PUA Field Report: Hooked Up With My 1st British Girl For The Year

A great portion of my lays during my pick-up tenure come by way of British girls.

For the year however, I haven’t been as fortunate to come across a fair share of Brits.

Earlier in the year, I picked up a British chick from Leicester, England but never got to seal the deal because of her sudden departure.

Before she left, we were supposed to hook up- under the guise of “meeting up” 😈 – at her mother’s place, hence the logistical information in the following screenshots from a recent convo we had over Facebook.

Anyway, some weeks ago, hadn’t already forgotten about her since she departed, something told me to message this chick on Facebook just to say hi…so I did.

To my surprise: she was on island. 🙂

I got straight to work, resuming from where we left off in January, 2015.

The following Facebook Messenger screenshots- though disjointed- says it all.






After getting lost a couple times I managed to find her place.

The night culminated with some action. 😉

All in all guys: you don’t have to take a chick out on a date to get laid.

There are some cases where a so-called date is a given. But there are lots of cases which don’t call for date.

It comes down to your ability to persuade/influence and to make a woman feel comfortable with your vibe…and to use subtle cues which women lay out there for you to capitalize off of.

The reason why women will rarely tell you to come to their place is the lack of comfort factor.

Some guys just do a good job at weirding chicks out.

Bear in mind that over 65% of the girls I slept with, either came to my place [hotel] or they invited me to theirs.

This takes tremendous amount of trust/comfort and persuasive vibe to get the bulk of your lays outside of the traditional-dating realm.

I’ll speak more about this in a future post.


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