Some Guys Simply Don’t Get It

Upon posting my previous post/status to Facebook about the secret society of pickup, I received a number of inbox messages from fellow PUA’s [mainly newbies and inexperienced guys] such as the following:



Now, part of me really gets annoyed whenever I’m challenged by guys who have no clue of what attraction is and how it works.

This guy- like many others- holds the view that pick-up should remain classified.

For all intents and purposes: it is!

Whether I like it or not: pick-up will NEVER go mainstream, nor will it ever be accepted by the mainstream- male or female- as a viable tool in dating.

Therefore, there’s no way that pickup could become overexposed and subsequently loses its savor and dies out.

Furthermore, there are those who believe that if pickup gets talked about, women will be on guard against the man-whoring seducer and all will have failed.


As the leading PUA in online-dating and getting laid through Facebook [moi] , I am definitively qualified to say that girls finding out about pickup will NOT ruin a PUA’s chances whatsoever!

Contrarily, it will actually increases his chances of attracting girls and getting laid…whether through online media or through hand-to-hand combat (i.e. street and club game).

This is classic pre-selection theory once used correctly.

This’ why I post my pick-up related content to my personal Facebook, ensuring that girls see that I’m an assholish, rebellious, womanizing chap.

Whenever I pick up a girl during day game or anywhere outside of the internet, I immediately add her on Facebook, knowing that my postings/statuses will indirectly attract her even more.

Hence, my statuses work as my de-facto wingman in aiding me to get laid. So the false view that pickup hurts your chances once exposed, is a fat misconception.

Therefore, there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

There’s no cover to be blown!

The more you hide what you do [pickup], the more creepy you’ll come off as the “hidden agenda” seeps through your pores like a saturated sponge.

Every girl whom I add on Facebook gets quickly acquainted with my man-whoring persona.

It’s like “BAM”! Right in her face!

I’ve yet to have a chick un-friend me upon the revelation and realization that I utilize seduction tactics to get laid.

However, I’ve dealt with and fixed lots of cases involving guys who were blocked and un-friended [unskilled PUA’s] by girls for double-timing them and misleading them.

Seventy percent of my social-media posts can be rightfully miss-classified as sexist.

Ninety-five percent of my posts consist of things which most guys would see as a NO NO…me making out with random girls, in bed with women, picking up girls on the streets, etc, etc, etc!

Hence, there is zero ambiguity about my pick-up tendencies and lifestyle.

I don’t hide it from women on the internet nor outside of cyberspace. And without blowing my own horn: I am the undisputed king of getting laid from Facebook.

The connection is very simple: Women are attracted to men who are self-expressive.

It is akin to what RSD [Real Social Dynamics], the pick-up company, teaches…which is to “Be un-stifled”.

The more you hide what you’re about, the more women will punish you upon the discovery of your seedy-little tactics.

Thus, it is the wiser approach to put it out there [that you’re into women] via social-media postings for example.

Additionally- here is the hidden beauty to silence any critic of such an approach.

Note: women do NOT and CANNOT process nor see pick-up tactics even when they are staring them in their face [negs, pre-selection, freeze outs, push-pull, etc]!

Look- 70% of my pickups, online or outside the internet, consist of the girl thinking that, and assuming that I’m using some sort of tactics/game to get into her pants…or merely to get her phone number.

In spite of this ‘Hunch’: 95% of them still allow themselves to be picked up, i.e. cough up their number.

Saying that to say- even if a girl knows or perceives to herself that you’re using some sort of tactics on her, or that you’re a member of some shadow organization dedicated to getting laid- it still won’t deter her from partaking in the process of the seduction…albeit she’s attracted to and by your vibe, energy and skill set.

Furthermore, It’s impossible for me to count the amount of times I’d taken a girl to bed (via pick-up tactics) while vehemently promising to me that “my tactics” would and could never work on a girl like her. 😈

Therefore, girls don’t even see tactics when they’re coming at them.

Why so?

A girl’s idea of “pickup tactics” are what?

“Pickup Lines”! 😆 😦

The moment a girl hears “pickup artist”, she thinks “pickup lines”. So she’s expecting slick pickup lines to come her way.

However, most people outside of pickup, aren’t even aware that PUA’s are adamantly against the use of pickup lines…the cheesy ones you hear in sitcoms or come across on Youtube prank videos.

Pick-Up Artists do NOT use (stereotypical) pickup lines…EVER!

We view them as cheesy, lame and highly unproductive!

A woman expects pickup lines whenever I proceed to chat her up.

Little does the girl know, I’m picking her up without pick up lines and seducing her without fanciful words.

In conclusion: fear not guys!

Stop acting like little-fucking chodes afraid of being exposed as the sex-loving beings you are!

No amount of pick-up blogs will ever over-expose the craft. Just as posting pick-up related material to Facebook won’t kill your chances with women, nor will it put women on the defensive.

2 thoughts on “Some Guys Simply Don’t Get It

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  1. This is great! It’s because us Afrikan men r expressive and those influenced by wite society want to destroy and suppress da Afrikan expression of our culture!
    We Afrikan men are naturally expressive! That’s why most of our brothers do well with women. Most wite people are afraid of natural expression.
    This is not a race debate issu but I want to explain culturally the difference that those who know who they are can be themselves with pride – like true man that we are! Your great Kenny! I’ll keep intuned!

    Liked by 1 person

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