Girl Tries To Pull A “Friend-Zone” Trick On Me Pt. I

Check out this text exchange I had a day ago with a girl whom I’d picked up a few weeks ago on Facebook.

Now, the thing is, she’s supposed to stay by my apartment for the entire weekend coming [next weekend].

We had already arranged this about a week ago.

She mentioned before that if she comes, we won’t sleep in the same bed…I’d basically have to grab the couch or the floor.

I mean- that part didn’t annoy me as much. What really made me chuckle is that this chick actually thinks she’s gonna friend-zone me…or that she had.

Really!? 😯

I guess she doesn’t know I’m a master PUA and I don’t do the friend-zone thing.

How dare her!

She actually thinks she’s gonna come stay with me for the weekend as friends…to get to know each other?

I mean- am I that big of a tool?

Now, I know I can have her still come by next weekend with her preconceived notions that I should sleep in another bed or room, and that she had friendzoned me, and I can still manage to get into bed and try to fuck her.

However, I had done this before (years earlier) and the girl never let me fuck her so I end up kicking her out my place.

Hence, I don’t want to risk that happening again then have to kick this bitch out next weekend.

Anyway, I pretty much handled this without much frame battling.

It makes no sense arguing with a woman who doesn’t understand protocol and respect.

I let her know clearly that I don’t do friend-zone. But take note of her responses: very long texts, annoyance and so forth.

The point I’m trying to make is this; have boundaries and don’t let women cross them indiscriminately.

I know for sure this chick will hit me up tomorrow or so and eventually get on board. I just had to make it clear to her where I stand and I won’t budge just because she has a vagina.

You’re not gonna come by me for an entire weekend and think we’re gonna spend that time getting to know each other when we’d practically done that over the last 3 weeks.

Plus this chick seems to be getting way ahead of herself as if I’m looking to date her or something…not to mention she has a boyfriend.

At the end of the day, you have to show women that you’re willing to walk and turn them down if your needs and expectations aren’t met.

Women do this to men all the time and men rarely ever stick to their guns/positions once a girl promises him friendship.

Well- Kenny has a no-friend-zone policy.

Any chick who dare to think that she could have me as some friend, dangling the promise of vagina in front of my eyes, is gravely mistaken.

Check out the screenshots and note how my responses were brief while she rambled…which shows how much she’s invested while I’m playing it cool [my texts in green…hers in white].





By the way: this definitely was called off [she staying by me next weekend].

Stay tuned for part II and III of this saga.

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