I Don’t Endorse This Hopeless Approach

Yesterday, some idiot, a so-called PUA of Japanese origin posted the following status to Facebook which annoyed me a ton.



Usually, I would trash such guys who harbor such idiotic ideologies about pickup, but I decided to play it cool as possible while advising him that his maniacal approach is being rejected is simple crazy…and stupid!

Guys like those have the wrong idea of what pickup is, hence I don’t support crappy-ass behavior like that.

Wake up kid (Ryo)!

I’m as much of an advocate of asshole game and being a dick as anyone else out there. But there comes a point where being a dick goes too far.

If you have to knock a girl’s phone out of her hand [or advocate it] in order to get her attention, not only is that Beta, weak and insecure, but it shows one’s lack of game and ability to connect with women if they have to throw tantrums like babies because of rejections.

I was so ticked off that I felt compelled to share that interaction with my other PUA buddies on Facebook, just to expose the stupidity that newbies are propagating.



When you have guys who don’t know about women or pickup, enter the community of pickup fostering their own ideas, guys like Ryo is what we get.

If guys like those don’t change their mindset, we will have to banish them from pickup by boxing them into a corner by themselves until they either reform or scram.

Fringe elements will not be tolerated!

This same guy [Ryo] had falsely told me that he is a PUA coach with the Justin Wayne Dating Company, hence the reason why I accepted his friend request on Facebook in the first place.

I should’ve done my back-check to see whether his story of being a pick-up coach for Justin Wayne was legit.

Apparently, Bruce Wayne, Justin Wayne’s pick-up assistant and friend of mines, chimed in on my post to expose Ryo as a fraud who never worked for the Wayne Dating Coach company.


There are so many importers in the pick-up community that I since desisted from wantonly accepting requests from guys who cannot verify their credentials.

You have trolls, wannabe coaches and gurus, straight-up frauds who know nothing about pickup, and then you have newbies who pontificate on the subject of getting laid when they don’t have 5 lays minimum under their belts as yet.

At the end of the day, I blame no one nor any legit pickup outfit for guys who harbor outlandish and stupid ideas on how to attract women and get laid.

The nuts and radicals we don’t need in this field…which is why I actively delete, block and ignore those in pickup who cannot verify their connections.

Half of my Facebook contacts are fellow PUA’s, instructors, gurus, practitioners and some newbies.

Those are guys I do business and game with on a personal level. No fringe elements are allowed in that circle.

Either the fringes conform or get exposed and weeded out.


What's your view?

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