Let Me Address Your Limiting Beliefs With Some Hard Talk

I concluded the previous post with the following words:

“There are no excuses besides the ones that you make up within your head!

Your race doesn’t matter!

Your age doesn’t matter!

Your height or shortness doesn’t matter!


Not an issue!


No issues!

I am actually balding and noticeable greying, so what excuses do you have to make for being a chode-ass loser?

Oh- you’re fat? So fucking what!

Always realize that it is vibe/game over physical attributes!

Once you learn how to connect with women [through your vibe], your looks or lack thereof, won’t fucking matter an iota!”

Guys, even those in pickup, seem to think that I’m full of shit whenever I go off on a rant about physical imperfections not being a big deal to women.

They aren’t!

Your limiting beliefs are the reason you suck at this!

You think you need to be Brad Pitt in order to get laid.

Well you don’t!

Listen- I’ve been in bars and lounges with hotter guys, younger guys, taller guys [though I’m 6’2], guys with muscles out the ass, etc. yet I eat them up for breakfast!

In the entire venue, I would be the only guy locked-in, chatting up some hottie who’s young enough to be my daughter.

What would all the hotter, younger, buffer guys be doing?


Propping up the bar counter like statuses.

Hence, what profits them to be the ideal guy whom women “claim” to want, but are not going after?

The thing is, so-called good-looking guys rely solely on the looks, just as the wealthy guy relies solely on his wealth and money in order to attract girls.

Looks and money can only take you so far.

The good-looking guy rarely gets laid. And when he does, it is with some fat girl within his social circle or clique…which doesn’t count.

The wealthy guy ends up paying for sex in other words…which doesn’t quite count neither.

Guys like myself who don’t have wealth and Hollywood-esque looks going for us, we have to find another alternative in order to attract women.

That alternative is called Game, which is heavily based on verbal and social skills…which both the wealthy and so-called good-looking guy lack.

Standing inside of a bar and waiting for girls to approach you [as good-looking guys do], is a losing strategy.

No amount of good looks can help you there!

The most that will happen is girls checking you out, giving the eye and giggling to their friends about how cute you are…but that’s it for the so-called pretty boy!

He has to approach…which he’ll not do!

This is why when I’m at the club, lounge or bar, I proactively approach the women I want and run laps around the guys who rely on their looks to no avail.

Prime example is the shy-nerd girl I picked up Saturday night.

Dozens of guys were checking her out inside and outside of the grocery store: but not one approached, not one made an effort to approach…except me.

Therefore, quit the excuses, and quit allowing your self-imposed limitations to stifle your gains and progress with women!

There’s no such fucking thing as a certain girl is out of your league.

There’s also no such thing as “she isn’t into me because of my race”.

You want to believe that but it isn’t the case!

Types are also bullshit!

There’s no such thing as a woman having types and ideal types.

Sure she may have a pre-planned idea of the kind of guy she would prefer. But she’ll still fuck a guy who doesn’t matches her ideal criteria.

Every girl would like to have a tall, dark and handsome guy stud. But who does she go for? A short, not-so handsome guy with a beer belly.

Bear those things in mind.

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  1. This is profound! Love it Kenny! I need to internalize this!

    I’m a 40 year old white guy, I’m balding too so i know the feeling. Just got out of a rough divorce too, my unloyal bitch of a ex wife Catherine been together with for 8 years or so cheated on me with younger studs this whole time when I cut out my girl chasing ways years ago back. So being a softy that I was I took it to heart and It wrecked my confidence.
    So far in my previous experiences of confidence spikes. Women are hugely turned on by passion. Like eccentric ambitious passion since I’m in a reggae rock roots band. But the problem is, I have a hard time wearing my passion all the time unlike some other men who are easily able to do it. I’m secretly social but only around friends and people whose vibes I can easily read/pick up on.
    What’s your best bet to having other people see the passion glow on you more consistently? Like constant to have people think “wow this guy got it going on” (but not like being a big shot but seeing the internal demeanor become externally seen?)

    The chicks I have scored with love me to death because I was able to share the vibe with them intensely. But I want girls to see my passion so they can be easier to approach, like how girls love rockstars or rappers sort of bit.

    Anyways great info man! Thanks again!


    1. Thanks for sharing that West.

      And I like the fact that you’re in a Reggae Roots band. It not only give you a rockstar appeal, but it appeals to younger women’s sense of adventurism.

      Sorry to hear too about your cheating wife (or ex wife). But I’m glad that you looked at it from another angle, that it was you who facilitated that by dropping points in letting your guards down and becoming too soft. You don’t have to constantly chase women while in a marriage or relationship. But at least give the impression that it can happen any moment to sort of keep women honest.

      The thing about passion and having that energy about yourself, is that you shouldn’t exactly rely on that in trying to get women to approach. Remember that you’re the mam, so ultimately, it is on you to approach.

      In an upcoming post, I will deal with the passion and how to cultivate it.

      Stay tuned bro.

      Sent from my BLU Smartphone Device


      1. watsup it dis ting ya Kenny u guud fam rea coo. I want 2 read post on passhun soon too.
        women love me, but my most Carrib beutees still love me harder n. datz y I want to read on passhun. I’m bout 2 return to tha islands soon. let me no bro okay


    1. Also the girls in my school always want chasing after the big bad boy baller types but I live in Englewood in Chicago. What can a young nigga do to get girls more often?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I think what the kid meant is how to pick up thots in the hood. Lol Chicago is a ghetto mess smh. Tray stay away from the thots man, get yourself a good girl. Ghetto girls are no good, and trouble!!!


          1. AuspiciousTray989,
            Check out what Kenny says on this video.

            Don’t worry about the logistics. Go after the girls you want, you’re in highschool. Almost all teenage girls have weak shit tests because popularity and sexual availability are almost one and the same at being 16. Girls will always say “I want a bad boy who can spoil me.” Because excitement is fun, and having fun is cool especially if there is a sense of adventure into it like doing something wild but feeling safe at the same time. They aren’t being serious though, but rather like the idea of it.
            Most girls that are young also aren’t completely sure of themselves, Auspicioustray989 take advantage of that because that means you can lead the girls with so much less effort than us adult men do (its a piece of cake for us older guys, but women might be more expectant as they age and play the game around more.)
            Auspicioustray989, I know you’re not living in a city that’s the safest so I get where some other jack ass posters might call it a ghetto. But remember life is what you’re making of it and the only real difference in thriving between a inner city and suburbia is the illusion of comfort. Don’t try joining any gangs and playing the bad boy role because you feel it might impress the girls. It’s not! Don’t get bad boy and being a gamgbanger confused. It’s cool to have a untamable edge, girls love a mysterious unpredictable guy who can put himself out there, but not to the point where it hurts other people.
            Best luck to you. Kenny any thoughts?


          2. Great points. I couldnt have said it better. It’s all about an image. One doesn’t have to actually do bad things in order to be perceived as a bad boy who takes risks at life. It’s all about an impression and perception. Being a bad boy girls like is all about the attitude and not actually the lifestyle


    1. I try to stay away from the league thing too and the argument that certain guys deserve certain women and so forth. And if confidence doesn’t help ugly men, then I wonder what does.


      1. Yeah, it’s sad that people get hung up on that. One person said on another board that you can kiss getting any kind of attractive woman goodbye over the age of 30 when you are under 6 feet. I can’t believe how much negativity is out there.


        1. Kenny you the man dawg. I’m 5 6, and 160 lbs. So I’m muscular and a decent looking guy. Let me tell you man, thanks to this site. It changed my perception from “oh man women are bitches, I look good and they play too much, won’t give me the pussy.” Like a beta chump, but discoverin this pua blog see another real nigga do it. Now any girl I want I approach and I say to myself “this too easy, she know she want to give me the pussy as soon as she see me.” And let me tell you, it works! Show a women you’re hungry without being a obvious thirsty simp but know what you both want cus i want the ass and hse want a man who will give to it like how a real nigga do it. Kenny also so much more ahead of competition. Most time,on the net, there’s a lot of fake pimpin. A lot of PUA advice is either rehashed or not true (biased shit a simp pump faking lil beta wrote to take your money and troll you.)
          Kenny provides proof! Smooth and cool like butter, this nigga posts gives you proof with his videos and pictures in how game really works!
          Most PUAs lack this and as a young nigga myself able to observe it makes my game from a young nigga that knew how to bag corny chicks at college campus to mackin on milfs with money getting money together.
          Nigga love face diving in some nice milf tits
          When y’all niggas realize that kenny a real one doing this shit then take his words seriously! The bro got FB screen captures of text game showing how words alone, is enough to get women hot. Don’t get it twisted, iu may look like basic conversation, in-between the lines doe is the keywords that work.
          Remember to all my niggas on here, sexual vibing! Shit I see most dudes fail cuzz they failing to even give that off to women. Step in and Step Up!

          Kenny you the man bro! I’m 23 but living the dream life of new pootang every week! (Got to keep my milfmilking weekly or so to keep it smootly lol)
          But for college chicks, BE THE MAN and when you sexual vibe and OWN IT! (they’re easy to impress most college chicks are corny compared to milfs)
          Real Talk!!!


          1. Lol good to hear that you’re visiting poon-town frequently and more so that my site helped you out. It makes me proud whenever I get such feedback. 🙂 And good looking out for pointing out my various screenshots posts showing the art of text game. Lots of guys fumble and stumble and lose the girl during texting. So I’m glad that you pointed that out.
            At the end of the day Juwan, it comes down to owning your shit as you stated. Believe in your shit then chicks will believe it too!


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