When A Girl Doesn’t Respond To Your Texts

A question I’m often asked by guys enrolled in my Whatsapp program, is:

“Hey Kenny, what do you do when a girl doesn’t reply to your messages”?

My answer is simple and always the same: “I do nothing”.

The thing is, when I message a girl and she doesn’t get back, I don’t even remember that I messaged her to begin with. If a week goes by and she does finally reply, I’m always like, “Huh? Who is this? What are you talking about”?

I’m so consumed in my own world and busy doing shit that I don’t nearly have the time to even think about some chick I texted 10 minutes ago…let alone + 24 hours ago!

In addition to that, so many chicks are hitting me up on a daily basis that it is impossible for me to remember that I’d texted some girl who never acknowledged a text of mines.

On another note guys: don’t take it personally whenever the girl doesn’t reply to your text. But sending 10 more texts on top of the 2 that she never replied to, isn’t gonna change the ballgame.

Now, this all begs the following question: “What ‘SHOULD’ you do when the girl doesn’t respond to your text”?

Well- I’ll begin by saying that it won’t be easy-breezy coming from your current state of mind, reality and what you perceive courtship and dating to be like.

As I eluded to previously, this requires a combination of various factors and strategies.

1.) You have to move on!

There are times when you must proactively chase a girl in order to get her to engage over text or phone call.

However, if you just acquired a girl’s phone number, text her for the first time and she fails to respond to your first few messages [let’s say 3 messages for example]: then you MUST drop it and move on!

This doesn’t mean to erase her number as yet [though I often do].

However, it does signal that you should move on to other things and other girls and give the non-responsive one some time to come around…if she does.

2.) Be busy!

Easier said than done if you actually don’t have anything else to occupy your time.

Well- find something!

In keeping with point #1 of finding other girls to text, you can find a hobby, read a book, watch some movies [though I don’t advise this], exercise, take a walk, etc.

You’d be surprise to see that occupying yourself with other activities may cause you to forget about the girl who hasn’t been responsive.

3.)Delete her!

This approach may be the most difficult to execute but the most effective since there’s no turning back.

I equate this to the “burn the bridge behind you” approach where you’re left with no recourse but to go forward.

Sometimes in dating, we need to burn the bridge down that we had crossed over in order ro avoid going backwards.

In this matter, it means to delete that girl’s number from your phone, or to delete her from Facebook.

By “delete”, I also mean ‘Completely”!

Leave no trace of her number inside of your phone!

This means to delete her number from your call log, text messages, Whatsapp, BBM…everywhere!

You’re essentially putting yourself in a position where you can’t contact her again even if you wanted to!

Now, the beauty with this approach and why it is most effective of the 3, is that if the girl was actually into you at all, she will contact you eventually, after she would have realized that you fell off the proverbial map.

Hence, in a sense, you get to confirm whether she’s into you or not.

Overall guys, what I’m advising you here is to cultivate abundance with women and to have shit going on in your life!

The more numbers in your phone book, the less likely you are to give a rat’s ass about a particular 1.

That “one” won’t hold as much value in contrast to if it were the only number in your phone book.

Hence, get more girls! and since you’re reading my blog: it means that you’re already setting yourself up to get more girls. 😉 😉

Lastly, by being a busy dude, you simply won’t have the time to think about girls who are being iffy and flaky.

For example: I run a blog, write articles daily, write e-books and I coach pickup.

This is all apart from my 9-to-5 day job which takes up the entire daylight hours out of my day.

With all that on my plate, where do I find the time to text girls?

Well- the thing is- I do find the time, and I do text girls daily…more girls than you could probably ever fathom.

However, since I have other shit to do [blog, teach, shoot videos, work, workout, etc], I don’t have time to find myself preoccupied with chicks who don’t reply to my messages, because as soon as I send off a text to some chick, I’m immediately and simultaneously texting 5 other girls about hooking up.

The one of the 6th who doesn’t reply, she is quickly drowned out and sent to my virtual-recycling bin where the fact that I had texted her, would’ve been a faded memory.

Whenever she does reply [if she does], I’m usually left in a confused state, neither recalling what I’d texted her, nor what she’s texting me about.

This can only happen if you have other shit going on in life and in dating. But if you’re home doing nothing- 24/7- with only one option in girls to contact, then you’ll remain bogged down in this pitiful cycle of crying over the girls who don’t respond.

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