The Takeover Of The Bearded Pick-Up Artist

Socialkenny aka Kenny PUA

There has been a grand shift within the seduction world over the last 2 years in particular, where most instructors- top-level instructors- have been sporting the bearded and facial-hair look.

This is a far cry from years back where every PUA, from the top to the bottom level, was encouraged to be “Well-Groomed” or clean shaved.

Somehow, it was taught, thought or believed that a clean-shaven look was seen as more attractive and sexy to women.

Boy were we fucking wrong.

Over the years after doing some intensive research, we’ve now discovered that sexually available women prefer men with facial hair.

As with every other deep aspect of seduction, this goes back to the human history and evolution of mankind.

Before there existed modern-shaving and grooming tools, men were pretty much scruffy and bearded as a man should be.

Also, men were obviously still getting laid thousands of centuries ago since we are living proof as progeny of those men who were getting laid in those times.

Therefore, at no time in history was the guy with facial hair not getting laid, and not seen as an attractive man.

Hollywood, the fashion-magazine industry and the feminized-western media however, managed to shift the opinions of both men and women, where the bearded guy with facial hair was now deemed un-datable.

Virtually every guy living in the Western Hemisphere ate up this propaganda: hook, line and fucking sinker!

Thus, from its inception, the pick-up world was also duped by the media and pop-culture, into propagating the “you must be clean-shaved in order to game women and get laid” message.

Little did the PUA gurus at that time knew [since the community was so young as it still is]: this was ass-backwards and was NOT supported by neither evolution, history, facts nor women themselves.

As I mentioned in an article years ago, Paul Janka was actually the 1st top-tier guy in the seduction world to don the bearded and facial-hair look.

People thought he was nuts and was an abomination to pick-up lifestyle management.

Years later, virtually every top-tier pick-up coach is now wearing a beard, full sideburns and or looking like Michael J Fox’s character in the 1985 film, Teen Wolf.


What we’ve come to realize, coupled with the fact that women see facial hair on a guy as manly and manlier, is that one’s ability to connect with women greatly outweighs his facial composition…i.e. looks.

Since looks don’t matter but a drop of water in the bucket, the guy who resembles something that just crawled out of a cave [unshaven], is still a viable fuck-option for women.

Additionally, why women are so much more drawn and attracted to guys with the rough and scruff look [facial hair]- apart from the human-evolutionary aspect- is the bad-boy appeal and the rebel persona.

Facial hair just makes a guy look more edgy, rough, dangerous and rebellious!

Now, if you’ve been programmed and dumbed-down by women and the western media, you will have held the belief that women are repelled and repulsed by guys who look “dangerous”.

The reality is: since deep within every damsel therein lies a rebellious-little girl who has been forced to take refuge within, whenever she comes across a guy who harbors a rebel appeal about himself, she immediately gets a rush of excitement.

She can finally free the little-rebellious slut within herself.

An edgy guy who looks somewhat dangerous, will inspire hot girls to liberate themselves from their inhibitions.

Hence, the bearded guy is deemed more attractive on a fundamental level while the clean-shaved guy is only scratching the surface.

Before I bring this post to its closure, I just want to backtrack a bit and talk about the historic man.

Back in the days- centuries ago- , tens of hundreds of thousands of years ago in fact, when the pre-historic Alpha-Male roamed the land, the only males around who didn’t have facial hair were the pre-pubescent boys whom weren’t deemed attractive by the female members of the tribe since they [boys] had no way to produce offspring because of the lack of semen production in their bodies at such tender age.

The men of the tribe [bearded] were the only ones physiologically capable to breed the females of the tribe…quite naturally.

Where am I going with this?

Nothing has changed!

The modern girl is still the same on a core, instinctual and innate level as the pre-historic cave woman.

To the prehistoric woman: looks didn’t matter as far as the guy’s facial structure and proportions!

When I tell guys that “looks don’t matter”, they immediately get all riled-up and cite all the personal data they have collected over the years to the contrary: that looks do matter.

What they fail to realize is that the women of today are still the same as the woman of yesterday.

Looks didn’t matter then: they don’t matter now!

Women are attracted to the rougher look, as the cave woman of yesterday only wanted to mate with the rougher-looking guy…the Alpha-Males…the male with the battle scars, tested on the ground and well-learned.

Guys like Brad Pitt should be applauded for going against the odds of what society [and Hollywood] considers normal, attractive and sexy.


We shouldn’t allow the western media to continue to dictate and subliminally program us into backward and effeminate perceptions as to what manhood and manliness are.

A man is supposed to look dominant, strong, rough, rugged and untamed.

Movements such as Feminism, and those who cling to such ideologies, have managed to emasculate men in a great way, by corrupting their idea of what a man should be.

Hence, the revolution and resurgence of “Real Men”- bearded men with facial hair- make me proud. And I’m even more elated that more guys in pickup are beginning to wake up to the inherent power of attraction which lies within the natural makeup of a man…such as wearing facial hair.

I came across a photo last night on my Facebook feed of Owen Cook, better known as RSD Tyler, the leading PUA guru over the last 5 years, and he’s been doubling down on the caveman look like no one else in the community. 🙂


Hopefully, this isn’t just a fad as a few have been suggesting.

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