“How Come You Don’t React Negatively When A Girl Rejects you”?

Upon posting my latest video yesterday, I received an e-mail from a subscriber asking about rejections.

Specifically, he was referring to various points [2 points] in the video where the girl sorta pulled her hand away after I held it for a bit.

Surely in my book this isn’t a rejection whatsoever.

For argument sake: we’ll look at it as a rejection [the girl withdrawing her hand].

Why didn’t I, and don’t I, react negatively to this? Simply because it isn’t a rejection.

Whenever a girl pulls away from me or withdraw her hands, etc. I find it a humorous event, hence I chuckle about it and usually jokingly comment about it.

For instance, around the 4:43 mark of the infield video, I held the girl hand and she pulled away while saying, “You need to stop holding my hand”.

What did I say to that?

“Oh- I guess you don’t want your BF to see us holding hands. He’s gonna kill you and kill me…and everybody’s gonna be dead”.

I said that jokingly with humor as she laughed about it too.

That’s how you handle a so-called rejection against an attempted KINO move [an attempt to touch the girl].

In addition to that, you should realize the hidden beauty and hidden agenda as to why I attempt to touch, and why most PUA coaches feel the same way.

It isn’t about whether you’re successful at getting physical with the girl.

The attempt alone is what counts!

Whether she rejects your attempt to touch her doesn’t fucking matter!

You only want to establish from the gate that you’re the type of guy who is willing to make bold fucking move!

That is what counts!

Hence, it doesn’t matter if the girl removes your arm from around her shoulders, recoils herself, pulls her hand back when you take it, etc.

Therefore, whenever I make a move physically on a girl, it isn’t in hopes to be flawless nor to have the move accepted without a hiccup.

I expect to have my hand swatted away or something like that, because I know ahead of time that the only thing that matters is the ‘Attempt’ to make a move on her, and NOT whether I successfully manage to make the move.

Saying all that to say: even during the video where the girl pulled aways twice as I held her hand, it didn’t stop her from coming with me to grab a drink and snack. Nor did it stop her from coming back to my place.

Therefore, if and when a girl rejects my moves on her [even an attempted kiss], I know it isn’t game over at all. I know to myself that I’m only trying to demonstrate to the girl that I’m the kinda guy who is willing to go for it and risk rejection.

Doing so will not only impress the girl, but will often arouse her in some way sexually. So- don’t fear so-called rejection!

2 thoughts on ““How Come You Don’t React Negatively When A Girl Rejects you”?

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  1. Kenny, since you are so knowledgeable about all this, I request you to write an article on humor, its importance and other details.

    P. S I am long time silent fan, reader of your blog


    1. Thanks Despair. I appreciate all my secret fans. 🙂 And thanks for recommending I write an article on humor…and it is super important in connecting with women. I’ll keep you posted


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