“Go From Date To Sex” [35 minute footage of full date to sex]

Long-awaited video from April is now live.

In this video, I share with you 11 crucial yet simplistic tips on how to structure sex after the date.

Most guys foolishly and inadvertently set up their dates for no sex.

Check it out.

2 thoughts on ““Go From Date To Sex” [35 minute footage of full date to sex]

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  1. Five stars! Love it! Including the Caribbean vibe with kind of Reggae music played everywhere. 😉

    Sure, some technical imperfections in the recording, but guys, honestly, it doesn’t matter.

    The more interesting question seems me to be how it comes that the theoretical lessons Kenny summerizes in the conclusion are good but not mindblowing from my perspective.

    Whereas bad mood and confrontative/ bitchy behavior of a girl towards you AFTER you already had pulled her, might be one of the top reasons for sex deprivation in men’s life. Or was it just me??? lol

    More than 10 years I was thinking I may suck on a personal level with women and almost another 10 years I was thinking my game sucks. But both beliefs were not true…(at least not completely lol). Girls just are fucking drama queens. My game was great till the point I started to doubt myself, her and the situation. Getting angry, disappointed, confrontational, turned-off. Losing approximately a “billion” decent girls this way.. 😦

    And nobody told me that nothing is wrong with me and my game and that girls just naturally do behave that way.

    This is the number one theoretical AND practical lesson I draw from stuff like this. 🙂


    1. Thanks bro. For those who love Reggae, the weekends are bustling with tranquile Reggae all over the towns.
      As for the audio challenges, I’m glad that you pointed out the importance anyway. That’s why I added the sub-notes to give guys the proper lessons to take note of.
      And it’s funny you raised a great point about perception. Little did you, I or any other man know, our game could’ve been decent all along, but it looks sucky because of the drama women bring to the table.


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