Sunday Night Lay Report: Couldn’t Maintain A Hard-On

Where do I even start.

Let me quote the status I posted to Facebook last night.

Just ‘Almost’ full-closed a chick whom I’ve been trying to close for the last year…yes- I did indeed say a whole year.

Guess what happened? I couldn’t maintain an erection. I attribute this to a combination of 2 factors:

1.) I just had sex last night which expended a drum load of ejaculate leaving me empty…nearly.

2.) Anticipation and performance anxiety from finally being able to pin this chick down after 12 months of push-pull, flakes, hard-to-get games,  fallouts, delete and re-add to Facebook, etc.

Finally getting a shot to punish this chick for 12 months of shit and the man downstairs couldn’t stay erect for 2 full minutes.

Am I embarrassed? No. I’m more shocked than anything else. This has happened to me a few times over the last few years [this is fairly normal for men]. But never really with a chick whom I am so sexually charged up about.

This sort of shit happens with girls who don’t really excite me much. But man oh man; I am still so shocked [not embarrassed] as I am currently on the road heading home.

An hour and a half of trying to maintain an erection, while only having about 4 minutes top of actual penetration.

Fuck it! There’s always another night.

That status was posted to Facebook as I left the girl’s place around 1 AM Monday morning.

Anyway, so that was the situation.

As I mentioned above, there were 2 factors which could’ve been the culprits for my sucky performance.

1.) Sex Saturday night

2.) Anticipatory anxiety

As for point #1 [sex the night before], since I had sex the night before, I had expended a huge amount of semen [a week’s worth] which left my tank dry…though semen is produced by the millions per minute…but that’s besides the point.

With that being the case, if you’re used to getting laid on a regular basis, there will arise cases where your sex drive/libido wanes from the lack of stimulation [or over stimulation].

It is quite simple: repetitiveness kills drive.

Hence, if you’re a guy like me who’s having sex with new girls on a daily to weekly basis: Sex Becomes Old!

I call this the catch 22 of becoming good with women. 😉

It becomes repetitive and its savor dies.

Conversely, had I not have sex in a while [let’s say weeks or months prior], not only would I have been a horny-little dog, but because of sex-depravity, gaining an instant erection would not have been an issue…[though premature ejaculation would’ve been likely…which is another caveat and a catch].

Therefore, since sex is a norm for me, I believe what took place last night was a product of just that: low stimulation because I had sex the night before.

In addition to that, what could’ve also accounted for my poor-ass performance was my current state of affair.

Shit- when the chick contacted me on IMO Messenger and video chat, it was about 10:20 PM and I was already in bed- in shut-down mode physiologically.

In other words; my body was prepared for sleep…though I usually stay up until 3-5 AM almost every morning editing pick-up videos…which could’ve contributed to my erectile issue due to lack of sleep/rest.

Anyway, so when the HB contacted me around 10:30, I was in bed watching some RSD Max videos on Youtube. 😆 😆

Here are the actual screenshots with time stamps.





Basically- it was late and I was totally not thinking of sex and I was already in bed for that matter.

When you look at it from that angle; I was not in the head space for sex.

Secondly, “Anticipatory Anxiety” is another factor that could plague you here.

With this girl, I’ve been hoping to lay her for an entire year. This kept falling through because of flakes, head-games and the usual games women play.

When the time finally came- last night- which caught me totally off guard, it was a recipe for disaster.

By the way, it didn’t just happen like that. We had a normal non-flirty conversation prior to her wanting me to come over.

In fact, this girl and I haven’t even spoken in like 5 months! 😯

I totally deleted her number from my phone and everything.

At the end of the day, these small bouts of erectile dysfunctions are common and they happen to the best of us.

If this does happens to you- and it will- try not to feel embarrassed about it to the point that you beat yourself up.

Remember: the more you show the girl that you care, the less valuable she perceives you to be.

As I decided to call it a day and put my clothes back on, the most I expressed to the girl was that it probably was the beers I drank but there’s always another night.

That’s it!

No apologies, no shame-faced, no tears, no fright, etc.

On that note: I’ll keep you guys posted.

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