Notice From The Secret Society


The way in which I run my personal Facebook account [of which I only have 1] is sorta uniquely baffling.

I use 1 account for everything…meaning; I post my pick-up related contents to my personal Facebook unlike most PUA’s.

The vast majority of guys in pickup- from newbie level to guru- have an account exclusively for pickup, and an account for personal usage.

I find that to be a gross waste of my time, hence I keep everything in 1 place.

Now, the dilemma is this: I often receive inbox messages and even comments on my posts and statuses, from personal friends who have no clue about pickup, asking me:

“What is the stuff that you always post about”?

“What is seduction”?

“What is pickup”?

“What is up with those coded languages and terms you use that I’m unable to find on any acronym list”?

Quite frankly: I even get such messages from readers of this blog who happen to stumbled upon this site through google searches about dating and sex:

“What is all this pick-up stuff you write about…and why is it so different than what is taught in mainstream”?

Hence, yesterday I posted the following notice as a status updated to my Facebook in order to make sense of the stuff I post to those who are on the outside of this community.


In case you didn’t know; I’m a veteran member of a secret society of men called the seduction/pickup community of pick-up artists (PUA’s), an underground community of pimps, players, macks, dons, ladies men and man-whores with 1 main objective: to sleep with as many women as humanly possible while sharing those experiences, skills and knowledge of The Game with other members and non-members who desire to get a grasp on their dating and sex life. 75% of my associates and Facebook contacts are fellow members and subscribers to this secret society of men. Some members of this secret society of man-whores prefer not to be labeled “pickup artists [PUA’s], hence newer terms as seductionists, seducers and day-gamers. As a veteran member of this secret society of players, I encourage every practitioner of the art of seduction to make this a productive Friday by hitting the streets to execute the program, and hopefully cap off the day with a new girl in bed.


Surely that was written with an amplified and exaggerated feel to it. But it pretty much sums up what I’m about and the method behind the madness of this weblog and my Facebook postings.

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