Example Of How To Not Pick Up Girls Online

I thought this was really funny in a twisted way so I decided to make a quick post about it.

A personal friend of mines on Facebook granted me consent to take the following 2 screenshots in order to make a point here of how not to pick up girls on Facebook…or online for that matter.

Here goes nothing.

That is how to get rejected instantly!

Is this the only guy guilty of such buffoonery?

Of course not.

We’ve all been there. Shit- I’d been there too. 😦 🙂

You come across a girl whom you like for whatever reason and you get beside yourself.

If you read my post the other day where I talked about “Please” being the # killer of attraction when dealing with women, well that was the case with the Jesus guy in the screenshot where he sealed his own coffin by adding the word “please” to his otherwise okay attempt at going for a phone number.

However, he also made a stupid blunder by trying to get a girl’s phone number in public…in other words, on an FB post in the comment section.

That is an awful mistake I see lots of guys make.

You don’t ask a chick online for her phone number where others can see.

Take that shit to the ‘Inbox’ bro!

Putting girls on the spot like that isn’t a wise move but a move that will sink your ship ASAP!


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