3 Value-Lowering Words/Phrases You Should Avoid When Trying To Seduce A Girl

“Thank You”, “Please”, “Can I”…”may I”?

Which guy uses such phraseology ad nauseum?

Is it the nice guy or the bad boy?

“Ding, Ding, Ding”! Nice guy has it!

We all have come into contact with the now cliche: “Nice guys finish last”.

Very true!

Why they finish last varies across the board.

One such reason as to why nice guys are always shunned and marginalized by hot women [even by the unattractive women], is their gratuitous nature- or what I like to term as an ‘ACT’.

Anyway, if you haven’t gotten the memo as yet, allow me to bash you across the head with this piece of sobering info: Women don’t give a rat’s ass about a man’s gratuitous and grateful gestures!

The more thankfulness and gratefulness you show towards a woman- primarily in the courtship phase- the faster your value will tank in her eyes where her perception of you will have become akin to that of a spineless loser. 😦 😦

In addition to that, part of the problem is coming off apologetically.

Giving apologies, asking for forgiveness, asking questions and saying thanks, will all fucking tank you when trying to get a girl into bed!

Now, I’m not speaking of the occasional and quasi-justifiable apology like when you ring a girl and inadvertently wake her up.

Giving a “Sorry” in such a situation- sparingly- will cause no grave damage in the grand scheme of things because the situation warrants it [an apology].

However, where most guys [so-called nice ones in particularly] go wrong, is when they apologize for absolutely fucking nothing!

Need a common example?

“Sorry for taking you away from your busy schedule…but can we text please”?

Talk about a triple-fucking whammy!

Those were 3 infractions within 1 short sentence: “Sorry”, “Can we”(?) And “please”.

I almost choked typing that because of how horrible it looks, sounds and comes off! 😯

To the average guy’s ears and eyes: such a text message is commonplace and totally normal and fine!


I think I need an aspirin.

Anyway, the reality is: there is something deeply rooted within a female’s biological makeup which doesn’t take light to men who are neither supplicative, apologetic, gratuitous nor thanks-giving.

Something within her- beyond her perception and control- repels such male characters and deems them sterile, thus un-sex-worthy.

Once again: this is why women are so attracted to bad boys, jerks and assholes!

Ask any girl why does she go for the wrong type, and watch her fumble for an answer.

She simply doesn’t know the answer, because that decision is outside of her conscious decision-making processor.

Hence, she continuously fucks assholes and jerks yet doesn’t know why, and cannot explain why she goes for the so-called wrong types.

Ok, so what is my ultimate advice for you here?

Stay away from thanking girls whom you just met.

Stay away from asking permission.

Stay away from saying “Please”.

In a woman’s mind, attractive and important guys of value should not be seeking her permission, nor should they be thanking her for minuscule and meaningless acts of capitulation.

In other words, if a chick gives you her phone number, it is NO cause for spiking the football in the end zone in celebration [to use an American football analogy] by hurling a “thanks a lot sweetie” text her way.

When trying to get a girl’s phone number, let’s say that this is on Facebook or some internet-dating site, virtually begging her like a vagrant isn’t gonna do you any justice!

Even if the girl does cave and coughs up her digits, there is no guarantee that she will entertain your phone calls or text messages in the first place.

News flash: because a girl gives you her phone number, it doesn’t mean that she’s interested!

There is such a thing as a pity number, fake number, throwaway number, etc, etc, etc.

Women are notorious for giving guys their #’s without any expectation of actually hearing back from the guy…simply because they don’t want to hear from 90% of the guys to whom they give their numbers.

It’s basically giving guys their #’s just to get rid of them…or to not shatter those guy’s fragile powder-puff hearts. 😉

Therefore, you don’t want cases where chicks are giving you their numbers out of pity or just to get you off their back.

One way in which to avoid the pity number is to stop ‘asking’ her for the number altogether!

“Asking” denotes weakness and unsurity.

“Asking” is often times misconstrued by women to mean begging.

If you’re sure about yourself and the results of an action; why would you ask?

Coming off as being sure means that you’re exuding some levels of confidence.

Whenever I go for a girl’s #, I communicate surety in what I’m doing and surety in that I have the # in the bank already therefore she will give it…without me asking/begging in the form of “Can I”, or “may I get”?

I instead say to the girl, “Give me your number”.

There is no fucking “Please” at the end of my command neither! 😈

I know what I want, I know what I’ll get, I own it, embrace it and the girl senses my dominant attitude and she gives in for the simple fact that women go bonkers for men who are dominant…not exactly domineering [there’s a big difference there].

This attitude is also transfered over to the so-called date proposal.

I don’t “Ask” girls if they can go out with me!

I ‘TELL’ them to come out with me or meet me somewhere [operative word being “Tell”]!

For example, check out this screenshot from a Whatsapp conversation I had with a sexy-bodybuilding instructor I recently picked up [my texts in green].

There was no asking nor begging there.

I was telling her what the deal was!

That is how you ask a girl out by not asking at all, instead telling her what your plans are and to see what accommodations need to be made.

However, I always assume the sale!

I always assume that she’ll buy what I’m selling.

This spells confidence, self-assuredness and cockiness [a bit of ‘Cocky’ works wonders].

On a last note, this “assuming the sale” mentality by not asking but just doing, is the same frame required while in the bedroom.

How un-confident would it be if through every step of the way in the bedroom, you’re seeking the girl’s permission and approval to escalate towards sex…by touching her:

“Can I touch you now”?

“Can I remove your blouse”?

“Can you allow me to touch your legs please”?

Just totally fucking nonsensical!

No guy who’s sure of himself is going to be asking a girl in bed for the first time, can he do this or do that.

He’ll simply just act and do.

If the girl isn’t up for it, she’ll let it be known in some way.

Therefore, by owning it and assuming the girl is down with your program [be it swapping numbers, etc.], will be your key to unlocking many doors to poon-town.

Contrarily, asking, begging, pleading, thanking will rarely ever get you anywhere in the field of dating.

You may still get a girl’s number: but it won’t be worth a damn thing.

You may even still get the girl to accept the date: but it is likely that she had no other plans, wanted to be wined and dined in order to brag to her friends, meanwhile having zero intention to neither sleep with you, date you nor to be your girlfriend.

You’re merely just charity in her eyes where she’s the recipient of your charitable gestures.

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