D2 Rendezvous With Half Asian & Black Nerd Girl

If you’d read my previous post, you learned that I picked up a random girl outside of a grocery store after an hour-long chat.

What made it super intriguing was that we didn’t have any way to stay in touch.

She doesn’t have a working-mobile phone here [she’s on vacation from the Carolinas] and didn’t have any mean in which to jot down my number [no pen, pencil, crayon, scrap paper, etc].

Hence, I was forced to leaving it to trust- trust in that she will have met me tonight [Sunday evening] at the exact spot that we met last night [Saturday evening].

Generally, this is NOT nearly a high-percentage shot.

In fact, it is the worst-logistical option in trying to set up a Day2 rendezvous. But I had no other recourse but to hope that she would show up the following evening.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was about 75% certain that she will have shown up.

My hunch and percentage estimation were spot-on correct.

She did appear…at the exact spot tonight…in front of the grocery store.

How did it go down?

We were to meet up between 7 and 7:30 at the spot that we first met last evening.

I left my house this evening sometime after 6 and made my way to the grocery store which had just closed early since it was Sunday.

While standing outside fiddling with my phone, I spotted her standing there alone.

As I was to approach, some chick appeared and they began talking so I halted a bit.

I was wary of her mother or a family member who would’ve probably blocked our plans. So that is why I turned back for a split second to size up the dynamics before moving right in.

After a bit, the person she was speaking to had left, so I swooped in and we embraced each other.

Girl: “Wow! It’s 7:29. 1 minute away from 7:30 which means you would’ve been late”.

Since she isn’t familiar with the town, it was on me to direct where we went, so I took her to the pier which was a nice-romantic spot overlooking the laguna on a stary night.

I had no resistance from her whatsoever when it came to me leading and directing the path.

While at the pier, we goofed around on someone’s yacht and kept the vibe light and fluffy.

It is important that you keep things light and playful opposed to deep and heavy, until and unless you’re trying to build a sexual vibe…like holding her closely…which I did.

Overall, we spent about 2 full hours there.

As we walked to the pier, I kept things hands-off for the most part, apart from weaving through some dark alleys on foot where I held her hand to lead her dominantly.

As we got to the destination however, I gradually built the physical and sexual vibe by strategically taking some selfies with her, which meant that we would have to get closer and establish touch.

Note: if you need/want an excuse to touch a girl, suggest taking some photos together as I did…though I don’t need a reason to get intimate with a girl. But in case you do, then this routine works wonders.

Anyway, we made out for a while, embraced, goofed around sexually and had a great and cool time as is always the case with such rendezvous.

This is why you should take girls on meet-ups and walk-and-talk dates opposed to dinner dates and movie dates where privacy isn’t guaranteed.

Here are some photos we took while goofing around.










All in all, we obviously didn’t have sex simply because I never pushed the issue by angling towards it.

In fact, sex never really crossed my mind yesterday neither tonight…though this mixed chick [South-East Asian and Black] had an ass to die for!

When you’ve had so much sex- easy sex- as I did over the years, sex becomes humdrum and cumbersome and not as interesting as it used to be.

You become desensitized to it.

This is the 1 main drawback of become good with women which I spoke about years ago: you will have gotten so accustomed to sex with countless girls, that the desire for sex [including your libido] will have dissipated and gradually decreased as time progresses.

Thus is the curse of getting good with women.

Personally, it isn’t a bad thing as far as I can see.

I guess I’m training myself to take things slowly for a change, since I’m accustomed to rapid lays within the 1st to 2nd meeting with a girl.

The act of sex itself is just the climax. But what good is watching a movie just for the last-climactic 5 minutes while missing the entire movie?

At this stage of my game, I more enjoy hanging out with girls and getting hot-and-heavy, than actually sliding my cock inside of a vagina…which is the easy part.

The thrill and the chase excite me way more than sex itself.

Hence, I no longer find myself aiming to fuck within record-breaking time, every girl I pick up.

Make no mistakes about it: my ultimate objective as a master seducer is simply, and has always been, to get into women’s pants!

However, I’m more patient and cool about it nowadays [over the last 2 years], which is part of becoming good at this.

On another note, I totally did not know that this chick was mixed as far as having a Philippina mother and a black dad, until we hung out tonight and I was able to get a closer look at her.

Additionally, she’s only 18…which is almost young enough to be my daughter. 😯

Holy shit that’s weird!

With that being said, I just want to further encourage you guys to get out there in order to pick up chicks!

There are no excuses besides the ones that you make up within your head!

Your race doesn’t matter!

Your age doesn’t matter!

Your height or shortness doesn’t matter!


Not an issue!


No issues!

I am actually balding and noticeably greying, so what excuses do you have to make for being a chode-ass loser?

Oh- you’re fat? So fucking what!

Always realize that it is vibe/game over physical attributes!

Once you learn how to connect with women [through your vibe], your looks or lack thereof, won’t fucking matter an iota!

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