Reading Between The Lines: Women Will Give You Hints

Some years ago, I wrote extensively about hint-dropping done by women in hopes that the guy to whom they’re dropping those hints, will get the subliminal message and act upon it.

This can be said for the positive and negative.

If a girl isn’t particularly into you, she will let you know in somewhat coded language and hope that you pick up on it.

Likewise whenever she’s keen on you and is looking to meet up, hook up or any other such “Positives”.

Ok, so why do chicks drop hints, insinuate and deliver subliminal messages?

Two reasons:

1.) Women are just too docile and are afraid to offend and hurt others [very contradictive…I know]. This is why girls are notorious for giving guys fake phone numbers. Rather than say “No” to the guy and hurt his feeling, they will elect often times to give him a fake number just to cushion the pain somewhat.

2.) On the semi-positive end, women need to go around the bush in order to avoid looking slutty and easy. So social pressure often times force women to have to cloak their true intentions within coded language.

Check out this screenshot of a convo between a married chick and me whom I’d picked up about 2 months ago [my text in blue. Hers in gray].

My text in blue. Hers in gray

Now, quite naturally, you may say to yourself, “And…so…I didn’t see anything there”!

“I’m not really a texting persons”

That is a hint there…very significant though you might have missed the importance of such an innocuous comment.

That comment of hers within her broader text, depended on context and existential factors, can either be a positive or negative [for me].

If a girl tells you that she isn’t a texting person, she’s either trying to communicate to you that she doesn’t want to talk to you, i.e. she isn’t interested.

On the other hand, it may also indicate the opposite: that she is in fact interested but really isn’t a texting person.

Moreover, if she sends you such a message as this girl did in my case, you will have to exercise social intelligence to discern whether it in the negative or positive: she likes you or not.

A way in which to discern this [likes me- likes me not] is to simply take an overall glance of the vibe.

If the girl is acting a bit standoffish or cold, then it may be wise to assume that she isn’t quite into you at the moment.

If for whatever reason you surmise that she’s into you, then a comment like, “I’m not the texting type”, should be interpreted in the positive.

Now, the positive hint in such a comment can be interpreted as:

A.) The girl saying that she would rather hear you voice and chat over the phone opposed to texting [as in my case]

B.) The girl saying that she would rather meet up face to face and talk

Most guys unfortunately never get the hint since we men are oblivious to the fact that women operate in cryptic ways, and their words are somewhat like double entendre [open to 2 different interpretations].

With that being the case, from henceforth, if a girl says to you [for example: through text] that she doesn’t do the phone thing, i.e. she doesn’t text or talk on the phone much, always assume in the positive that she’s dropping a hint to mean that she’s hoping to meet up and chat instead.

Always assume the hint in the positive opposed to the negative.

Girl over the phone or text says that she’s hungry: assume that she’s dropping a hint for you to pick her up a snack and go hang out with her.

Surely I don’t advocate spending on women because it’s lame and puts you in the provider frame. But if it means getting a step closer to her bedroom or doorstep; by all means, you should grab her a snack and go see her.

She’s not going to directly expose herself unless she’s someone whom you’d known for a while.

Therefore, don’t expect a girl whom you’d just met a week ago to blatantly say, “Come over”!

If she does want you to “come over”, she’ll be more stealthy than that.

She has to be cryptic about it!

Her reputation leans on it!

If she does want you to come over, she will hint at it and hope that you’ll catch it.

If you don’t catch it, you subsequently lose value in her eyes and she will lose interest in you as someone who’s lacking in the social-intelligence department.

Note: most guys get rejected along the way due to this.

Even if they manage to pick up the girl and get her number, they soon after blow themselves out and tank their chances by not being able to see hints and to seize their opportunities.

Chicks will reward you for executing and demonstrating social awareness and being able to read subtle cues.

They will punish you and reject you for failing to do so. So, when the house wife said to me that she isn’t the texting type and she prefers to talk, I seized the opportunity to later on suggest we meet up and talk.

My text in blue. Hers in gray

As expected: she was up for it!

I passed the test by being able to read between the lines, hence my attraction in her eyes soared through the roof because of this 1 play in the game.

Remember the girl whom I’d hooked up with 3 days ago…when I was unable to maintain an erection? 😦

Same can be said of that situation as it pertains to hints and subliminal messages.

First off: look at the time stamp of these texts…remind you that she had texted me first out of the blue.





If a girl texts you after 10 PM- out of the blue- chances are- she’s bored and open to the suggestion of meeting up/hooking up.

However, if you don’t firstly initiate the “I want to come over” text: she won’t!

With this chick, the simple fact that she had texted me at that hour, was a clear enough indication for my Jedi-mind that she wanted to hook up. So I took that as a hint and a subliminal message and seized the opportunity to initiate some sex talk which led her to say “Come over”.

That [hooking up] would not have materialized if I didn’t read between the lines [girl texted me out of the blue…after 10 pm].

How many instances like these have you encountered and failed to read the hidden message behind the message?

This is a very common occurrence. And I’m going to go out on a limb to say that this is the biggest reason [failure to read signs and seize opportunities] why guys get friendzoned in the 1st place [inability to read signs], and also the biggest reason why guys fail to sleep with girls who initially liked them whom they’d managed to pick up.

Everything boils down to one’s ability or inability to read hidden messages women put out there, and also one’s ability or inability to survey the dynamics in order to discern the bigger picture from an innocent and innocuous occurrence.

At the end of the day, I want to implore you to take nothing lightly!

Girl initiates the texting?

Assume that she wants to hook up!

Make her prove to you that this isn’t the case [obviously without asking her directly]!

Whenever you’re engaged in texting with a girl, always be aware of hidden agendas and hidden messages to the negative or positive.

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  1. Funny you should post this. I totally missed an opportunity to hook up. I was caught up in my agenda that i forgot to look at the whole picture. Great post!


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