Get Your Ex Back Program


“How To Get Your Ex Back”

We’ve all been there: dumped by a girlfriend!

Or perhaps the equally devastating “I need some space” speech, which is short of saying, “I want to break up for a while”!

Not only does this crushes your ego like a grape under the wine-press, but it deflates your manhood in the worst kind of way. 😦 😦

The immediate the results of this [being dumped] are almost always the same no matter the guy:

♦ Left to bawl your eyes out

♦ Beg the ex to get back with you

♦ Fall into a great hole of depression

♦ Lose all desires for any other woman but her: the one who had crushed you

Now, are women heartless frikkin’ creatures who couldn’t care less about your feelings and psychological well-being?

Not quite!

However, I have to confront you with the unadulterated truth about why your girlfriend doesn’t want to see you anymore.

Firstly, it is your goddamn fault!

Yes- take the damn blame!

You were dumped for either 1 or all of the following reasons:

A.) You were (or became) too nice

B.) In relation to point A, you allowed monotony and routine to set in which caused a lack of stimulation [boredom in other words]

C.) You were too available and never bothered to present her any challenge whatsoever [which ties into point A of being too nice

“How To Get Your Ex Back”

Women are stimulation junkies!

They need to experiences a range of emotions in order to stay engaged and interested.

If your girlfriend becomes too comfortable; taking you for granted will likely follow.

That is exactly what happened in your case and why you are here looking to get your ex back.

Now, within this revolutionary program, you will have learned these simple tactics and techniques!

Not only will you learn how to get your ex back, but you will have learned the necessary mindset in which to adopt in order to keep her…no matter what you do!

Personally, I am not in favor of chasing an ex, because I believe so strongly in the reality that there are way better fish in the sea!


However, since I’m a very practical guy, I am well aware that most of us aren’t equipped with the inner tools necessary to snag other fish from the proverbial dating pool.

I’ve also been there done that, where a girlfriend of mines some years ago, had cheated on me.

Upon forgiving her and taking her back the following day- she cheated on me again- 2 days later- caught red-handed in my bed with another guy! 😯 😑

I detailed that ego-bruising experience in the following article which I implore you to read after you will have completed enrollment in “Get Your Ex Back Program”.

♦ “How to handle being dumped”

As expected since I was operating from such a lower frame of value; I took her back then shortly afterwards moved in with her parents.

She got tired of my presence and began sneaking behind my back in order to hang out with another guy.

Eventually, she dumped me! 😦 😦

I was a fucking wreck to say the least!

I wanted to beat her to a pulp!!!

My manhood was cut right out from beneath me!

Shame wasn’t a strong enough word to describe the feeling I felt.

Some months later, after tapping into what I learned as a pick-up artist [Inner-Game material], my ex came running back on bended knees.

For the first time; I felt empowered again!

I enjoyed seeing her in pain as she was so distraught over the fact that I was enjoying the company of other women who were hotter than she was.

“How To Get Your Ex Back”

By no means am I telling you that getting an ex running back on her knees is an easy task.

In fact; it is!

However, it is 90% mental…which makes it challenging for you; especially coming from a position of pain, loneliness, depression and desperation!

Truth be told- In order to get your ex back successfully by having her beg for you to give her another chance- you have to operate from a position of inner peace, not out of spite, anger nor vindictiveness [sorry to go all Zen on you]!

Believe me: I know that you’re fucking hurt! And the mere thought of someone who claims she loves you, yet showing no empathy towards your situation [she dumping you], can cause you to want to burn her out of malice! But that is NOT the healthiest frame/mindset from which to operate!

Once you enroll in “Get Your Ex Back Program”, I will guide you every step of the way to build your inner game and how to operate from the most effective frame as you proverbial wingman and instructor.

In addition to the challenges mentioned earlier, the most difficult part in successfully getting your ex back, is keeping yourself together and sticking with the program.

This is where Kenny comes in! πŸ˜‰


In “Getting Your Ex Back Program”, I will become your personal wingman and instructor!

No back-sliding and deviation from the script!

It is very easy to get tempted and find yourself back to chasing an ex at the wrong time in the game.

There’s a difference between chasing aimlessly and pursuing strategically!

Quite often, we need someone to put us aright and keep us there until the opportune moment!

My job is to keep you focus on the script in order to get your ex chasing you back eventually!

This can only happen without you continually chasing her by communicating with her in the manner that you are doing at the moment.

“How To Get Your Ex Back”

Personally, I’ve helped tons of guys in the past to get their ex to come back, solely by means of e-mail communique.


On a daily basis I’m inundated with dozens of message and e-mails about “How to get my ex back”, hence the reason I launched this revolutionary service where I can help numerous guys on a daily basis in a more efficient manner.

Ok, so what kind of services and training does this program entails?

It is a combination of messaging, free-call services and personal coaching as I guide you every step of the way throughout the challenging process of getting an ex back.


Depended on the services you are accustomed to using, there are various free software which can be utilized in order to facilitate the process of advising you as a personal wingman.

Video sessions over mobile devices will be available also [IMO for example].

As an integral part of the program, I will check in on you daily in order to gauge your progress, sticking-points and to share with you some daily tidbits along the way.

In the end, assuming you will have worked with me step-by-step, you will have your ex coming back in no time!

Some instances may take longer than others due to the girl’s fortitude and stubbornness to coming around.

Some exes may crack within 3 days of executing the program.

Some may take a week- or 3 weeks!

Nevertheless, it is all about your resolve and how bad you want it!


You CANNOT have your ex crawling back if you keep doing the same old-thing which is why she had dumped you in the first place…or requested space.

Ok, because of efficiency purposes, I will only accept 5 persons at this time.

To be most effective, it is best for me keep the virtual bootcamp small where I can actually guide and advise each person effectively without having to slack off because of time constraints and too many guys to deal with.

A specific time per day will be allocated to each individual in the program where we work on personal matters concerning your situation.

Apart from that, I’ll be open for questions at any time from anyone enrolled in the program.

Ok, so how will you be able to discern whether they are any availability to enroll or not?

If you’re able to purchase the product/program through the Paypal-enrollment link; then you’re automatically enrolled!

If you’re not able to purchase the “Get your ex back program”, then there is no available slots currently. But you are always at liberty to hit me up to find out when is the next available seat.

E-mail me: Socialkenny

Unlike other programs (which only include phone coaching) that will cost you upwards of $300 USD, this program enrollment is only $129 USD: 1-time purchase only!

No re-occurring charges, no hidden fees, no bull!

One-time payment of ONLY $129 USD!


Bear in mind: this is NOT an e-book product, neither a digital nor electronic product or service.

It is a program whereby I coach you over the phone, video, messaging [Whatsapp, IMO, Facebook, etc], and I also add you to my personal social-media contacts [Facebook primarily] where you’re able to constantly interact with me as it pertains to fixing your situation of “Getting your ex back”.

It is unlike any other product and service out there!


Note: This program/service does not necessarily contain adult language, however adult consent may be needed for those under the age of 18 years.

Note: this program is in no way affiliated with any VOIP company or services such as Skype nor any messaging services such as IMO or Whatsapp messenger, nor sponsored by any of those services.

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