Ignoring A Girl’s Texts As A Way To Raise Your Stock In Her Eyes

In keeping with the previous 3 posts, I want to expound exclusively on a strategic concept in game that is super powerful when utilized correctly.

Ignoring a girl’s texts messages or phone calls isn’t just crafty and sinister but effective when timing is opportune. 😈

Before I delve into this any deeper, I want to firstly say that chicks are notorious for engaging in such activities, ignoring guy’s texts just because they can.

However, it gets even deeper and sinister with your average Jane.

Women not only willfully ignore guy’s texts and calls because they can, but they also do this in order to gain power in the interaction, leverage over the guy and a subtle upper-hand.

Now, here is where it really gets fucked-up: women purposely ignore guy’s messages in order to boost their egos and self-esteem.

It’s really a power play…and women are great at this game.

We’ve all heard stories and cases where girls would show their texts and missed calls to other girls in a show of “who has the most guys chasing them”.

It’s a lot of chest-bumping when chicks congregate with their BFF’s and besties.

It becomes a contest of “which girl is ignoring and stringing along the most guys”. 😦 😦

A sad fucking reality to say the least where men are proverbially treated like disposable paper and laughingstock at a roast fest.

Welcome to the not-so-pretty world of texting. 🙂

Now, if you’ve been following me for any time now, you will have known that I am a strong proponent of giving women a dose of their own medicine.

Whenever I say this, I usually receive tons of backlash from men out of everyone, branding me a douchy advocate of head games and trickery.

I take such criticisms like a man.

However, it just goes to highlight how deeply ignorant men are of what ultimately attracts a liberal amount of poon into bed.

Be as it may, in order to tip the scales in your favor as the guy in the equation [for example: texting back and forth], you will have to do unto women what they do unto you.

Women look at everything and every dealing they have with every man as a strategic-power struggle.

She will actively and slyly seek to gain the upper-hand if she doesn’t already have it.

She will look to check-mate and 1-up every move the guy makes in order to come out as the victor in a battle which she instigates to begin with.

Prime example: out of nowhere ignoring a guy’s text messages or Facebook inbox messages in order to see how much he will chase her.

The more he chases (without a strategy), the faster his chances tank.

She uses the strategy of ignoring a guy’s messages as a way to test the guy’s resolve [to see whether he’s a needy pest or guy who doesn’t give 2 fucks], and also to cause him to DLV himself [Demonstrate Lower Value] by chasing her even harder.

The verdict is still out on whether chicks do this consciously or subconsciously. But my hunch tells me that most girls aren’t aware that they engage in such bamboozlement until pointed out to them…such as what I’m doing here right now.

In any case, it is all about a power grab with women.

The more leverage she has with and over the guy, the more validation she can suck from him whenever she’s having a shitty day.

She can have this guy scoop her poop like precious gold…once she has the leverage and the power between the 2.

Ironically, 97+% of men on this globe are overly poised to give away their power on a silver platter to every girl they come across. Hence, the girl starts out in the first place having the leverage and power since the guy would have willingly coughed it up from the get-go.

Those guys hardly every get anywhere with women besides a cozy seat in the text-zone…or friend-zone.

Women are innately attracted to guys whom they can’t control, and whom they can’t quite manage to manipulate in a grab for power.

By (purposely) ignoring girl’s text messages and phone calls, you will have placed yourself into the bracket of the desirables.

If a woman cannot (quite) manage to get her way with you, her brain translates this to mean that you are someone of higher value, power and pre-selection.

Ignoring her attempts at communication [i.e. texts] is 1 way in which you can make this happen.

We humans place more value upon things which we cannot so readily get so easily.

This is widely accepted as true by most people with a grain of understanding of human-behavioral psychology.

In essence; this is akin to playing hard-to-get…another strategy which women employ religiously!

Now, which man out there is even thinking about playing hard-to-get games with women?

Absolutely NONE…except the rare pick-up artist [PUA] who had backwards-engineered the whole game.

Men don’t play hard-to-get!

Every girl on the face of the Earth plays hard to get!

I mean, this is expected of her.

This is no secret by any stretch of the imagination [that every woman plays hard-to-get to some degree].

Since men generally tend to be opposed to the idea of playing hard to get, whenever we do meet a woman, she can virtually predict how everything will play out on the guy’s end.

She knows there will be no push-pull, no challenge from the guy, no angles, no deviation, etc…then you wonder why women get quickly bored with 98% of the guys they would have met.
Once you can present a woman with some challenges and difficulties as through texting, she won’t ever get bored.

Such “challenge” can come by way of ignoring her communiques. 😉

I do it pretty frequently…I must confess.

Alright, this actually happens not on purpose to be precise.

When it comes to taking phone calls, I am the absolute goddamn worst.

My phone is almost always on silent mode because of the nature of my day job.

Thus there would be girls trying to ring me and their calls would often times go unnoticed until I see their missed calls an hour later.

This is usually accompanied by some text messages such as:

“Hi Kenny. This is Jen. We met the other day at *******. We texted a bit but I decided to call you and talk but you I couldn’t reach you”.

I don’t even ignore girl’s calls and texts intentionally. Well half of the time I do…but that’s besides the point.

Again I say: People want what they can’t easily have.

Most guys are actually hung up on a particular girl because he cannot have her.

This fucks with him psychologically, thus in turn, he interprets this [the girl being inaccessible] to mean ‘Love’.

He ends up putting the girl on a pedestal and seeing her as more valuable than other girls.

It is very much the same for women also. They get hung up on a guy who isn’t quite interested, and they interpret those emotions and feelings to mean love.

The reality is, they are only so into the person because he or she is somewhat inaccessible, out of reach, hard to get and being a bit indifferent.

Therefore, the more availability you present a woman, the less she will want you. So- be unavailable at times!

Don’t be so easily accessible to any girl whom you’re texting!

If she texts you at 11 AM, ignore her message(s) for a few hours…granted it isn’t an emergency.

What does the average guy do when he receives a text from a girl whom he’s been trying to get with?

He texts her back IMMEDIATELY!

He leaves no space for wonder.

This is a bad idea!

Women don’t operate this way!

They will intentionally ignore your messages, knowing that doing so, will have caused the guy to idealize her more and chase her more.

Ok, so lemme wrap this up by sharing some added examples of how to raise your stock in a woman’s eye by ignoring her texts and calls.

Always try to delay the time in which you contact her by replying to her text or call.

An hour or longer is ideal.

Anything less than 5 minutes will get you in the red.

The beauty about my Whatsapp Messenger app- and I’m sure it’s a glitch- is that I only receive messages while I have the app itself opened.

As long as I’m not currently using Whatsapp messaging someone, I won’t receive notifications that I received a message.

Hence, whenever I do open the app to run my Whatsapp Course at the designated time, I would meet tons of messages from girls who had messaged me about hours before.

With that being said, when it comes to new girls especially, you always want to leave a gap in the time that you respond to her messages.

She texts you at 5: text her back at 6:30.

The only exception being emergencies and cases where you’re already locked into a conversation with the girl as you’re trying to build some attraction at the beginning.

However, it is all a balancing act.

Never go to the extreme or the girl will feel as though you’re not interested in her at all.

Therefore, work both angles intermittently.

Engage her right away this time.

The next: ignore her messages and calls for a few hours…even a day or 2 depended on the nature of her message.

Keep alternating how frequently and how soon you return her messages.

When you will have done that, you will get the girl thinking about you more, thus raising your stock in her eyes.

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  1. I get mad if they play hard to get.It pissing me off everytime.So I just turn my back and let them be.Not the smartest move but how much comfort is enough.Creating comfort always been my problem.This girls getting too nosey.Bombarding me with questions as if they don’t trust me.


    1. You need to control that Fernando. You cannot be losing your cool just because the girl doesn’t reply. You’ll be losing too many girls that way. As for comfort, you don’t have to overdo it or go too deep to where you feel as though the girl is prying and getting too nosy


    2. Ok so. I have bwwn talking to this girl for about 6 month’s but 4 of those month’s I’ve been ignoring her reasons being, is that she never really seemed intered in me but after i used the no contact rule on her she started chasing me. One day at my church she kept passing by me and in the kitchen of our church, and finally in the kids room i was practicing for my church anniversary. So she then again passed by me i ignored the shit out of her. Then there she was she said hi and asked me how I’m doing. And i just said I’m good and went back to practice. Then she said really?.. That’s all. I said yeah. BTW I’m also a musician so once i heard them playing i said well that’s my cue. I gotta go. And when i turned back she was still in the room doing God knows what. Then finally she left. Ok so now we are talking she gave us a chance. But problem is she says that i need to wait a year and a half if i want to date her because she still in high school and living in her parents house. That’s understandable to the point where i don’t understand how she says that we can talk for that time but ae cant date?. I mean it’s not like they know that we talk so why can’t we make it official. But that’s ok. And my problem with her is. She keeps sending mixed signals. And i had this little situation that happen to me where i passed out and had to go to the hospital and so i told her and she was worried. Blah blah. Then the next morning i woke up. I heard my phone vibrate 3 time’s. She had sent me a message. It was around 7:43 A.M i didn’t read it until 4 p.m. she didnt replu. Then i called her at least twice. The 3rd time she answered. And she was eating and i could hear her TV playing. So basically she was ignoring me. This morning i woke up and it said she was last seen at 1:13 A.m.. But she couldn’t reply to my message?. My question for u is?.. Should i. Completely ignore her and let her chase me like before or just cut her out and forget about her?. Because i think she’s trying to play me.


  2. I was feeling like Fernando all the time, but I tested your kind of approach and it really improved my relationship with a woman (I’m 21). Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Same here, I tried this on a Lesbian that moved into my building. She came here flossing like she was not into guys at all. I tried my luck, kind of fell for her, texted her back right away. Then I totally opened up to her on text one night gave her all these crazy compliments. Right after that, I tried the moves from this article, now she texts me like 5 times a day always asking me what Im doing and shit. Then in person I just carried myself like nothing phased me really, and she’s been on these nuts ever since.


  3. So I started chatting with this girl that I had a crush on for years. As we were chatting I got to the point where I tried to ask her out, she said no, so I asked if I could call, again she said no. Obviously someone’s playing hard to get. So I’m planning to use your advice here, but what if she doesn’t really text first? Like say 2days have past, how should I open up? Great blog BTW.


    1. Dude; never ask! That was your mistake! By asking, you lower your worth and value. Don’t ask the girl if you can call. Just call! If you’re looking to get further advice on this, we can hash it out via Skype or Messenger through my program. Just search the top of the page for my Skype or phone coaching program.


          1. sorry my auto kick in lol. I meant to say. what happen when she calls you and don’t pick up, then like five mins later she calls back, then i do not answer because i think she playing a game. then she gets mad. what would that say?


    2. You should have never asked if it was ok to call or text. You are the one with the dick, you are the alpha, and you are the dominant figure. That is what she wants is a man to make her feel like a woman. It is like a shot of some kind of bitch drug that all women need. I am not talking about abuse dude, but she wants a man to check her pussy and her mind like a real nig


        1. she just another girl that plays games. we had talk after i wrote this comment. now we are together and having lot of fun. she did not care if i ask her to call. that is what she wanted she said. she just want to know if i would chase her around to catch her if i really had the feeling for her. Anyways my work is done here. we together can happy for now. bye guys


          1. Nothing it was a confusing in the beginning because I did not know if she liked me or she way just playing games in the beginning. That is why I wrote you to see if she was just playing games to get what she wanted, but at the end she told me why. I appreciate your advice


  4. Theres this girl that i had something with but then we parted ways. I still have feelings but she wanted to explore and doesnt see nothing serious with me. But she always text me like every week and whenever its not working out with other guys she hits me up and text me . Its happened for years. And i always respond. One time i didnt and she freaked out . So how can i maybe change this in my favor? How can i raise my value in her eyes? Ive worked on myself and I have progressed…. How do i change this situation around?

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  5. Hi, k social.. Its really a nice blog.
    I loved a girl and introduced her to my family when I was in 12th standard and she was 4 class junior to me.. But after 2 yr she did breakup with me. I went through my worst stage of my life.. I begged in front of her to save the relationship. But she did not.. She attached with a guy to whom earlier she was saying just a friend.. Finally I somehow forgot her.. after 3 yr she started chatting me over Facebook (with differ name without showing her identity). Just 3months ago.. In January 2016 she told me about herself and said that the guy to whom he loved dumped her.. And we contacted each other.. Just she said she had always the regret for the breakup and just wanted to say sorry.. . Bt I said to carry the relations and everything went very fine.. Now. Just 15_20 days earlier we had verbal fight over phone.. And now she is shouting over me, do not respects me. Sometimes says she doesn’t trust any boys.. She also says she doesn’t hv feeling for me… M really crying in my soul.. Its hurting me..Many times she says I don’t wants to marry any1… Really help me please… How to deal with this.. As she very rarely calls or msg me… M really confused. But don’t wants to get separated


      1. Sometimes a man just has to be a man.. This dude needs tell this girl that he’s not interested. Why worry about one girl when there are other girls out here. Also never date a really pretty girl because they are usually head cases. Get one that’s average or slightly above. You’ll be a lot happier!


        1. Good advice Jed. So many fish in the sea it may not be worth it at the end of the day. Also good point in that average-looking girls are more stable in every sense of the word from my experience.


  6. Your a fuckin genius…As we speak I’m testing this… I called her just saying “I figured your weren’t tripping on hanging tonight” and she insisted on wanting to hang she said “I’ll call you shortly”. Nearly an hour went by and she texted and called asking if I would like to join her for a drink an hour later. I ignored her 1st call back at nearly midnight and texted 20 minutes later saying ” What’s up”. Also ignored her second call. Have yet to text back and it’s been 20-30min…..Advice?!? It’s all working like a fuckin champ by the way. The inner feeling I get from this as a Scorpio is monumental.


    1. cris, you are doing things wrong. When a woman calls, you don’t ignore. Getting a call is sign of attraction, so go for it. The article states to ignore when you are being ignored.


      1. Yes I made a horrible choice there because I felt like she had been ignoring me, but I didn’t realize her situation. I guess I just did not expect to hear back from here and she finally did much much later and I was surprised and completely flabbergasted. She’s the most amazing girl I have ever met, hands down. So now MAJOR LESSON learned and I will NEVER ever do it again. I hope she will forgive me.


        1. Some of these guys are going to take your advice way out of context, you can ignore a girl and when you have her chasing you, respond. So basically when she reaches out to you you respond and you end the conversation on your terms, even leaving in a middle of a convo drives them mad. You use women tactics against them, BUT if they call you, let it ring a bit then answer see whats popping if she ask you out go and get it – If you ignore her to much she’ll end up thinking you’re just disinterested and always be wary that you’re guy who disappears at a whim, gotta balance it right.


          1. I’m glad that you clarified that Dwayne. That is exactly the format I was hoping to get across as you laid it out perfectly. Guys need to realize that they cannot and should not go to far in ignoring the girl when she chases. So I’m glad you mentioned that


  7. I wish I could edit my post or name or anything on here… I Majorly regret commenting because I did not get a good feeling from doing it at all… I felt what I was doing was wrong. Please comment and tell me how to “Edit” my posts “Name” among other things…


  8. Hi,

    I got this situation. Ive had this crush on her for a quiet a time. We got a bit close in the past few months and she suddenly lessens the way she texts. And i have done the same mistake many of us do, i double texted her, and kept on hitting on her, but i just got one word replies. I am 100% sure she has put me on the back burner. She even lied to me saying she wants to stop using social networks and stay aloof for everyone. But she is seen online. I am unsure, may be she is seeing another guy.

    So i stopped talking to her completely few days ago. And even when i walk into her accidentally i behaved like i did not see her and walked away.

    Today she texts me saying, she observed me when i am ignoring her. and she thinks i did not get what she said about not using social media in a positive way. And she said its upto me whether or not i reply to her text.

    I really want her in my life. I did not respond to her yet. I want an advice that will put things back to normal.


    1. Umm… You remind me of me a few years ago!

      It’s okay. Double texting is not the problem. It shouldnt be sentences unless you’re at a climax point where you and her are replying constantly back and forth

      Just play the game. Yes, when you’re in love with a girl we become so weak. But you can’t show that, never give them all your cards right away!

      — don’t take this so emotionally, just don’t care if she’s interested she’ll always be around.

      She didn’t lie to you, she said that she wants to stop social media, she didn’t say she’s going to stop lol. Don’t over think bro, keep cool and chit chat with her more on why, that creates mutual convo

      One more thing, I girl should neva eva suggest to its your duty whether or not to text you give more power bro.

      Who cares about social media, less texting and more chilling with her in flesh. Get to know her more in flesh not texting. You’ll take to long and you’ll fall into her friend Zone “texting buddy”. All this happen to me way too much, that I know exactly where you are bro. Ya learning, we all are

      K social will take it from here and give you the tips on the rest.

      Good luck!

      Ride the long wave.


  9. Hey KSocial. Damage has been done. I’ve been replying her, calling her, texting back immediatey, she was quite interested but suddenly, she stopped texting and answering my facebook messages. She was ignoring me. Should I just wait for her to text first? How can I recover from the damage?


    1. You should’ve done the opposite of everything you did…like not replying so soon. Furthermore, seems like you’re in panic mode. Calm down. Wait a day or 2 then text her if she doesn’t text you first.


        1. WHAT!!!! You never apologize to women…for anything!! Unless she’s your wife! If she’s a girl whom you’re merely trying to get with; no apologizing! You want to be placed in the “friendly” guy category, or do you want her to see you as the guy who is bold and forward? Women want you to be forward. Never apologize for it…unless you communicate it in a humorous manner


          1. Hey KSocial. I can’t believe it worked. She’s been ignoring me so I stopped and bam! She texted first. I ignored it but when will I reply her? Should I wait one more time so that she would text me first?


          2. Old comment, but i think you may only apologize in these cases when you really did something bad, or if you want to give up and leave her alone (in real life or text, in a default “nice to meet you anyway/sorry for bothering” kind of pattern, if she notices that and feels attracted or at least iinterested, she is surely going to tell you it wasn’t her intention to convey disinterest or apologize herself for some crap


  10. I’m having a minor situation… This woman that I’ve been talking to for the past 3 months whom I want to be my ‘wifey’, which I haven’t landed a date yet.

    The funny thing is to be succinctly, she’s very interested in me, I remember when I was texting her and I was just teasing her saying to get me a coffee and she actually did. I hopped into her car and we had a lovely 15-20 convo and flirting and touching a bit here and there but simple.

    I have been placing a gap, but sometimes since she’s a ‘tough nut’ to crack it always has to be ‘ I can’t promise’ or ‘hmmmm’ when I charmly want to see her as my plus one or just chat for half an hour or so

    Right now– I’m ignoring… Out of blue she texted me today, I didn’t text back. I saw her at work I said hi what’s up and that’s it. Because it’s not that she’s ignoring is that she’s just dragging and which ignoring her will stop all this bull shit. So today when I got out of work I replied to her text “you didn’t say bye” she’s texted “I did”. Then, later I replied “hey, how are you” she replies “good hru” then I just read her text but didn’t text back.

    I want to see in 4 days she’ll be thinking of me soooo that way this wall can break already



    1. Good job. But or future notice: quit asking her “how are you”. Such a text, as innocent as it seems on the surface, gives the girl the impression that you’re heavily relying on her texting back…which you are. Apart from that, I like how you ignored her texts at the right moments too. Keep this going for a few more days and then pitch to her again the proposal of the chitchat in person


      1. Thank you K social

        Also, I need advice on. Knowing when to stop being funny and jerkish. And start injecting the girl with knowing that I’m super interested in her to see her in person.

        Sometimes I can just joke joke joke joke it’ll be a great convo text but it’ll just go in cirlces and I won’t be able to nail dates at the matter of time.

        Balance is the key point of which I am at right now.


        1. Well the fact that you recognize there must be a cutoff point between jerkish/funny and killer-instinct intent, that’s a huge start. Most guys who do the funny jerkish thing (like I do) don’t know how and when to transition


  11. Hey K Social,

    I am posting it again. Really in need of your help..!


    I got this situation. Ive had this crush on her for a quiet a time. We got a bit close in the past few months and she suddenly lessens the way she texts. And i have done the same mistake many of us do, i double texted her, and kept on hitting on her, but i just got one word replies. I am 100% sure she has put me on the back burner. She even lied to me saying she wants to stop using social networks and stay aloof for everyone. But she is seen online. I am unsure, may be she is seeing another guy.

    So i stopped talking to her completely few days ago. And even when i walk into her accidentally i behaved like i did not see her and walked away.

    Today she texts me saying, she observed me when i am ignoring her. and she thinks i did not get what she said about not using social media in a positive way. And she said its upto me whether or not i reply to her text.

    I really want her in my life. I did not respond to her yet. I want an advice that will put things back to normal.


      1. So what would be the best thing to do, since I over injected

        I texted her this morning to cool things down a bit: me:”Hey, good morning hope the rest of your night was well. Mine was cool.

        (her name), you don’t have to say anything, will love to take you out on a date”

        (Delete after discussion)


  12. So, this girl sees me on the street randomly a year after I tried to call her and she didn’t answer, and she decides she likes me. So next day she texts me first. I text her back and we engage in a nice convo. For the first two dates, I finish the night off with a question of hers that I leave unreplied (I actually replied the next morning). On the third day I tell her to meet for a date and she answers within 5 minutes. The date didn’t go well (that’s life), so I texted her the next day like nothing happened, to ask her out again. She did not reply, I let it be for a week and I texted her again. We talked for three days (it took both of us at least 3 hours to answer each other’s messages – I can play games too), and I asked her out again. She said “we’ll see”, then we went on talking for a couple more days, and I decided to send a last message asking her out, being determined that no matter what the answer will be, I’ll just keep my cool. Turns out she didn’t reply at all. F–k that b—h who thinks she can have anyone. I know my texting game was not perfect (it was still pretty good though), but there is NO CHANCE ON THE WHOLE PLANET that I’m gonna send her anything or call her ever again. At least when you lose, you gotta accept it like a man. And, to my experience, this has brought back a lot of girls who had lost interest in me for some reason (at least 4 of them actually called me in various times – from a month after me not contacting them to a year of no contact – and said they wanted to meet me so they can explain their “wrong behavior”).
    Chasing harder is not gonna help you. You have to change your mind into thinking that whatever girl on the planet is gonna change hers and actually like you more than anything, and that she will get back to you, be it in a day or in a millenium. Either way, walk away with your head up.


      1. NO!!!! If anything, do it a day or 2 afterwards. Make her think that you were too busy doing other things. Contacting her that day will only tell her that you’ve been obsessing about her


  13. This post right here is gold.
    First story(dumb as fuck):
    Being the dumb fucker that I am, I sent all types of poems and shit to girls on random in the past. Like a little kid I thought girls respond to kindness, glitter and all that fairy tail bs lol. I was the perfect candidate for making women feel better about them self, nothing more than fuel for their egos. When we first started chatting the girl actually accepted my request regarding a coffee date. BUT, she said to wait, saying she wasn’t ready, recently came out of a breakup. I give her like a month, ask her again and she started making lame excuses. I asked her two more times and the third time she lied and said she was back with her ex. Lol I tell you man, woman coming out of a breakup is hell to deal with. I was just a plaster for her wounds, weird thing is I looked like her ex, freaky shit… I digress.

    Second story(wiser, but still dumb apparently)
    I went out with this girl in a group a few times and she was clearly interested. When we went to a big ass mall we sometimes split up and afterwards my friend said she kept asking where I was when we got lost in the crowd. So now I meet her in another shopping mall a few weeks later and I randomly spot her chatting on her cell phone and ignore her when i see her(not really strategy, I’m just socially anxious in general lol), but she said hi and laughed, saying why didn’t I say hi. She sort of spoke to me while simultaneously chatting on the phone. I was not friendly at all (again, not strategy, just had a bad day lol) and quickly left again, didn’t even hug her as I left. Now prepare for another screw up… I text(everything gets fucked up with texts right?) her later that night apologizing that I was pretty rude, explaining that I was late. Then also said that I would stick her for coffee to make up for it. She just needs to tell me when she has time. I guess me telling her that she has to tell me when SHE has time is probably pretty smart. But I shouldn’t have apologized, rookie mistake. Well 2 days later and no reply lol. Not that I care too much about this one, I’m learning and your post is a confirmation that I’m not gonna text her again.

    My thing is, I know that playing hard to get works, but how do you finally reel her in. How do you make her your gf?


  14. Or forget gf, how do I get her to have coffee with me at least? In any case to fix my mistake by apologizing, this is what I’m gonna do. When I see her again, I’m gonna give her a high five and say” Hi sport!” (Lol) and give the girl next to her a big hug. The thing is I’m such a nice guy in general so I actually hate how the game works but hey, I didn’t create the game.


  15. Just second guessing myself a bit here, but If she never replies to my message maybe she just isn’t interested in me at all? In real life situations she has shown signs of flirting but now I’m not so sure anymore. Maybe she just flirted in real to get me to cave in and give her confidence(not that I gave her any in real life, not that text isn’t real life…). What if she used me for bait all this time, because I’m above average looking.


  16. good article. I am in a situation with a girl that i really like who I used to work with. She was always hanging around, laughing at my jokes, flirting a lot, and I dont know why, but I started to find her annoying as she was constantly seeking attention. Anyway, 1 day in the break room, I was in there alone and she came in, and I wasn’t in a good mood, and I made the mistake of telling her to leave me alone, basically. Anyway, from that moment on, my life at work became a living hell. From then on she completely ignored me. She would talk to everyone around me, except me, interupt conversations im having with someone and act like im not there, and although I tried to act like whatever, it did hurt my feelings to be honest. She would always be laughing and joking around me, and I lost my cool on a few occassions, and she even completely ignored that aswell. I would have to see her everyday, and it was torture for me. Even if I had tried to apologise to her, she would have ignored that as well. Fast foraward a bit, I left that job about 6 months ago, and I saw her on facebook. I decided after a while, to send her a friend request. She messaged me, We had up until a few days ago, been exchanging light conversation, basically talking about what happened between us, why was she ignoring me, why I told her to leave me alone, etc. Anyway, I decided to ask her go out for a drink and for her to forgive me for being rude to her. She agreed. Or pretended to agree anyway. We exchanged a few more messages about where and when, and I left it for about a week. Then I messaged her checking to see if we was still good for next week, she said yes, defo. So the day of the supposed arranged date arrives and I message her about meeting up, and no response. I was cruely tricked. The next day she messaged me, as if nothing happened, and tells me shes hung over then I said I thought we were meeting up, to which se replied “I forgot”. Then “Lol fun times”. She made me think we going going out and then laughed in my face. Anyway since then we have exchanged only a few more messages, but she has now barely responded. A couple of days ago, I sent her a message basically saying what I was planning to say if we had met up. All that time at work, I saw her all the time yet ignored me, I had some things to say. So I explained myself to her, I told her I like her a lot, why I was rude to her and that she is still punishing me for that one mistake i made. It was a few sentences, nothing too long though. And of course she has ignored that aswell. What the hell should I do? I was told that she likes me, and I think she might, but its all mixed signals, and shes being very cold to me. Any advice would be much appreciated!


    1. You’ve been more than clear with her. All you should have really done was sincerely apologize and tell her you were having a horrible day. Then get back on friendly terms with her before asking her out. But so much time has passed. You just gotta move on bruh. Plenty of fish in the sea.


  17. Hi,

    I hope you are well. I have been speaking with a girl I really like. It has been long distance conversation for a few weeks now. I have never met her, but plan to meet up in the next two weeks.

    I know that she likes me. I contacted her every 3-4 days via txt with little messages (hope your weekends was good) and she replies almost immediately with long messages. I then ignore her for a few days and she ends up calling me at midnight.

    2 days ago she called me spontaneously early morning, followed by a text message are you awake? she never calls me so early. I was fast a sleep but called back 2 hours later, she didn’t answer.

    I text her afternoon and she said she had issues at work and would speak to me at night and tell me all about it. Cut the story short her place of work let her go early, instead in two weeks. Heads back to her home country which is where I reside so we can meet.

    I called her at midnight and she for the first time did not answer. I have not text her or called her since in the last two days and neither has she contacted me.

    However since I have been talking to her she did change her whatsapp picture for the first time in 2 months to display her and her girlfriends having fun.

    Anyway do I wait for a few days to contact her or till she contacts me?

    Please Help?


    1. Also what I failed to mention to you is that she said she was upset they let her go early and cant talk about it to me as she might start crying again.


      1. Again, it doesn’t matter what she’s feeling. Don’t allow what she says to ruin the situation. What I mean is, you need to be focused on your aim. And no worried about her emotional state. Sure she feels like shit because of the job situation. But you don’t need to get sidetracked


        1. Hi K its PSG ,

          This actually works! I went quiet for a few days no txt or call and guess what!!! she called me on the 5th day.

          She mentioned that she knows a guy who owns a hotel with a pool and wants to persuade him if she can use it, but prior to that he wanted to take her out for a coffee hmm…now why would she be telling me that. Trying to make me jealous?


          1. She’s trying to get your jealous. Plain and simple. She wants you to freak out. But I’m glad you took my advice. But stay cool. Remember: women are attracted to guys who don’t take the jealousy bait


          2. 3 Days later she’s called me again and this time she mentioned about a guy she knows who is very intelligent!!! and she spoke to him about politics. Is she for real?


    2. Dude, you are over thinking this. I like the way you played it. But don’t over analyze it. It doesn’t really matter in your current situation of who contacts who first. You doing it wont damage you because you had already displayed to the girl that you are capable of going a few days without contact. So be proactive here! If I get you correctly, the girl is now back in your country since the job cut, or she’s still overseas?


      1. She mentioned to me she is back on the 1st of July and I’m assuming she is still sticking to the plan.

        Yes your right I do over kill my stratagies…need to chill! So what would you do now?


      1. hi again kenny my ex gf is a cerebral narcissist & is currently dating her new supply, the thing
        is i’m a also a cerebral narcissist as we are both clinically diagnosed i’m 31 she is 18 but we both love one another from a distance but recently i have cut her off on facebook in order to move on as i wanted her back more than she wanted me & now all we have is each others numbers in our phones also we haven’t spoke to each other for about 2 weeks now as i told her i will respect her relationship by stopping all contact but thr thing is here kenny we are still friends or objects to each other in narcissist terms so basicly any thoughts on what i should do if she contacts me when the idealization & honeymoon phase wears off because tbh i can move on but i really do like her alot even though the love i had for her has subsided? bare in mind she is only 18 & i’m 31so i had to take into account that i did the things that she is doing now when i were her age but apart of me wonders how i should use the texting or calling approach that you have dedcribed in your article or should just simply ignore and move on?

        it’s quite a tricky one this kenny but please don’t worry if you have no definative answer as your article is greatly appreciated




        1. Well you’re completely right about the honeymoon phase wearing off since it usually does. If I were you,I would just wait until it does wear off and she comes messaging you back. When I say “wait” I don’t mean to sit around doing nothing with your life. So, you already have the right concept of allowing her to go through what she is with the new beau until the novelty wears off. You can decide to reel her back in from about the 3rd week of no contact


          1. hi & thanks for your reply again kenny, yeah 3 weeks is a good time tbh but because she has cerebral/somatic tendencies because of her age she will most likely move onto a new target after a while of abstaining from sex plus i do think she would only hoover me as a last resort but tbh she’s a woman she can have anyone she likes whenever she likes so i guess if i don’t hear from her in week 4 i will be moving on & staying cerebral myself cheers kenny


  18. So I matched with a chick on tinder 3 months ago. I wasn’t fully sold on her after the first date, so I gamed her a bit and she’s gamed me back twice as hard… as a result, we’re still stuck on just that one date. For the most part we have been in contact once a week or so (calls to setup dates which fell through), but she ended up adding me on fb and insta to “stalk me” (her words). After her latest flake, I didn’t respond to her last text to which she double texted suggesting another time. I told her I was out of town that wkend (I was) and she asked to met up that evening, which I was unable to do. Long story short, we set a date for a Friday 2 weeks out which she later asked to move to Sunday because of having to entertain an “out of town friend”… regardless, she promised to plan an “epic brunch adventure” and she said she’d “make me love it”… I text her that Sunday around 11am asking what the plan was. She gets back to me almost 3 hours later suggesting afternoon drinks… I never responded to that text.

    Is there a play here anymore? I’m actually pretty interested in this chick and I know she’s digging me(to some extent), but I realize it’s dragged on far too long… time to cut bait?

    tldr: been gaming back and forth with girl for 2+ months now with only one date to show for. Have blown off her last text, any way to salvage this situation? or time to cut my losses?


    1. Hey Thomas, interesting story. But you’re over-thinking this. Most of guy’s failures in such cases come down to overthinking the process and reading too much into things. You have a perfect situation here in that the girl is definitely into you. However, you can possibly blow it by becoming too invested. Allow things to go and progress. Don’t get all hyped up when the girl talks about spectacular brunch plans, etc. Keep things simple! Remember your objective should be to sleep with her! Not to be going on 10 dinner dates. So you also run the risk of turning the girl off if you don’t look to get intimate (that’s if you haven’t). So, just keep your hopes and expectations in check. Don’t believe shit she says until she’s literally right there at your doorstep. In other words; don’t get prepared and make plans to see her until it is already 95% confirmed


  19. I wonder in the events that i get messages from my ex and girls that i no longer have interest in talking any more . How do i shrug them off without being a dick , cause i like being nice and i don’t want to lower myself down to their level ( they used me and manipulated me and i finally opened my eyes after some time ) . I am at that point where i don’t feel anything towards them but i still want be nice . And also thank you so much for sharing .


    1. If its alot and you really want nothing to do with them get a new number or block there calls/text, and only give the new number to the people you want having it. From what i understand they used you so therefore they would only hit you up if they needed somthing, people like that are not worth keeping around.


  20. Hey.

    I asked this girl out for a date and she responded by saying Friday or Saturday but will let me know on the day of the date. I said I can’t do on the day I will be busy working. So I told her to make of her availability and get back to me. She text me the next day with small talk I ignored her text and got back to her four days later. She was really angry and hurt, she said “why didn’t I contact her… it only takes a few seconds”. I said I was busy working and she was supposed to contact me.

    She was of course still texting and calling me for the next few days and still got angry at me about ignoring her.

    Now she said she “doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore and doesn’t feel the same about me coz I ignored her”.

    I have been using NC for 2 weeks now and she hasn’t contacted me yet.

    Is she still Butt hurt?
    Or talking to her backup man? and once she’s bored she’ll be back?

    How long do I have to wait?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  21. Would like some advice so I met this girl about 2 months ago we clicked straight away great personality and everything but due to work etc I had to travel away so here’s the thing she insists on calling me everyday and the last time we spoke we even had phone sex (my first time lol ) and we ain’t even been together that way yet, but I just felt I’m doing it again giving a female all the power and will be walked all over again as usual so now it’s been over a day since I’ve been ignoring her what else should I do?


  22. Hey K Social!

    I went on this date the other night (dinner/movie). Went really well, made out a lot and she texted me first after the date telling me she had a really great time and how much fun she had. We texted a little bit (nothing too much) for the next couple days. Last night well technically this morning she messaged me at 12:05am. I replied around 9:20am today as I fell asleep and was at work when I replied. She didn’t reply to my text until 8:27pm tonight saying she had a good day but she’s been having a shitty night and asked me how my day has been. I’m not sure what I should do? Should I text her back because she’s had a shitty night or should I wait until tomorrow morning and give her a bit of her own medicine? What do you think I should do? If you could let me know ASAP I’d be super greatful! Cheers!


    1. Dude, you are over thinking this Aaron. If there’s no problem; don’t create one. What is your objective here? If it’s to see the girl again, then by all means, it makes no sense to play the waiting game just to teach her a lesson. You do that only if she repeats such patterns. But for now, there’s no rational reason why you should wait until the next day


      1. Well I fell asleep and sent her a message at around 7am this morning getting her keen for our 2nd date as we are going Bowling.

        She responded around 2pm saying how she was excited and asked me about my day. I thought I’d change it up and text her earlier to keep her on her toes and messaged her around 2:30pm just telling her how I went to the beach with mates.

        She hasn’t responded since then (it’s 8:30pm now)

        Been try to keep the convo light, joking around (jokes about random things like how we were eating sushi on our first date, how I’m going to beat her in bowling etc.)

        What I’m so unsure about is if she sounds soo excited for these dates, is she just trying to to play with me in which case it’s working or is she not that interested. I’m fine in relationships because I’ve had many long term ones but I hate the unknowing dating phase because I don’t know where I stand.

        To give you an idea, the 1st date we went for sushi and then a movie, she basically jumped on me in the empty cinema to make out with me and we walked everywhere holding hands or arms around each other, we made out for about 10 minutes at the end of the date)


          1. It’s all good bro, she was just unsure about my intentions and was just making sure I wasn’t just looking for sex. She told me she does want to have sex with me. She said she likes me, that I’m a really great kisser, a really great guy (she had heaps of fun on our dates) and she’s super keen to have sex but she doesn’t want to rush into anything which I’m cool with. Cheers for your help bro!


          2. And you actually buy this shit, that she was acting the way she was because she isn’t looking for sex? It’s simply a matter of cold feet. Don’t buy into any of the bull she gives you. And plz do take it slow and we’ll see how that works out.


          3. Well we’ve had sex multiple times since then, and we are dating exclusively now so I guess I was right. The roles have reversed. I dictate the timing of replies and she is the one who waits for me to respond. She texts way more often and way quicker. She was worried that I wasn’t interested in her because I was going on multiple dates. I do thankyou for your help man but I wish you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. It’s worked out awesome since then and I haven’t had to question anything since my last reply.


  23. My Situation:

    My girl first cousin brought her friend (we’ll name her CC) to a family function. Immediately I take a liking to CC and ask her for her #, and she gives it to me. However, turns out there is an after party at my other cousin’s house, and CC tells me she will see me there. So I meet up with CC at the after party and we immediately begin talking. Our talking leads into holding hands, which leads into hugging, cuddling on the couch, and even kissing.

    So after the after-party, CC says “you wanna come over to my place?” I say, “Sure!”. So I go over to her place and we have sex all night.

    Next thing I know is that CC and I are regularly meeting up at her place to have sex. I take her out to eat and we talk for hours — we get along really well.

    After about one month of having a FWB-type of relationship with CC, I develop feelings for her. I start to really like her, a lot, and want to become an ‘exclusive’ couple.

    So I tell CC my feelings over the phone like so: “after getting to know you this past month I realize that I have developed feelings for you and I want to know if there is potential for something more between us, or is this it?”

    CC replies, saying that “she doesn’t want to jump into a relationship right now,” but that she “still wants to hang out; like don’t be a stranger” … basically, she doesn’t want to date me, just have sex.

    So I change course.

    I tell her, “I am going to have to end our FWB thang because we both want diff things: I want to be with you because i like you, and you just wanna f***.”

    Update: it’s been a week and I have not texted her or anything. I know she still wants to hook-up, but I feel like the best move for me was to “put my foot down” and say “either relationship, or nothing”.

    Advice needed: what should I do now? …because I want to be in a relationship with her.. should I continue to ignore her until she texts me some shit like “hi, how have you been?”

    ANSWER THIS PLEASE: what should I do, not do, to win her heart and not just give her my dick?


  24. dude … #1, i need you to make my comments anonymous asap
    #2 I wanna buy your book but not sure which one fits my situation best..

    email me asap


  25. Hello, Social.

    Your article just blew me away. After reading this, I realised that the same trick was played on me for the past 2 months. She used to check my messages (read receipt on whatsapp) but wouldn’t reply. But I would drop everything off as soon as I used to see her messages. Once I was so tired of not getting reply( I waited for more than a day) that I got angry and sent a desperate message that, “its fine if you don’t want to talk to me, but you are very pretty and you will be always in my heart. Bye God bless you”. She replies back to me after 2 hours and asked me, what happened? It’s nothing like that. She was very busy” I replied, “it’s okay. It’s not your fault. We humans are busy for people whom we want to ignore.” She read it late and next morning it was she who messaged me “Good morning” and I replied back saying “Morning”.
    Now here’s the situation, after this I haven’t I haven’t messaged her and neither does she. How should I initiate a conversation or should I wait, or ignore her and move on? It’s been 2 days. I do see her online sometimes.


  26. Hey man, first of all, thank you for the great post, its pure gold. I wanted to ask you for your advice cos I am really lost. I was in a LTR for a long time, thats why I have been out of the game for a bit. Please help me to understand the following situation. Had a match with a girl on tinder and went on a date. Her profile pics were pretty average – 5/10 I would say. BUT, she looked so much better in person when we met. I was shocked. I really felt like a teen on the first date. Was not nervous, but did show her that I was really into her (my big mistake). Now I am trying to take her on a second date. I waited for 3 days after the fist date to contact her. Proposed to go out afterwards. Had really nice proposals. She told me that she would really love to go but she is really busy. However, she did not propose an alternative. I told ther that she should contact me when she is free and we will take it from there. She replied that we will manage to plan something spontaneously eventually. After that I have not contacted her for 10 days. Did not want to come over as needy. She did not contact me in that time. Dropped her a message today on whatsapp. She did not open/read it (no blue ticks), however she is constantly online. What should I do next? Should I have waited longer? I thought that 10 day is long enough. Is she not interested in meeting me or is she playing hard to get? I dont get why she was so exited about my proposals/replied to my texts in the first place. She could have simply blocked my number in case she did want to hear from me.


    1. Here are few things:
      1.) Was your super good proposal too good? In other words, you might have killed the vine by investing too much and too big into the 2nd date.
      Secondly, her somewhat unwillingness to commit to a 2nd date may simply come down to a matter of her trying to preserve value by appearing as if she’s not that desperate to see you. Women do this frequently.
      3) Quit worrying about being needy! You only appear needy based on the content and structure of your messages, and not how often you text the girl. 10 days was way too long to wait! And you also made the mistake of putting it into her hands. What should do now, or what you should have been doing, is to hit her up every other day with small chat just to keep her on the radar. Instead, you went missing. Nothing wrong with going missing, but you chose the wrong time


      1. Hey man, thank you so much for pointing out my mistakes.You certainly have clarified a lot. I try to learn as much as possible in order to avoid the same stupid mistakes in the future. You could be right about the proposal – it might have been too good for a 2nd date. I just tried to impress her too much. Maybe she freaked out because of this. The reason why I disappeared for 10 days was because wanted to check whether she would initiate something because of the fear of loosing me. Because if she would have initiated I would gain my power back that I have given her. However, she did not initiate. She still did not read the message I sent her yesterday, but she is frequently online on whatsapp. I think all I can do at the moment is to wait it out and see how she responds (if she will respond at all). What do you think? I had a similar situation with her after the first date. She would reply to of my messages after 3 days (same story, always online, but no blue ticks, indicating that she did no open the message). When she did reply, she wrote the following: “sorry.. was very busy and wanted to take some true time to reply to your text. (rest of the message)”. I have a feeling that she played with be back then and tried to keep me as a plan B (or C or D…).


        1. You can only inspire fear of loss in a girl if she’s been chasing you and she’s been investing. From your current frame, that wasn’t possible. You had the right idea but the wrong timing. But don’t worry; it’s all practice that gets better with time. I really believe that the girl chickened out because of your date idea having made her intimidated. That’s why I always advocate that a so-called date should be something low key and casual as hell. Grand stuff should only be done with a girl you’re dating…i.e. a girlfriend.
          As for girls doing that on Whatsapp (reading your txts but not replying while being online). You draw her in by posting cool status to Whatsapp and your profile pic. I guess the big question now is: what constitutes cool statuses? I’ll get to that another time. In fact, your comment has inspired me to write a post on this (girls ignoring guys on Whatsapp). Additionally, give it a few days and then hit her up again in a non-needy way. I’m sure you know this already (how to appear non-needy). Never bring up the other day when she didn’t reply.


        2. And quit reading too deeply into things. You have to remember that chicks gets tons of guys messaging them. I’m a guy, and I get tired of girls hitting me up on Whatsapp. Women have 10 times the men hitting them up, so learn to empathize and understand that they may chose not to reply to you at times. It isn’t that serious. Sure it could be a ploy on her part (90% chance it is). But you’re doing yourself no favor by coming up with all sorts of reasons for her late replies


  27. thank you so much for your reply man. I am glad that I could inspire you to write a post! I am sure that it will help many guys, who are in similar situation. Anyhow, the story goes on. She wrote me (exactly after 10 days of silence, a coincidence?) telling that she had some fam issues during the past 2 weeks. I was abroad at that time, send her a pic with an amzing view from the hotel. And she was like wow, send me heli and I will join you, etc. So after being so distant she clearly tries to come closer. My job is not to fuck it up now. I kept it cool, did not talk much to her. Did not make another proposal to meet up. Wanted to see if she would suggest something, however ofcourse she did not propose. My strategy is to propose something within the next few days. What do you think? Do you think that she has interest or is she just playing games?


      1. Hey man! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did make another proposal on Monday the 3rd. It would be awesome to hear your opinion on the situation. My third proposal was to meet up, have some drinks, walk on the beach, talk and enjoy life. I remembered your advice and did not want to offer anything that would freak her out. The girl lives in another city and I offered to come to her. She replied that she is definitely in for some drinks & beach, but told me that I would not be able to stay at her place because she does not know me so well. I told her that I did not expect to stay at her place anyway and that I could always stay in a hotel in case she would get me drunk and I would not be able to drive back. She replied that she would clarify if she would make it. I told her that she should let me know in advance so that I can plan my schedule. She only replied on Sunday the 9th (!) telling me that she could not make herself ready to meet me because she had to support her fam (apparently she had some tough fam issues and threats). However, I have seen that she was on whatsapp at 5 am on Saturday. I know that it does not mean anything, but it smells like bullshit to me. I think that her actions were really inpolite cos she could have told me in advance that she would not make it. She also asked how my weekend was. I remained calm, did not show that I was dissapointed. Told her that I had some amazing time with my friends, chilled by the fireplace (sent her pic but did not ask any questions). She replied that it looked lovely and also did not ask any questions. Now there is silence since 2 days. She is online like always man! I have researched the matter and could boil it down to the following possibilities (it would be great if you could tell me your thoughts, cos I really wanna learn): 1. She is not interested and is just too polite to say it in my face. I can’t really understand that cos the only thing that connects us is whatsapp. She could have easily blocked me. The chances that I would randomly meet her are very small (different cities). 2. She is playing. I told you in the previous post that she was acting very interested one week ago. Now she is really cold. Makes me wonder if she is trying to make me run after her by applying the hot & cold approach. My plan is to ignore her now. If she is playng or if she is interested, she will definitely contact me again. If she does not give a damn, I will never hear anything from her again. I made 3 proposals and all of them ended with exactly the same scenario. She would give an explanation why she can’t make it but would never suggest an alternative. Sorry for so much text man.


        1. Hey Chris, you’re not gonna like what I’m about to say, but I must say it anyway: the proposal to come to her town was bad move! It showed way too much investment bro! That’s why it freaked her out! That was too much of a grand gesture on your part. Had you made it look like a coincidence that you were going to be in her city, then it would’ve been fine. But your proposal expends too much energy, effort and time on your part. She may very well not be interested. The freezeout as you’d been planning, might be the best move from here. If she’s interested: she’ll contact you. But bottom line: you turned her off by suggesting coming to her town strictly to meet her. That was literally the mistake you made. This is way too much frikking investment!! I will try to find you an article of mines about this


          1. thanks a lot for your reply man! Would be great to read that article of yours! Yep, it looks like I messed it up once again. The problem is that due to lack of flow in the conversation, I try to come up with all those weird proposals and offers… Silence since 4 days now, so I think its pretty clear that she is not interested. I probably have killed the last bit of attraction she had. I wont initiate a conversation again, and I probably wont hear from her anytime soon. Guys, if you are reading this, learn from my mistakes and don’t mess things up like I did!


          2. You have very poor belief in the process my friend. Talk about giving up easily, you make it look like nothing. Where is your confidence in shit working out!? Why would you surmise within 4 fucking days that the girl is not interested in you? Four fucking days and you’re already doubting your worth!!? Additionally, your proposals were NOT weird! They just weren’t meant for this time! Nothing about your proposals was weird or bad. Learn to gain some fucking belief my man! I’m not talking about belief in a delusional sense. But belief in your worth! Belief that the girl will chase! Belief that you are doing it right! Your comments reek of low value. I’m not tryna be hard on your here, but this is the type of tough advice I give everyone, especially those with poor mindsets and outlook on this stuff and its potential to work out.


  28. “Hot and cold” is really the communication pattern that works the best with women. It’s perfectly fine to respond quickly and show interest, as long as you respond slowly at other times. For example I might be talkative late at night, but neglect her messages during the day when I’m working, or during the weekend when I’m dating other women. This is consistent with how high value men behave. So don’t think that a conversation with a woman must always flow at the speed of molasses. But by employing the hot and cold strategy, (or just naturally using it because you actually are really busy,) you make women feel like you’re giving them the gift of your time by being attentive to them in short spurts. It’s the best of both worlds, because you can demonstrate interest in a woman while still demonstrating value, and you can initiate her tingles by making her feel like there’s a quality man she actually has a chance with.


  29. My ex girlfriend popped up after 6 months no contact, initiated by me. She messaged me complimenting me on a picture. I replied a few hours later and she didn’t respond. She then messaged me again a few days later and I completely ignored her. I then sent her a song a few days later as it reminded me of her. We went back and forth sending each other music. I purposely spaced out the timings of my responses. Then I stopped after she sent me two more YouTube links. A week or so later I saw a video that reminded me of her and I debated whether or not to send it, but decided to anyway. She then replied a few hours later with quite a long message using cat names that we used to have and calling me ‘love’, asking me how I am and what I’ve been up to? I ignored her message as I didn’t want to engage with her. Now a few weeks later she has sent me more song links… what does this mean??


  30. I recently came back to my hometown and got quite a crush on a girl in the old group of friends. Failed to use momentum and tried the friendly way… pretty stupid and it ended by her telling me “Friends yes, but not more”. That being said, I think she likes my appearance and enjoys my company as such but I failed to get any sexual tension going. Its the typical on the paper I am a good match thing.
    I responded by “sure, lucky enough you are good company”. She puts some effort in keeping friendship up, driving me to my car after the party, giving me a dance here and there and hanging around for talks. But thats it.
    Now I really see the problem being my slow and passive approach on a friendly basis. She likes the manly big ego dudes. Is there a way to work my way there again? All I have so far:
    – lower effort to normal friendship
    – go for some other ladies (mainly to make her notice)
    – present myself more manly in mutual social events

    I will be around for a few more months then going abroad for 3 Months again. Hoping to see some interest rise or give it another shot when I am back.

    Does this attempt have potential to pull me out of the friendzone or is it a total waste of time?


  31. Recently, i started to chat with my first crush from few years back, things started perfectly fine, she sent me pictures with pets (not nude of course), and we chat for almost everyday. but things started to change after few weeks when she started to reply late even when she is online using social media at non-working hour. I’m not a smooth talker in nature so i admit that sometimes i crossed the borderline by showing my cares as a boyfriend. She often reply to that kind of messages late, might even take up a day or two. Well, there’s another mistake where I let her know my feeling and ask if I bored her or something, that, gave her the upper advantage and boosted her ego…huh? and uhm, she have multiple suitors who are currently pursuing her and i guess that makes her ego inflated even more? You might say she is a playgirl, but she is actually a nice person(trust me, i knew her for years), just that, she is still a girl after all. So what should i do? ignore her when she isn’t texting back? like what mentioned in the blog?


  32. Listen to this article! It works! I’m doing it now. I met this girl last month we both fell for each other instantly. She said a lot of mean things I said a lot of great things the chemistry was beautiful. Then out of nowhere she fell off. I started chasing her and she fell further back. Last week we made plans she told me she was sick clearly blowing me off. This week or a couple days ago we made plans she made another excuse. I then applied these methods. She is now chasing me I’m not responding to her quickly she says hi I say hello hours pass how are you what are you doing I’m good how are you ours bass she is not chasing me. Follow the plan guys. It works.


  33. I love her I propose her but she saying be a friend or ask my family if they agree then I and also saying that she is not interested in love but few months she started ignoring me not replying me .

    Pls tell me what should I do


  34. I got this chick that lives couple hours away that i fucked around with after hittin on her for years, but failed to capitalize on that shit and took my sweet ass time gettin back up there even though she was on these nuts for like 3 months. She friend zoned me and I played it wrong. Last week I went up there to hang out and i found out shes fuckin this dude that was fuckin 6 years ago. I called her out on it and she denied n all that shit.

    Anyways i’m like fuck it, I’m not going out of my way to contact her. She texted me the next damn afternoon, I ignored it. She asked me about a social media post I made and was it about her and I said yeah. Shes like well im sorry i never did anything to hurt you. Im like its all good. Shes like ok well dont get weird.

    Three days later she texts me again and can’t wait 20 damn minutes before shes like “why are you ignoring my texts? I know you saw that.” (whatsapp is a blessing and a curse lol). I played it cool like Ive been so busy.

    I know I’m in her head but I want to capitlalize on this shit. Fix my error from before.


  35. Hey Kenny- You’re an idiot. You are so caught up playing a game that you might just end up alone forever. If you like a girl or maybe even love her and have feelings- you don’t need to behave this way. If you really like her and want to be with her you actually need to go all out and all in. When I really like a guy I’m an all inner and this is the case for most woman. You’re caught up in the wrong mind set. Good luck.
    Love, Kara


  36. There is this girl I met few months ago we used to talk and I started texting her but she keeps on giving me one word reply..or even take days to reply and she is always online. Suddenly I text her no reply, I waited after few days again text her again still no reply.. Then I stopped texting her totally. I really love her what should I do to get her.


    1. Give it time. Fall off the map as you did, then eventually text her again even after a week or 3 weeks. Bear in mind that most women go through these erratic and illogical emotional states of highs and lows.


  37. So your way of dealing with the manipulative and immature nature of many girls, is to be manipulative and immature back?

    That’s pretty lame. Why would u want to resort to that level to prove something to someone who is like that? Grow some self confidence and grow up bro. Petty Mind games go nowhere and do nothing but show your lack of self security. People grow up and none of this crap has any value.

    If u want to be remembered like that go ahead.. but nobody cares and U are only fooling yourself


  38. Hi Kenny, I have to say that although you are right in some ways, it is men like you who make it impossible for genuine, mature women like me to meet someone. In fact in my experience it is men who play hard to get, who play games and try to nastily mess with your mind. And although it does raise your interest levels in one way it also makes me ask myself why the hell I would ever want to enter into a ‘loving’ relationship with such a mind fuck. You really have little clue about relationships and from the sound of it you’ve never had one that is meaningful if you employ such pathetic tactics. So Yeah, just remember it’s not always the women who play games. I certainly don’t and maybe that has made it just that bit more difficult to meet someone but tbh I couldn’t care less because I would never want to be in a relationship with someone like you anyway!


  39. me and my girlfriend broke up but know we want each other back. the thing is i think were both doing the no contact rule but what if she wont reply first? coz im not going to be first. then what?


  40. Funny how I am related to this topic so deep.
    It happened to me for last 7 weeks. I thought once we have reach over 30, all these games will stop but to my surprise someone is playing these games with me.
    Ok, so I sent the message, I can see she’s online, she looked at the message and ignores it for 5hrs. She replied back, and I respond straight away. Same thing happened the next day. After a day or two I discovered her game. I decided to turn the table on her. I stayed the whole day without contact. Suddenly she sent a message, I stayed 2hrs before responding
    ‘I am away partying, will chat later’. I stayed the whole day without contact, again she’s texted me.I feel is time for her to do the chasing now. Plenty of fish in the sea. Why would I suffer childishly when I want to have serious relationship with her? No point of chasing the shadow and getting emotionally drained. No time to ask yourself questions, why she didn’t text back while online, or why she doesn’t find time to chat with me, but she has time to party with her friends. Anyone who ignores intentionally, IGNORE HER BACK TWICE. especially when you wanted to have a serious relationship..


  41. Complete bullshit.. I am a very attractive girl, my face is very noticeably beautiful. I don’t wear sexy clothes normally unless it’s a wedding etc. I have an MBA and a very stable job with good income. I never ever play with men’s feeling or waste their time and I am very particular about what I am looking for. I haven’t had a relationship for the past 3 years. Recently, I liked a guy. He is very kind, sweet, honest and seemed very confident and comfortable around me. He does not have a stable job but he is very smart and he has high work ethic that I can see a bright future for him. Currently he gets paid one twentieth of me. But I really liked him so extremely much. He gave me every signal that he is interested in me. I fell in love with him. I found him and messaged him and he did not return my message for 30 hours although it showed he read it. Then he sent me a short response. He lost me. I responded to his last message because I am not like him. I am mature and confident so I don’t need playing games. I am sure he is hitting his head to wall now for his rudeness and because his game did not work on me. But if i want a player, there are hundreds player out there. I am looking for an honorable man who can communicate his intentions clearly and who is able to handle rejection and acceptance gentlemanly. And such guys are hard to find. PLUS IF GUYS CAN COME TO THESE WEBSITES AND LEARN TRICKS AND GAMES, THEN WOMEN CAN READ, TOO AND SO CAN CALL YOUR BLUFF. THEN WHAT IS THE POINT?


    1. He lost you? I doubt it. You don’t invest that muh energy and thought into someone, to then just drop it because they took a day to respond. In this case you’re the one playing games. Not him


  42. I have never read such bs in my life. This is the worse advice ever. Girls don’t like game players and would run as fast as she can. The natural build of friendship turning into a relationship is what means the world to a girl. What happens if u follow this stupid advice is that a girl would think u r not interested in her and she would be hurt and not show u that she likes u too. Instead she would pack up her feelings and realize that u were never that into her in the first place. No one likes rejection and definitely no girl who values themselves would be chasing behind a new guy like a dog. This advice is soo belittling.


    1. Girls don’t like game players? Women are the masters of playing games Nia! And friendships never ever turn into relationships. This isn’t the movies.

      As for the advice being belittling, I totally disagree. It’s necessary advice for men.


  43. What ever the Author says is true base on my past experience, I noticed that women likes something or someone that is hard to get, they get panic when you are having fun with other girls and friends, the more they want you. The moment you become soft and needy, its the end.

    Anyways Checkout my site, Get some romantic gifts for her! https://onlinecostumejewellery.com


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