Reader Question: “Why Black Girls”?

Great question!

I am often asked by curious folks, primarily viewers of my Youtube uploads, “Why do you exclusively pick up black girls”?

Fair enough question when it’s not coming from trolls but people who are genuinely curious.

I pick up girls of all races and nationalities.

My preference however, are black girls and East-Indian women.

Being a black guy, raised among black girls, quite naturally [and by osmosis], my attraction and preference would’ve likely been for black girls. So I do prefer black girls, just as any Caucasian male would likely prefer white chicks, Arab men would prefer Arab women, etc.

The exceptions are always the interracial daters.

As depicted in the photo below: I’ve had my share of white meat.


Canadian photographer
Italian American

As for East-Indian girls, I have a fetish for them.

Don’t expect me to give a well-worded discourse on why this is so.

I’m guessing that fetishes aren’t as easily explainable neither rational. ❓

East Indian from Britain

Now, here is the other thing: location, location, location.

If you’ve been following my stuff for any time now, you would know that I currently reside in the Eastern Caribbean…where I was born actually [Antigua].

Just by sheer numbers and demographics alone [blacks being the vast majority in the Caribbean islands], there is bound to be a drastic edge towards black girls.

I mean- it is a sheer fucking numbers game.

It’s like being a black guy living in Russia and not expect that his options in women would heavily favor white women since they are the overwhelming majority…by a landslide.

In the Caribbean islands: same dynamics as any predominantly white region [but favoring blacks].

Hence, even if I had a preference for white or Asian women, they are limited in the Caribbean.

Sure the numbers of Chinese immigrants [from nearly a century ago] is vast. But still not big enough for consistent pickup if one were to only sarge Asian women in the Caribbean [and by the pick-up term “Sarge”, I mean to pursue women].

All in all, I am basically working with what I have at my disposal and what is available to me.

If I were in Latvia, I would hunt white tail…though I prefer black tail.

If I were living in Saudi Arabia; Arab ass would be the likely meal on my pickup menu…by sheer demographics and numbers.

It makes no sense to be living in Tokyo, Japan while hunting for white or black chicks.

The numbers just aren’t there to put up a significant enough lay count to even write about.

Therefore, you work with whatever the environment gives you as far as girls go.

My current region gives me sexy-ass black girls; so I wisely take them, opposed to sitting around waiting for my “ideal type”…just to use a reference here!

In closing: 70% of my street pick-ups and lays are centered around black girls, 25% around Latinas, and the remaining 5% consisted of whites and Asians.

The white girls whom I do pick up, almost always happen to be tourists, vacationers, off-shore campus students, drifters and transient types. But I would have to go to touristy spots on island in order to pull white girls…and I find that to be a huge waste of time.

Online however, I pick up a fair amount of white girls as designated bangs for whenever I travel.

When I’m back home in New York City [my 2nd home], I hardly ever game there since I’m only there for a day or 2 then back out the country.

On a final note, some guys seem to believe that I am incapable of gaming white chicks, so that is why I stick to gaming and bedding black girls to whom I’m accustomed.

Well- my many photos and videos slap that argument dead in the face!

Girls are girls.

There is no such thing as white girls are harder, Asian girls are easier, black girls are bitchier, women of this or that region is harder, bla, bla, bla!

Doesn’t exist!

Such fallacious drivel was created and propagated by mental-masturbating losers who haven’t gotten a clue as to what it is to consistently date or to interracial-date.

Guys on the ground like myself who have actual experience in picking up thousands of women, can tell you that there’s no such thing as difficult women by either race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.

On a fundamental level, all women are the same!

Sure there are cultural differences and variants, but those are just the superficial matters and not the core of a woman’s being.


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