Girl Tries To Pull A “Friend-Zone” Trick On Me Pt. III [saga continues and ends]

If you haven’t read the previous-two articles: make sure to do so in order to get a clearer understanding of the picture here of an attempted seduction gone awry.

The last and final round and rant by the cunty girl who disingenuously tried to friend-zone me, took place on FB Messenger.

She goes into a whole tirade about what she doesn’t like about me, and how much she appreciates her boyfriend, etc…after the fact that she were to spend an entire weekend at my place.

Check out the screenshots.



The infamous spoiled-zipper post




There are few lessons here, but most importantly:

*Women with boyfriends will attempt to cheat.

Also, with all the things she lists about why she doesn’t like me, those were actually the things which attracted her in the 1st place [my ballsy FB

This also points to how and why most hot girls are attracted to bad-boy types and guys who are bold and ballsy in their expressions.

In addition to that, if she really harbored all these negative feelings about me; why want to remain Facebook friends?

My Facebook postings are made specifically for that purpose: to attract women through drama, shock-value and outlandish declarations and opinions.

This was just 1 of those cases where the girl was so beside herself, she didn’t quite know how to process her feelings for me.

On a final note, if you notice from 1 of her screenshots, she ranted on about how I violated her, her relationship and her boyfriend, by wanting to sleep with her…as in the same bed. 😆

I mean- where is the respect when she had planned to shack up with me for an entire weekend behind her boyfriend’s back?

Chick logics.

Lastly, you will have realized that I hardly responded to her Messenger messages [only once].

That is the model in which you want to follow when it comes to frame battles over text.

Reply sparingly and allow the girl to rant.

Her text count should outweigh yours, particularly in the post-attraction phases where and when the girl would’ve already been into you.

If a girl likes you: she will and should text more than you do as far as her messages being longer than yours in length.

Before the girl has reached the point of liking you, you as the guy will naturally have to text more.

I’ll speak about this in a subsequent article.


2 thoughts on “Girl Tries To Pull A “Friend-Zone” Trick On Me Pt. III [saga continues and ends]

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  1. Lol well then damn, the part where she mentions violation cracked me the feck up. Let me add you on facebook since your twitter is bust. Lol, damn!


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