Reader Question: “Why Censorship Now”?

Why do I now censor names and faces in screenshots…particularly of Facebook chat conversations which I take screenshots of in order to illustrate real-world points for you guys?

To be honest, I don’t see why guys make a fuss about censorship material [namely names].

To play devil’s advocate, I do understand why guys are skeptical about material that are completely censored.

It adds an element of “he has something to hide”.

In my case however, I had no qualms with posting screenshot conversations while leaving the girl’s names and faces un-blurred.

I really hated having to waste time uploading screenshot photos to a censoring app in order to mask the girl’s name and face, so I rarely ever did it.

Why have I started to blur shit nowadays?

Three reasons:

1.) To protect the girl’s identity as much as possible (which is a given)

2.) To cover my ass in case the girl happens to stumble upon my blog and see herself in a compromising position and then sees me as a grand asshole…which I have no problem with since I embrace the villainous persona

3.) Trolls & Haters

Of the 3 reasons that I censor names and faces in my text-logs, the third is the most substantial.

A while back, I picked up, seduced and banged an East-Indian chick [living here in the islands] in stunning fashion. So much so that I felt that the pick-up itself was worthy of a lengthy article and breakdown for advisory purposes for my ardent followers. So I took some screenshots of the pickup [through Facebook] and included them in the article.

East-Indian HB

Nothing new there.

Since the screenshots were originally taken from Facebook messenger, it hinted to the fact that the girl and I were likely friends on Facebook…and we were…and still are.

About a day later, some hater of mines and quasi-troll, actually contacted the girl through Facebook and tried to sabotage things between the girl and me. 😡 😦 😡 Since I wasn’t censoring anything at that time, the girl’s full name and profile pic were visibly displayed in the screenshots, giving some weirdo easy access to stalk the hottie and to attempt to fuck me over in the process by blowing cover.

Little did he know, I had already been given the nod of okay from the Indian HB, and she was cool with me posting our text chats to my blog if it meant teaching guys how to connect with women over text [I love when a woman can see the greater cause].

Therefore, the girl was already aware of my post.

However, the troll being oblivious to this and on a mission to wreck my future chances of having sexual relations with this girl, went the extra mile to contact the Indian girl on Facebook to tell her that some guy [Kenny] had written an article about her in a not-so-flattering light.

Now, the girl having already known the deal, shrugged it off.

Upon the realization that the girl wasn’t budging and wasn’t throwing a fit, the troll then decided to net-stalk the girl, sending her crazy messages to her inbox, creeping her the fuck out, posting to her wall [remind you she has a husband], making the girl very uneasy as would’ve been expected. 😯

In the end, the girl remained a good sport in spite of the risks that faced her: the husband discovering that she’s had an affair with some random guy she met through Facebook.

Anyway, so the net-stalking troll had threatened to message her husband and blow the cover on the affair…fortunately for her- he never did succeed.

From that incident, I realized how practical it was to cover my ass, though there’s no risk involved for me…besides an enraged husband trying to kill me for screwing his wife. 😦 😦

All in all, I learned a valuable lesson from that 1 situation. So that is why I take precautionary measures to censor faces and names as much as possible.

Don’t need another troll trying to ruin the work I put in.

What's your view?

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