They Will Come Back…Eventually…At Least Some Of Them Will

Hey, I want to share with you a neat piece of revelation in relation to the previous lay-report article [well- not so spectacular lay report] where I finally laid a girl after a year of failed attempts.

I hold the belief, based on experience and reality, that once you freeze a girl out properly and enough [at the precise moments], she will come back, chase and want to hook up.

Last night’s situation was a clear case of this revelation coming to pass time after time.

When you freeze a girl out effectively, she will come crawling back on her knees [figuratively]…eventually.

With this girl in particular, I recall picking her up about a year ago, tried fucking her as expected, but she kept flaking on me and hitting me with all sorts of bullshit reasons why we couldn’t meet up.

Realizing that nothing was going to change and that this chick was just inclined to playing head-games, I decided to freeze her out the hard way by deleting her completely from everything [Facebook, Whatsapp, etc].

Now, remind you; this was NOT done out of butt-hurt, nor did I bitch and moan to the girl about my intention.

I simply let her know that I’m a real man and I don’t have time for the games.

That’s it!

Months later, she sends me a text wanting to chat/text I guess.

Quite naturally, I engaged her but kept to business: hanging out.

She kept giving me flaky answers so I froze her out again for some months.

This went on for an entire year.

I would freeze her out for some months, not contacting her at all, then I would get a random message from her saying, “Hi”.

I would ignore it then reply a day or 2 later.

Last night however, probably really wanting to hook up after all, she asks me to come over…which in translation means “Let’s fuck”…albeit it was after 11 PM!

The take-away lesson here is pretty simple: if a girl gets flaky, cut her off and allow her to chase you.

In essence, you’re punishing her by withdrawing your time via text or whichever means.

If she was ever into you at all, she will eventually come back- whether 3 days down the line, 3 months down the line, a year or 3 years down the line- she will come back.

Now, let me make this crystal clear: I am NOT advocating for you to sit around and wait on this 1 girl to contact you again.

That would be very stupid.

In my case for instance, this chick was a memory, relegated to the junk bin of my thoughts.

I didn’t sit around waiting on her to chase me and want to meet up!

I was gaming and hooking up with other chicks over the course of a year that this chick decided to perpetuate the head-games and flakiness!

Thus, whenever I utilize freeze-out tactics [almost always passively], it is naturally in conjunction with the fact that I’m texting, dating, seeing and screwing other women.

Therefore, once you have options, the girls who aren’t playing fair will almost always become a faded memory.

Moreover, once a girl realizes that you have options and you don’t give too much of a fucks about her, something on the inside will go “Click- this guy is high valued”- then she begins to chase, wanting to get a piece of the action!

It is only when you would have demonstrated the following 3 factors that flaky girls will come back wanting to hook up instantly:

Step 1.) You freeze her out totally

Step 2.) You show her that you have options simply by not contacting her att all [step 1]

Step 3.) Not chasing her

However, you cannot get a flaky girl to come around to wanting to hook up by continually chasing her and rewarding her for bad behavior.

She needs to be punished by you withdrawing your niceties, texts and all communications.

Remember- don’t sit around waiting for her to come back or text back, or else your own anxiousness will get the best of you and the jig will have been up!

As long as you have other options in women to text, the occasional flaker will seem insignificant.

You may want to read about how I deal with this:

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  1. Great stuff as usual. I might have done this unintentionally, but there was a girl I tried to lay in 2013. Lo and behold, I couldn’t get an erection and she never spoke to me much after that. So feck it, I deleted her contact details but I didn’t remove her from Facebook. After seeing me a new girl this year in March, she inboxed me totally out the blue and wanted to fuck. I was like “What!?” Haha, needless to say, I did slay.


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