Saturday Night Field Report – Pulling 2 Chicks On The Streets [night mission]

Last Saturday evening, I went out with 2 goals in mind:

1.) To fuck a pregnant girl


2.) Pick up a teenager…above the legal age of consent that is

Generally, I never make for myself a virtual to-do-list before leaving the house.

I just go into the field and follow the winds.

That night however, I wanted to test myself to see how well I was able to commit to a pick-up goal and actually bring it to fruition.

I hit the streets of the town about 7:20 PM on the prowl for an elusive preggo whom I can potentially seduce to bed.

By 9 PM: that had stalled as I literally couldn’t locate a girl who was seemingly pregnant.

FYI; I have a pregnant-girl fetish. In other words, it gets me massively excited at the thought of fucking a girl who’s bearing a human being inside.

Twisted…I know. 😉

Additional, this is sort of the apex of game IMHO.

Two types of girls are deemed ‘Hard’ to pickup:

1.) Married

2.) Pregnant

I’ve already debunked the “married women are hard to lay” myth since about 40% of the women I slept with over the years, happened to have surveyed as “Married”.

As for preggos, I can recall sleeping with 2 of them in my entire life…all within the last 6 years. So I’ve experienced this however rare it is. But I still find it to be the greatest feat that a man can pull off as far as dating and pickup go.

Anyhow, Saturday night was a dud and I didn’t manage to find myself a preggo to try to shag.

Plan B: “Teen Poon”!

My 2nd objective/goal of the night was to pick up a very-young girl.

Why is this such a big deal for me?

It actually isn’t.

For me, it is sorta like stepping out the box and pushing my comfort level.

I’m into MILF’s, Cougars and women who are older than I am [33]…always been.

Girls who look youngish really don’t excite me in the least. 😦 😯 😦

Therefore, for me to actually and actively pursue the bang of a girl who looks to be under the age of 23, is a fucking headline in and of itself!

In addition to that, I’m not nearly as groomed, looking like a wolf that escaped out the cage- plus I have a few gray whiskers so I wanted to disprove to the naysayers who subscribe to the fallacy that young-hot girls find men with grays to be unattractive and weird.

This challenge or exercise would be interestingly fun!

Not only am I turned off by girls with limited-sexual experience, but I was out to dispel some bullshit.

Ok, so after 9:30 or so, I came across 2 seemingly young lasses at an intersection and I proceeded to kick my seduction program into gear. 😉

After a while, I almost managed to pull. In non-pick-up jargon, “Pull” means to take a girl home…or to merely pick her up in some cases.

These girls were both 18 by the way. Well, the other was 19 while the one I pulled had just turned 18 a few months prior…and yes she provided proof of age.

Anyway, so the 3 of us hung out and screwed around for about 3 hours.

Truth be told: I did not fuck!

That wasn’t quite the mission [to full-close], but merely to prove to certain guys that you can be not-so-young and still pull teen-poon without coming off as a weird-old creeper.

We took lots of pics included makeouts, fondling and so forth.




Caressing my abs

Unfortunately, half of the photos I took weren’t auto-saved…but it is what it is.

The underlying reason for this post- which I never intended to post anyway, which is why I haven’t since Saturday- is to quell any future argument that any e-mailer or subscriber has pertaining to the attraction of younger girls.

Yes you can be 30 or 40+ and still attract girls in their upper teens to mid 20’s.

It is all about your frame and outlook on things.

If you believe that you’re too old and unattractive: you stand no chance!

For crying out loud dude: I’m over 30, graying and balding!

That shit doesn’t stop me from attracting, seducing and shagging girls of varying ages! So your excuses are just bullshit!

Looks don’t matter unless you make them do!

I’ve been preaching that to you weak-framed AFC’s [Average Frustrated Chumps] for the last 5 + years and you guys are still flooding my social-media inboxes crying about your looks!!!

The only how your looks [facial composition] will ever be a handicap and a turnoff, is if you resemble a mangled creature or someone who has terrible-facial scaring due to an accident, fire, birth defect and so on!

Moreover, I’ve yet to come across a man who was that fucking ugly that we can all write him off as a lost cause!

Therefore, if you are ugly, you’re never that ugly that you can’t get laid!

What's your view?

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