Saturday Night Field Report – Stranger-Approach Pickup [Time-Bridging]

During the Summer season, lots of people take the opportunity to vacation to the Caribbean.

Tonight while walking home from the grocery store, I bumped into 1 such girl- a funky vacationer from the Carolinas- here on island for the Summer.

Some verbal highlights from the pickup upon the approach.

Me: “Hey, you look so familiar as if we’ve met before”!

She paused with a confused look on her face, not sure whether I was addressing her or someone else.

This is very common when cold-approaching a stranger on the streets.

I reassured her that I was speaking to her by stopping and pointing at her.

Girl: “Oh! Me! Maybe you bumped into me a while back. I was here like 4 years ago”.

Me: “That’s it then! We probably met years ago. Lemme try to remember your name. Give me a hint. What letter does it begin with”?

Girl: “C”.

I pretended as though we actually met years ago.

This technique in seduction is called “Cold Reading”.

Me: “Ok, a C? Let’s see. I’m getting closer. What’s the vowel after the C”?

Girl: “A”.

Me: “Ca*******”!

The girl bursts out laughing that I was able to guess her name correctly…which I did.

The reality is, names are very common. It’s rare to come across someone who has a name so radically different that it’s impossible to hazard a guess correctly.

Me: “How often do you have random guys like me approach you”?

Girl: “It never happens. The most that happens is some weird guys coming up to me saying how I’m cute and they love my looks”.

Again guys, this shows how important it is to approach indirectly and NOT directly!

It is a wiser move to approach a girl without indicating your fondness for her.

Me: “So why isn’t my approach weird like the others”?

Girl: “I don’t know. You just seem different”.

Girl: “I’m a very shy person so I don’t usually talk to strangers. If they approach I don’t say much”.

Me: “You don’t strike me as shy when you have lots to say here. You’ve been doing 80% of the talking”.

Girl: 😆 “Well that’s because you’re giving me something to work with instead of relying on me to carry it all”.

Me: “I do believe there’s a rebel inside of that shy girl and I want to bring her out”.

Me: “To be honest with you; I’m actually a shy person too”.

Girl: “What!? I don’t believe you. Shy guys don’t see strangers on the streets and approach them like they know them and get into a long conversation”.

Me: “True! You got me”!

Girl: “I’m the shy one…and people think I’m anti-social and snobby but I’m not…just shy”.

Me: “It takes someone who can connect with women to bring that talkative side out of a shy girl”.

Me: “I like your glasses though. They sorta give you a sexy-nerd girl look”.

She laughs and blushes as I delivered a well-placed sexualized compliment.

The spirited conversation went on for almost an hour without a pause outside of the grocery store.

We spoke on everything from Android vs iPhone, Walmart, Pizzahut, what New Yorkers like myself eat for breakfast in contrast to Southerners like herself, etc.

Unlike my usual stranger-approach pickups, I didn’t do much sexualization here, nor did I go KINO [touching].

The most I did/said along the lines of sexual, was to tell her that her glasses make her look sexier.

At another point, she mentioned that people have been telling her that she’s blossoming in the rear, so I told her that she has a fine ass.

Apart from that, I kept it flirty without being sexual [while using sexual innuendos].

Now here’s the crazy thing- but very common- she doesn’t have a working-mobile phone down here.

This is commonplace for vacationers whenever they travel to the Caribbean.

The purpose is usually to get away from bothers: work, phones, computers, technology, kids, obligations, etc.

Vacationers just want to enjoy the weather, beaches and disconnect themselves from home.

Hence, they either leave their mobile phones back in their home country, or if they do bring them, they usually cannot function unless they are unlocked whereas they can take a SIM card from other networks…but that usually never happens since it’s a hassle.

I was faced with just that tonight when I attempted to get her phone number in order to set something up for tomorrow.

As we were trying to sort this out [how we were to stay in touch], some lady kept trying to flag her down in order to get her attention.

It was her mother telling her that she was ready to leave.

Holy shit! So her mother was inside of the grocery store for an hour +…which was why the daughter was lingering outside alone. ❓

Girl: “That’s my mother checking on me. She thinks I’m gonna get abducted by aliens or something”.

While trying to hurriedly work this shit out, her mother waited for a taxi while calling on her daughter every 20 seconds or so.


What are the options here!?

I asked myself!

She doesn’t have access to a LAN line where she stays. But then again; she thinks so, but doesn’t know my number, nor does she know the number to the place she’s staying with her family.

As I was to give her my number to call me tomorrow, I realized she didn’t have a pen, neither did I. 😦 😡

She has WIFI at the place but doesn’t know my name on Facebook in order to contact me…plus no way of writing it down.


I could trust her memory, but fucks no!

Her mother calls out to her again!

“The taxi is almost here! Come help me with these groceries”!

Girl: “I have to go or my mother’s gonna kill me…but we don’t have any way to stay in touch. Do you live far from here”?

Me: “I know. It sucks! But I live down that way. Crazy directions for you to remember”.

Think outside the box Kenny!

Me: “Ok, this is what we’re gonna do. I have an idea. Meet me exactly here- right at this spot- tomorrow evening between 7 and 7:30 PM. Be here. Right here”!

Girl: “Between 7 and 7:30”?

Me: “Yes”!

Girl: “Ok I will do that!

Me: “Hey. Where will me meet”?

Girl: “Tomorrow evening between 7 and 7:30…right at this exact spot I’m to wait”.

Me: “Nice. I’ll see you”.

In pick-up parlance, this is called “Time Bridge”.

The only thing that makes this situation of mines unique and more challenging, is that I don’t have a number for the girl, nor does she have a way to contact me.

Hence, I will have to rely on and trust that she’ll show up Sunday evening at the designated spot outside of the grocery store.

Since women are inclined to being flaky and indecisive, there’s a strong possibility that she won’t show up!

However, there’s nothing to lose here on my end…besides a bit of time! But I had to try something given the shitty dynamics.

How confident am I that she will show up?

Seventy-five percent confident that she will.

Will update you guys on whether she does show up or flake.

The plan is for us to go for a stroll.

Depended on how long she’ll be here for, I will try to sleep with her rapidly.

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