Eliminate Flaking By Taking Photos With Girls [Will Beck’s Concept]

Every guy in pickup is encouraged to take photo-op opportunities with hot girls whenever possible.

This is done largely for the reason of pre-selection: if girls see you in photos with other girls, they will assume that you’re a fun, sociable prize that lots of women want to get their paws on.

That is pre-selection theory in its simplest breakdown.

It is sort of a cheat code to attracting women.

Girls whom you would’ve picked up, merely wants to know/see that you’re a guy whom they can feel safe around.

If chicks are comfortable enough to be taking photos with you, then you must be somewhat of a safe guy, right?


However, that is how a woman’s brain rationalizes it.

She judges if you’re a safe guy to be around by whether you surround yourself with other women or not.

By appearing in numerous photos with numerous women, you give her that reassurance- that you’re a safe individual who is accepted by other women.

The opposite of the pre-selected guy is the loner.

Which girl is attracted to loners?


How come?

Loners are weird and cannot be vouched for in order for the girl to discern whether he [the loner] is a safe chap or some serial killer in waiting.

Therefore, women deem loners as unattractive and unsafe.

She isn’t sure about him.

This is why when you’re in a nightclub or any nightlife environment, you want to be chatting up or chatting to various people: be they the bartenders [males and females], old ladies, drunk guy, etc.

This build “Social Proof”.

It let’s people around you know that you’re safe…even though you may very well be a serial rapist or some shit.

Perception is all that matters! And people will perceive you ‘safe to be around’ once they see others in your presence, conversing with you and so forth.

Hence, this is where the routine of “taking photos with women” comes in silently handy.

You get to show women that:

1.) You’re safe [social-proofed]

2.) You’re pre-selected

Ok, so let’s get to Will Beck from Canada, a pick-up associate of mines, who’s a big-name coach in the pick-up industry.


This brings me to another aspect apart from pre-selection and social proof: Eliminating Flakes and girls standing you up on the would-be first date.

Truth is: flaking is inevitable.

As long as women have emotions and a mind, flaking [indecision] is just something that every guy will have to face.

Women stand guys up on dates and flake primarily because of indecision pertaining to the guy and the date itself.

In conjunction with indecisiveness and indecision are nerves and anxiety.

You know that terrifying feeling in the pit of your stomach guys, when it comes to making that 1st phone call after getting a girl’s number?

Well that’s the exact anxiety-filled feeling a woman gets upon meeting up with a guy for the 1st time [D2 for instance].

She’s nervous, anxious, scared, jittery and unsure about herself…which all manifest in the form of flaking and the girl standing you up.

She doesn’t logically intend to do it [stand you up]. Just that these jittery feelings and emotions are talking her out of it- no different than when you’re contemplating making that phone call, and nervousness talks you out of it.

In essence; you flaked on the girl by delaying that call and electing to not call her at all when you knew it was the right moment!

Therefore, now you understand why women stand guys up and why they act flaky towards meeting up and so forth.

Now, what does this all have to do with taking photos with girls whom you’d picked up as what Will Beck advises here?


The girl having taken photos with you, gives her the impression [psychologically] that:

1.) She already knows you

2.) You’re safe

When the girl whom you’d picked up can go through her smartphone and see herself with you [via photo], it not only gives her the impression that she knows you already, but it helps to kill the nervousness factor which is bound to pop up in any future date proposal.

You won’t seem as much of a stranger to her.

Humans only get that weird and jittery feelings when around someone whom we don’t know.

This is akin to what we feel when going to a job interview to meet with people whom we don’t know.

Had the interviewers been someone we were familiar with, then the nervousness factor would not be as great if at all.

Hence, you want to give the girl the impression that she already knows you, thus there’s no reason that she should become panicky at the thought of meeting up, coming to your place or going for a drink/date.

One such way to achieve this is by always seizing the opportunity to take photos with the women whom you’d picked up.

This’ largely why I almost always take pics with the girls I pull.

It isn’t for show!

Surely I enjoy having pics of women in my media archives in order to reflect on the quality of chicks I pull. But that is just the psychologically gratifying part for me and not the greatest reason.

As for making this happen; it is very simple guys.

Upon picking up the girl (getting her #), you simply say to her: Let’s take 1 of those lame selfies for memory!

Whichever way you put it, there isn’t much to object to.

Most girls will nonchalantly oblige to taking some pics with you as long as you own it and not come off as if you’re nervous while pitching the proposal.

At the end of the day, when it comes to seeing the girl again, she won’t be saying to herself, “Who is this random-stranger guy that I never actually been around”?

Cheer to the weekend!






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