Best Rejection Attempt Ever!

I find this really humorous so I had to post it.

A day ago while attempting to pick up a girl over Facebook [as I usually succeed in doing], the following interaction ensued:


Arguable the best and most creative rejection attempt ever!

Sure I knew she wasn’t a tranny after I’d checked out her profile and pics prior to contacting her. But boy oh boy; this has to be the most ingenious rejection attempt I ever came across in my entire life of game: 😆

I’ve had girls tell me that they are gay or bi-sexual, but never transsexual…as in they were born a man. 😯

At the end of the day, this is no different than a girl telling you she has a boyfriend just to see if you’d buy it and self-reject.

Obviously, the girl did admit that she was screwing around and it was done because guys were annoying her…likely needy pests sending her novels worth of messages and flooding her inbox.

Girls will often seek clever ways to try to reject you, whether they’re interested or not.

What's your view?

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