Reading A Woman’s Body Language Exercize

Today, I did a little body-language exercise while sitting at the pier.

There was a girl whom I met seated about 25 yards away with her back facing me.

Here’s the actual photo of the seated girl.


All the while, she wasn’t aware of my presence since I sat at an angle which was outside of her view range. She would’ve had to look back in order to see me there.

While sitting there, I took mental note of her entire body language and posture:

“Back somewhat hunched over and down (while peering into her smartphone)”,

“Hair a bit disheveled at the sides as the wind blew her hair out of perfect formation”,

“Her shoulders slightly dipped downwards following the posturing of her arched back”,

“Her feet and legs somewhat stiffened”,

“The small of her back just where the buttocks meets the lower back was well covered but a slight gap as her panty was revealed a bit because she was hunched over somewhat”.

I took mental observation of these factors while scanning her body and posture unbeknownst to her.

Now, the trick is, was to see if her current-lax posturing will remain the same if she notices a guy [me] checking her out from the rare periphery.

This is absolutely the first time I would’ve done this random body-language exercise.

One dilemma faced me though: I had to get her to look back in order to know/see that I was there since I was seated about 25 yards in back of her as depicted in the actual poor-quality photo below [she’s in the orange top].

I tried everything from sneezing, coughing loudly, tapping on the table/bench that I was sitting on, talking loudly as I pretended to be on a phone call. 😈

Nothing gave!

She kept her face forward peering into her device.


As if by devine intervention: an 8-wheel oil truck passed and blew its loud horn which got the attention of the girl…so she instinctively look towards the sound coming from the truck which happened to be in the direction I was sitting.


Our eyes met for a nanosecond as she looked away once our eyes met!

I also waved hi to her.

That is all I wanted; for her to know that there was a guy [me] seated somewhere who happened to lock eyes with her.

This’ an actual photo I took at that exact moment.


Ok, so now that she was aware of my Alpha presence, would her body language be altered in any way significantly or ever so slightly?

I asked myself.

Instantly, she propped herself up!

Straightened her back!

Lifted her shoulders!

Accentuated her overall upper body!

Her lower back was revealed more!

Her body language became fixed and sexier. “Fixed” in the sense that she’d straightened out her posture. “Sexier” in that she accentuated her flanks, preened her hair back into position and assumed a position which gave me a better view to her boobs from the poor vantage point at which I was seated.

In other words: she then knew I was checking her out, thus she wanted to present herself in the most attractive way given the circumstance.

On a deeper level, this is akin to a mating ritual in the animal kingdom.

The female accentuates her physical attributes in order to attract possible mates.

This is why whenever a girl notices an attractive guy around who’s likely to check her out, she preens herself, her clothing, straighten her tight dress in order to present a more attractive view, she props up her breasts to appear more full and buoyant and so forth.

These are classic body-language cues and giveaways you will have noticed once you begin to take note of them by actually checking women out.

If she finds you attractive [energy or looks] and sex-worthy; she will put herself on display for you!

Contrarily, if she doesn’t particularly like your energy thus isn’t attracted to you; she won’t give much of a fuck and she’ll actually do the opposite and try her best to repel your stares in hopes to turn you off [this part is done consciously].

As a caveat here, if you want to know whether a girl has the hots or not for you, check out her body language.

They will always give her away!

Note: this is done on a subconscious level by the girl.

In other words; she isn’t even aware of her own body language giving her away.

Moreover, she isn’t consciously aware of the cues and signs that her body gives off towards the men whom she likes.

With this chick from today’s experimentation, her body language [positioning] indicated interest and attraction.

Not surprising, she got so into it that about 5-10 minutes later once she realized that I was checking her out, she laid herself down on the bench, knees cocked in the air and boobs facing upwards where I can now get a full view of them as if she were lying on the beach!

Was she suddenly doing all of this because of me?


In order to get my attention even more.

These ‘subtle’ signaling often go unnoticed by guys whenever they are in the presence of women.

From now on, I want you to be aware of these things.

Make it your business to go sit at the park, beach, restaurant, on the bus, etc. and just observe the women around you.

Observe their movements, body language, arm position, legs positioning, their shoulders, what they do with their hands, do they straighten their hair, slick down their dresses and adjust their fitted wear?

Observe these things one day!

Eye contact isn’t necessary and it is the least.

You don’t need to gain EC from a girl in order to tell if she’s aware of your presence.

Focus on the body language!

Now, I need to make this crystal clear: I am NOT suggesting that you do this every single time you’re out and about.

You should take a day or an hour or so out of a day to run this observational experimentation.

You don’t want to be the creepy guy sitting around checking out women without actually approaching them.

During the exercise, try to exhibit normal as possible body language on your part.

Over time you’ll become more aware of the subtle signs women give off with their body posturing.

Oh- on a final note, don’t particularly focus on the quality of the girls in whom you’re observing.

If you’re riding a bus with all elderly women on it; still run your observations!

With the girl pictured in this post, since I didn’t quite see her face, she was probably unattractive for all I know…and is on the bigger side.

Doesn’t matter!

This is all experimentation to get you accustomed to reading body language.

What's your view?

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