A Crazy Thing Women Say

Arguably the most ridiculous thing a chick ever said to me EVER: while chatting to a chick last night at the bar who flaked on me twice prior, this is what she said to me:

Me: “You are the worst excuse maker in the world. Listen, if you didn’t want to see me, you could’ve said that. It’s not like I was gonna cry or something if you didn’t want to go out with me.

Girl: “Well Kenny, you’re the type of guy who expects me to actually stick to my word”.

You damn fucking right girl!

Of course I expect you to keep your word!

If you agree to meet up with me, why would I not expect you to follow through!?

Which guy wouldn’t expect a girl to keep her word as far as a meet-up or date goes?

This only goes to illustrate and prove the fickle and flippant fame/mindset of women…and why no man should ever easily trust anything a girl says due to her innate indecision when it comes to plans and so forth.

The reality is; what a girl says right now and in the moment, she is liable to go back on it an hour later and not see a thing wrong with that…even if it means screwing over someone else in the process (i.e. the person they made plans with).

Honestly speaking; I never hold women to their word because I know how flaky they are.

If a girl agrees to meet up with me at a bar, lounge, food joint, etc. while hoping she would show up, Im always 70% doubtful that she will…hence I manage my expectation differently by leaving a room for disappointment.

If the girl doesn’t show up; I’m not at all surprised.

With this girl from last night however, she did finally show up after standing me up 2 occasions prior. But how fucked in the head are women for saying shit like, “when I make plans with a guy, I’m not expecting that he would expect me to keep my word”.

On a deeper level, this is all psychological and I get why women flake and I expect girls to flake at least twice. So I’m not being naive here to how women operate. Just that this girl’s comment at the bar last night was like a Mack truck hitting me at full speed.

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  1. Haha, fully agree Kenny. Yes, women are kind of flaky. lol On the other hand, I have this little theory that men who are flinching during the course of the interaction or (on the other side of the spectrum) men who need to force themselves to hold a good eye contact are perceived by women as kind of flaky too. So “flinching” may equal “flaking”. “Flinching” meant in the sense of failing to send strong honest signals. Just my impression, so far. 😉


    1. Great analogy Matt. I never actually looked at it that way as you defined it when it comes to EC. That’s a very powerful assessment bro. Why would it not be views as flaky that a guy cannot hold eye contact? Perhaps it is viewed as flaky by women. I may have to write about this new revelation that you just revealed to me 🙂


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