: your aim to make a great impression.

Everyone knows that it’s awkward as shit to bomb in set. But the pressure of always having to have something to say, actually works to inadvertently cause you to clamp down.

By all means, you should always have something to say! And this is very critical during the pick-up phase upon approaching a girl; whether in person or online.

However, it generally happens, even occasionally to master conversationalists like myself, where silence finds a way to creep in.

The only major difference whenever this occurs within my sets [or so-called dates], is that I manage it [silence] differently rather than allow it [silence] to get awkward.

The nifty trick I use is to Call it out or call for it! 😈

Shit- I’d used this up to a night ago while on a rendezvous…2 nights in succession actually.

If you sense that a moment of silence is pending, whereas you will have ran out of things to say, Mention it!

Say to the girl:

“Don’t you just hate those pesky-awkward silences”?

Girl: “Yea”

You: “Well…1 of them is coming now. Let’s embrace it”!


Managed before it came!

As long as you call something out prior to it’s arrival, it has no chance, or less chance, of becoming awkward.

Call it out!

Secondly, what I also do along the lines of calling it out [pending silence], is to say to the girl:

“Hey, hush”!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girl will often rebut with, “Huh? How come”!?

Me: “Let’s just have a moment of silence and embrace it”!

Additionally, I was joke with it and say:

“Hey! We talk too much! Our mouth need a break! Let’s have some silence for a bit”!

Then we would have some silence!

It would NOT feel awkward at all!

You are taking preemptive measures in order to thwart awkward silence.

Therefore, you call it out and usher it in [silence].

The worst position to be in is to just allow it to happen.

Even in that case, it will only feel awkward once you allow it to become awkward by feeling awkward in the first place.

Hence, it is all about the way in which you manage those awkward moments before they come or as they come.

Remember: women feel what you feel!

Emotions and states are transferable!

If you’re nervous: the girl will be!

If you’re jubilant; the girl will also mimic your state of jubilance!

What you feel; she feels!

Hence, under any circumstance; do NOT allow awkward moments of silence to make you feel awkward and uncomfortable, or else the girl likewise feel uncomfortable. So to avoid this altogether, take preemptive measures by:

1.) Saying to the girl that “things seem awkward, so let’s embrace it”!


2.) “Let’s give our lips a rest just for a bit and enjoy some silence while staring at each other”!

Nothing has to be done verbatim…but you get the idea.

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