Instant Attraction Text-Game Over Facebook…Attracting Hot Girls [text-by-text breakdown]

Dropping the ball over Facebook is as common for most guys as fumbling a bad pass in a game of Football.

Here are 4 perfect examples of how not to inbox girls: shitty-generic text game that annoys the crap out of girls over Facebook.

Remind you, these were screenshots taken and posted by girls whom I have as FB contacts.





Do those inbox messages have a familiar feel to them?

Sure they do!

You are likely guilty of being 1 or all 4 of those guys!

When it comes to picking up girls on Facebook, there exist wrong ways and a few correct ways in which to go about it.

Through experience, trial-error and now this post, you will have learned what the wrong ways are.

Let’s look at 1 of the correct ways to instantly attracting a hot girl over Facebook [with breakdown].

Yesterday noon, I made a comment on the photo of an East Indian girl who’s a contact of mines.

My comment was somewhat rude and sexual.

In fact, my comment was deleted by the girl since she thought it was too offensive for public eye.

The gist of what I said/commented was that she has a fat cameltoe. 😯 But I termed it as a “fat cat”. πŸ˜‰

This sort of shenanigans is part of my rebellious/badboy persona which I use to attract various hot girls who would’ve come across my forward and borderline-rude commentaries.

As expected: my rudeness paid off in grabbing the attention of another hot-young East Indian chick on the island.


East-Indian girl on the left was my target

She commented on the said-photo post with 1 of those shocked-faced emoticons, displaying her displeasure and surprise at my comment on her friend’s post.

Anyway, I seized the moment, sensing that she was attracted to my forwardness, so I immediately inboxed her…and this is where and how it started [I’ll break down each screenshot just to give you some great lessons in text-game].


“I like your style so I decided to add you”.

Very simple opener: nonchalant and dismissive at the same time.

You see the thing is guys, whenever you send a girl that 1st message over Facebook, you want to appear as outcome-independent as possible.

In other words; you want to structure that message so that it sounds/seems as though you aren’t seeking a reply from the girl. This is the antithesis/opposite of being “Outcome-Dependent”, where your vibe/text is structured in such a way that the girl instantly knows that you are awaiting a reply.

If you’re familiar with my text-game method, you would’ve known that the person who seems the most engaged, invested and dependent, will have the least leverage and bargaining power. Hence the reason why my very 1st message communicated nonchalance, disengagement and non-investment: “I like your style so I decided to add you”.

Additionally, I just made an observation and a comment. I wasn’t begging her for shit. Not her time, not her number, not a date, not even conversation.

I didn’t inbox her saying, “What’s up”? Doing so instantly communicates to the girl on the receiving end that you expect a reply for the mere fact that you’d asked a question [“What’s up”?].

Almost every guy does this as their opener/ice-breaker online: they say “hello, hi, sup, what’s up, how’s your day, what are you doing”? etc, etc, etc.

Asking a lame and generic question as your initial message to a girl is as much of a turnoff as sending a dick-pic out of the blue.

Asking a chick “what’s up” or “how’s your day”, does nothing whatsoever to neither spark interest, intrigue nor attraction!

You had just landed yourself into the lame basket with the 1st go.

However, when you say something to the effect of, “I like your style so I added you”, the girl’s brain instantly goes, “What!? How is this possible? Why isn’t he trying to talk to me? Why isn’t he asking me some lame question like ‘How’s my day’…like 90% of other guys”?

Additionally, as for me telling her in that initial inbox that “I like your style”, it also sets me apart from every other guy who’s complementing her on her beauty, looks and outer appearance…you know- the crowd of ass-kissing Beta-Males.

By saying you like her style, not only does it throw her off and gets her thinking, but it says to her that you aren’t at all fazed by her beauty or looks. So she then has to question whether she looks attractive or not.

Moving on!

When she says to me, “I don’t add people I don’t know”, I didn’t get all butt-hurt like the average guy would.

I knew this was a fucking shit test! She just wanted to see how I would handle a rejection: like a man who understands women, or a little boy without a clue?

One of the best ways to handle a shit test is just to ignore it altogether. Hence the reason why I never even responded to her “I don’t add people I don’t know” comment.

Now, do you realize how powerful such an innocuous comment is as when I told her that I like her style? So much so that she kept on prying and trying to figure out what about her style I liked. Had I said to her that she was very pretty, there wouldn’t have been any intrigue there to go on. But by making such an uncommon observation [“like your style”], the girl gets all enthralled and besides herself. 😈

Now, another observation I want you to take note of: notice from the screenshot that she’s the one asking questions and she’s the only one using question marks?

What does this innocuous observation say? That she is way more invested, engaged and interested in this chat than I am.

Remember: the one who asks the most questions, puts him or herself in the position of the subservient, while the one who isn’t asking, gets put in the position of the superior by default. Therefore, try not to ask much questions or they will weaken your position. If you do ask questions; please omit as much question marks as possible as I taught you a while back!

Bear in mind: every text I send is strategic and has a purpose towards attracting the girl.

She says, “I am not sure I like your style πŸ™‚ “.

Again: this is just a goddamn shit test! Most guys will have gotten butt-hurt and taken this to heart. Also note her smiley face at the end. That is almost always a dead-giveaway in the girl trying to neutralize her statement (by adding a smiley face).


At this point, I play along with some humor by saying that I’m harmless. She calls me a perv and a criminal. Once again: I take it not to heart because I know those commentaries are just congruence/shit tests in order to test me. You only fail such tests once you feed into them and get all offended by them.

Now, I doubled-down on the pervy by saying I’m a boobs guy. In effect, I’m doing the total opposite to what she expects and this point. Any other guy would do his best to try to appear non-pervy, afraid to turn the girl off due to her shit test. I ramped it up instead, knowing that my defiant and rebellious vibe would work to attract her even more! πŸ˜† 😈

You only turn a girl off once you cower and back down out of shame.


I now triple-down by saying she has a nice set…of boobs. So I’m even working harder to make her think that I’m a BIGGER perve than what she thought I was. πŸ˜‰

Remember: women love defiant men and HATE men who conform and submit to social norms!

How does she react to me owning “pervy” and getting more pervy? “You have got to be kidding me”!

πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ™‚ She definitely didn’t expect me to stick to my guns. No girl does expect this! And no guy sticks to his guns here! Once you stick to your guns [within reason], the attraction spikes higher and the girl becomes more attracted to you.

Now, she gives me a backhanded compliment in saying that at least I’m honest…in a creepy way.

Again: this is another shit test when she called me “creepy”.

She’s looking for a reaction here…a negative reaction: a chink in my armor for her to exploit and to then disqualify me as a jelly-back loser without a spine.

Women will test you subtly and constantly [over text] in order to give themselves justification as to why they should ignore, block, delete and reject you.

This is what this East Indian girl is doing here. She’s trying to expose me as a fraud but I keep beating her shit tests and out-framing her, hence she becomes more attracted to me with every text, while simultaneous trying to throw me off my game by insulting me with creep, perv and other such insecurity-inducing labels.

Read: Beware of the frame battles over text message.

Ok, so how did I take to her calling me “creepy”? “I try to be creepy when I have to. I guess you love the hell out of creepy guys”.


That is how you handle such a shit test by NOT backing down from it but embracing it, running with it and getting cheeky with it. If a girl calls you creepy, tell her that she loves creepy guys [you]…apparently”! Additionally, I told her than we [creepy guys] are more fun than the usual lames. So I’m making a case for creepy being fun. πŸ˜‰

In the grand scheme of things, this PUA tactic is dubbed: “False Disqualifying”. It is saying/doing something that would otherwise turn a girl off. Telling a girl that you’re creepy and pervy should turn her off! Therefore, it should “Disqualify” you as someone she would potentially like or date. However, “False Disqualifying” tactics in seduction/pickup work in a way that attracts the girl even more, oppose to turning her off from you.


As expected, she says she doesn’t like creepy guys. Doesn’t matter what she says at this point, it is apparent that she’s super attracted to me…my vibe. I then phase-shift a bit by making a transition into the bad-boy vibe by telling her “I’m dangerous” and that I was the type of guy who would fuck her in front of her husband…”.

Apparently, she found the sexual spike in my message to be humorous…hence her “Lol”. More shit tests when she says that I’m doing the opposite of making her like me.

I then used a Neg tactic by calling her “little girl”. If you aren’t au-fait to this theory: a “Neg” is a comment/statement that can be (mis)interpreted as a “Negative” statement. “Negs” are staples in a PUA’s playbook. However, you don’t have to over-neg as most newbies are in the habit of doing. Too many negs can and will cause the girl to lose interest and genuinely feel insulted.


Now, she tries to play hard-to-get; which is expected of every girl. You simply don’t buy into it! Don’t fucking address such commentaries/texts whenever a girl says something to the effect of, “You can’t get me no matter how hard you try”. It’s just a test! Don’t fall for it! Ignore it…just as I did!

I negged her even more with some more False Disqualifiers by saying that if she isn’t over 28, she’s a little girl. This will make her a bit self-conscious yet attracted at the same time as she will begin to try to assert that she isn’t a little girl. In PUA terms: she will “Qualify” herself to me. What I’m also doing in conjunction with the other 2 tactics, is sub-communicating to her that she’s too young for me, hence she doesn’t make the grade. πŸ˜‰

Do you see what I’m doing here? I’ve flipped the script from the gate where instead of telling her how much I wanted her, I was telling her in other words that she’s too young for me.

Who does this? Which guy who wants a girl actually insinuates that she’s too young for him? No one does this…except if he were an experienced pick-up artist who understands how attraction works inside the head of a woman.

Ok, she then gets all self-conscious because I told her she was too young (in other words), so she calls me old as a way to get back at me.

Epic fail!

Also pay close attention to when she asked, “Why would u wanna fuck a little girl then”? Why is that question so crucial and telling? Who ever said I wanted to fuck her? I surely didn’t tell her that! So why would she assume and surmise that I want to fuck her? Obviously because she wants to fuck me. So it is a form of projecting, whereas she inadvertently exposes what is in her mind [me banging her].

She then calls me a “bigger creep”…but I ignored that comment by not addressing it at all. I went further to double-down on the False Disqualifying” by telling her that I’m 33 and too old for her. She then “Qualifies herself” by saying that I’m only 11 years older than her- so in effect- I’m not too old for her. But she slickly tries to save face by agreeing that I was too old…even though within the same text, she tried to justify why 11 years older isn’t too old. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Always remember that you should give women a range of emotions and angles. One minute you go left, turn right, reverse, zigzag, zag-zig, just to confuse their minds a bit. You want to be nice for a split second, then go cold, warm, cold, hot, caring, freezing, lukewarm, pissed, nice, icy, etc, etc, etc! Always give her unpredictable angles! Hence I said to her, “Big fucking deal…you’re 22”!


She then gets all humbled and said that I’m being hostile…and asking why? Once again; the person who asks the most questions, is the pursuer who has less-perceived value and is the subordinate while the other is the perceived superior.

Again, I shocked and confused her mind even more by moving from cold to sweet within a heartbeat, when I answered her question about me being hostile by saying the reason is because “you’re cute”. πŸ™‚ That was the 1st direct compliment I’d given her…and it came at a moment when she least expected it…which makes for greater impact than if it were predictably placed at the inception of our chat.

Again, sensing this deep attraction to my vibe, she tries to deny it by saying she doesn’t find this exhilarating…but with a smiley face again…which denotes the fact that she does find it exhilarating!


At this point, sensing that things have already reached the hook point and she was sold on me by now, I told her that I had to go. Bear in mind; you always want to be the one to end the conversation first! The one who suggests ending the chat first, leaves with the most perceived power. This is why girls always look to end conversations first. They know that by doing so [ending it first], they emerge as the ones having the leverage and the initiative. So this is why I always flip the script on every girl I talk to, by ending the conversation first…but there’s a subtle twist to this. You don’t have to actually end it first. Just mere ‘mention’ of ending it [convo], and it is just as potent. 😈

Also, always make a statement of intent [SOI]. What this means is, at some point during the initial chat, you must let the girl know that you intend to hang out, meet up or go on a so-called date with her. Hence the reason I told her “we should get to know each other and hang out sometime”. You must do/say this or else the girl will have felt as though you merely wanted to chitchat and pass some time texting. I am NOT about random chitchats in order to pass time. I only want to hang out and bang. So I am always keen on making this known [hang out] so that the girl doesn’t get the wrong idea in thinking that I’m aspiring to become her text-buddy.

She then replies, “Are you sure you wanna hang out with a psycho”? At this point, most guys would say some lame shit like, “Don’t say that about yourself sweetheart”. But I responded with something witty and in confirmation that she was a psycho.
She then calls me a hell of a cocky person. Don’t be afraid of being called cocky. Guys who don’t have a clue, actually believe that cocky is a turn off. It is not! Don’t let women fool you by saying shit like, “I hate cocky men”! If you were to run a background-dating check on every girl who says she hates cocky dudes, you’ll be amazed to discover that every single 1 of them is shagging some cocky-asshole dude who’s stuck on himself. So you never want to take what a woman says out of her mouth as “the truth”. What is “truth” for a woman is depended on the moment, surroundings, contexts and what she’s feeling…at the moment. There is no true truth for women. This is why they would tell you that they hate bad boys and assholes, and that they don’t date them at all, yet every guy they had screwed and dated since junior high, was a bad boy. So whenever a girl calls you “cocky”; take it as a fucking compliment because she’s merely saying that she likes a confident guy.


Frankly, telling her to accept my friend request was just a smoke screen. I never did send her a friend request but I just wanted her to ponder and wonder a bit. Again, I negged her by calling her “little brat”. In turn, she calls me “old man”. Just a little mutual banter from 2 persons who shared mutual attraction. Calling a girl a little brat is also akin to saying she isn’t your type. This will make her self-conscious and cause her to cling onto you even more…that is if you had executed proper text-game throughout the chat.

More sexual spikes and rebellious bad boy vibe when I told her, “Don’t make me spank you…and send you home to your boyfriend with your Indian booty spanked up…”. This also shows her that I’m carefree and that I am not afraid to lose her by being offensive and sexual. Women LOVE a man who is carefree, risky, adventurous and lives life on the edge: either literally or verbally!

She laughs about my sexualized statement. What else could she have done, get offended? Listen- a girl will only get offended:

A.) If she doesn’t respect the guy

B.) If he doesn’t own his shit

C.) If he comes off as though he has something to lose

When you can give a girl the impression that you don’t care much about her approval neither her acceptance of you, and that you say/do whatever it is you want to without a care to offend: she will NOT get offended by anything you say or do! That is why she didn’t get offended when I told her I would spank her ass and send her to her boyfriend with her booty all marked up. πŸ™‚

Once again, I false-time constraint by telling her that I have to get back to work. Truth be told: I wasn’t doing shit at that time! But you always want to give women the impression that you’re a busy dude who has shit to do instead of texting all day! Also by doing this, I’m letting her know that my time is valuable and it means more to me than chatting with her. Hot girls get pissed and insecure whenever a guy tries to shun them and put them off for later. Remember- she’s hot! How dare any guy tries to brush off a hot girl for work or anything else! It never happens! So when you do it, it will shock her little reality like nothing else! It will kill her hot-girl blasΓ©.


Once again, I phase-shifted by telling her “nice to meet you”. So I went from sexual and strong to cordial and formal, throwing her off psychologically. I then told her that I don’t usually talk to girls on FB…which is a lie. Why I said that was to reel her in even more by making a comment that was an obvious contradiction to my personality and vibe. So I was drawing her in even more, hence the reason she asked “how did all of this happen”?…meaning the decision to chat her up.

I then strategically used a “Curiosity Loop” technique by telling her “I’ll fill you in later”. Whenever you withhold information from someone, they cannot help but to become curious and engaged. Also, by telling her I’m a shy guy, which is an obvious fib, it further confuses her by throwing her off. A huge part of my game is making statements which obviously contradict my vibe and personality. She knows that a shy guy would not have had the know-how to carry such a spirited conversation.

She then tries to flip things on me by asking if I don’t have to get back to work.


I make another contradicting statement in saying that she’s the 1st girl I hit on in a while. I then went on to say that my pick-up skills are terrible. This is another False Disqualifying statement. She took it as an attempt of reverse psychology…which it was. I applaud her for catching that. πŸ˜‰

I then turned harsh on her again when I said “Dammit girl, didn’t I tell you I’ll get back to you…do you ever listen”! Note again that I never put a question mark on that question nor any question I threw out there during the entire chat. Adding question marks to your questions will likely lower your perceived value as I touched on earlier.


She took what I said [my strategic-harsh comment] in jest by saying, “Lol, apparently you’re still free”. But note how she tries to get me to admit that I was interested. Don’t fall for it…at least not yet! Hence, I said to her “don’t test me, I eat Indian girls like you for breakfast”! She then qualifies herself by saying she’s incomparable.

Calling a girl whom you’re trying to get with, a [cocky] SOB, is another neg. It is a negative statement but done in a way that doesn’t offend the girl. Again- once a girl respects you as a real-dominant man: an Alpha-Male, she will rarely ever get offended by anything you say and do. Hence her reply of, “you mean DOB [Daughter Of a Bitch]”!


As expected; she tries to neg me back by saying that my grammar is a turnoff. Again- I knew this was just a test to try to find a chink in my armour and expose my weaknesses [which there are none] as a guy who gets butt-hurt…but I never fed into it by getting all self-conscious. So I nonchalantly said to her that she should teach me to spell whenever we hang out [reinforcing the purpose of this chat: for us to hang out]. Shit test passed with flying colors again! πŸ˜‰

“Why aren’t you gone yet”, she asked. Another attempt to save face because I was the one who took away the play from her in telling her bye. I got a bit sexual and witty again, which led her to asking, “what makes you think I’d wanna meet you”?


Always assume attraction! Always assume that it’s on! Always assume that the girl likes you!

I go cold again by telling her that I wasn’t going to argue with a little girl. As expected; she plays a bit hard-to-get by asking why would I want to talk to and meet with a little girl? I then ramped up the curiosity loop by telling her “I’ll tell you later”.

All in all guys, that is just 1 of 4 ways in which to attract, seduce and pick up hot-young girls on Facebook.

The hotter the girl, the more assholish and cocky you’ll have to come off by using more negs and false disqualifiers than usual.

Hot girls are so accustomed to nice guys blowing smoke up their ass via lovely compliments, that they develop an immunity to niceness, hence they become turned off by any nice-guy approach.

Additionally, you have to knock a hot girl off of her high horse in order to get her to engage you.

Todd Valentine, the pick-up instructor, calls this busting through the hot-girl blasΓ©.

Ok, so a question you may have for me is: “Why didn’t you (try to) get her number”?

Why should I at this stage of the game!?

Dude, this is what you should realize: a hot girl is hit up 100 times a day on Facebook alone, by lame guys begging for her phone number within the 1st second of FB chatting/inbox.

Those guys are quickly blocked!

On the other hand, whenever you can display strategic patience by NOT doing the predictable in rushing for a hot girl’s phone number during the 1st interaction online, it sets you apart from 99.9% of the chodes and lames who come off as desperate and unsure of themselves.

When you can show a hot girl that you won’t be fazed and frazzled by her beauty, it raises your stock tenfold in her eyes.

By not rushing for her number on the 1st go, it sets you apart as a prize-worthy guy. It also says that you have other hot women in your life, so there’s no reason why you should be rushing to get her number [Pre-Selection theory].

In fact, she begged for my number, so I gave it to her and we started to chat via Whatsapp messenger today instead of Facebook πŸ˜‰ [you always want to transition from Facebook to another medium since Facebook is seen as an impersonal joke and frolic to most women].


As you can see from the text thread, she was first to text me…meaning she had to have been the one who had my number…and she did.

Do you realize how powerful it is when you can refrain from begging a girl for her number online?

The reason why I never rushed to get her number is because she’s bound to be there again…another day. She isn’t going anywhere, so why rush for a number and ruin your chances in 1 swoop?

This is why I advise guys that if they’re trying to pick up a bartender or cashier or something, try not to go for the number within the first conversation. You can always see her again whenever you patronize the same establishment. She’ll be there…unless she gets fired. 😦

Surely there are lots of cases online where I rush for a phone number. But that is because:

A.) The girl would’ve already liked me so there’s no reason to prolong things.

B.) Limited time on my part whereas I might have been traveling and needed to close fast.

However, as a general rule of thumb; don’t rush to get a number the second you inbox the girl, because there’s always a tomorrow as long as neither of you kick the bucket.

At the end of the day, my goal is the same as with any other girl I pick up: quick SEX!

Bang Notches under my belt!

I don’t communicate with girls for communication sake. Nor do I want to become their text-buddy, texting away at all hours of the night!

This is why within the 1st round of texting upon contacting a girl, I let her know that the purpose of my communique is to meet up ASAP.

No ambiguity or cause for misconstruedment.

On a final note: I want to urge you to become strategic about every text you send.

With girls, they have this shit down to a science! Every text she sends is with a strategic purpose to either trap you, tie you up and subsequently blow you out.

Thus, you as the guy, must be vigilant of how you text and what you text.

You’re text messages must almost always counter and check-mate hers.

Don’t just shoot off any random shit until you would’ve reached mastery level.

I can text any random bullshit to any girl and get away with it because I’m well aware of how women operate on a macro to micro level.

As you advance in the art of texting and hooking women over text, you will then be at liberty to freestyle it and text away without a forethought.

However, if you aren’t yet at an advanced level, every text of yours must be well scrutinized before hitting send!

On a final, final note, I hope to have finally dispelled another popular myth that East Indian girls don’t do black guys.

Again- I don’t know which guy created these myths, but none of them are rooted in any shred of facts. Such myths were likely either introduced by black men who have no game and have failed miserably with East Indian women. Or they were created by Indian men in order to protect their women from the preying eyes of outsiders per se.

However, it is all bullshit!

In fact, I’ve never gotten rejected by an East Indian chick throughout my many years of doing pickup…albeit I just began to chat them up over the past 2 and a half to 3 years…but that’s besides the point!

It isn’t that Indian girls are crazy about black guys…or Kenny for that matter. It is simple because game works regardless of race! But if you run with the stereotypes created by guys who don’t get laid, and put faith in them, then you’re bound to fail miserably in trying to pick up women of other ethnicities and races.

Feel free to check out a few field-report posts of past pickups of mines of East Indian girls.

Seduction of a sexy-young Indian wife over Facebook

Day2 with sexy British Indian girl

To learn the art of attracting and picking up girls on Facebook, grab a copy of “Facebook Bang”

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  1. Hey Kenny

    .How are things?
    Another fantastic article. It’s transformed my instagram game. I know. I know. But I am just so busy I haven’t had time to hit the streets. The problem with this is the amount of creative energy and focus it requires to say new things and keep the girl interested.



    1. Hey CJ…been a while πŸ™‚ . And no I am not going to pounce on you for not hitting the streets. But interesting take though on how this has helped your Instagram game. I never used Instagram in my life so I couldn’t really say how it works. And I agree fully with what you said about creative energy to keep the girl interested. Text game does require it, especially with a new girl.


  2. And the other problem I have is going to extremes. Possibly due to inexperience. I can go really cute and cuddly one moment and the next very rude and back and forth. It turns girls off. How can I prevent that?


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