Stealing A Girl’s Heart With A Kiss

“Stealing Girl’s Hearts Like A Thief In The Night”.

I met up with a chick last night for the first time since picking her up recently.

Since she was on her menstruation, sex in my estimation was off the table…though had I been sexual frustrated enough, I would have shagged this girl in spite of her period.

Be as it may, I decided to not pursue sex last night.

In turn, I left her with a mind-blowing kiss for good measures.

Her Whatsapp texts in white. Mines in green.

The effects of me kissing her was well noted from her text messages.

When you get good at seducing
women, making them fall in love by a simple kiss, will have been something tangible and a reality.

On that note, I was asked earlier by a fellow pick-up artist, “What makes this kiss so powerful”?

My answer was simple: Timing!

That’s all.

Good timing.

The risk element also in that the chick has a BF and the place in which we met up, he BF usually frequents there. So that added to and heightened the

Look man, a great kiss that makes a
woman dream about you, isn’t the kiss itself…meaning it is how you kiss her, tongue action and so forth.

It is everything else surrounding the kiss.

The aura.

The elements.

Is there people around? Is she married and are engaging in a forbidden act?

Is she forbidden fruit?

The time of day, the location, etc. all play a significant role.

It is NEVER about the actual kiss just as it’s never about the act of sex that gets a girl sprung. But the drama and tension that surround it which actually get the girl infatuated.

I preach this a lot around here.

It’s all about the subtle theatrics you create surrounding a make out or whichever aspects of seduction.

The atmosphere must be right. And by “right”, I don’t necessarily mean romantic.

However, in order to get a girl to fall in love with you from the 1st or 2nd meeting, you have to treat the meet-up as an escapade or some risky adventure that you’re taking her on.

Bear in mind that on a normal day, a woman’s agenda is filled with nothing but monotonous activities such as work, cooking and watching movies.

There’s no novel stimulation whatsoever.

When you can give her that novel rush of excitement, she will quickly become attached and equate that feeling to love or being in love.

With the girl in question whom I’d met up with last night, she fell madly infatuated with me due to what she misinterprets to be the kiss.

It wasn’t the kiss!

In fact, the kiss itself was shitty!

However, the risk factor and the adventurous elements involved [other people around, etc.], were the more important elements.

With that being said, if you want a new girl to fall for you HARD, it is important that you incorporate the girl into a quasi soap opera where she feels as though she’s a co-protagonist in your movie.

Give her that adventure she craves!

[Her Whatsapp texts in white. Mines in green].

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