Getting Away With Breaking The Rules Of Texting Women

“Is This Some Sorta Twisted Contradiction”?

Ok, I must put this out there to unequivocally say that this post will totally contradict the previous post…but not quite. :confused:

Confused yet?

Despair not!

As with most aspects of pickup: certain things are set in stone while others are pliable…depended on the person’s level of advancement in the area of getting laid.

For newer guys, it is always advisable to stick to the script and not deviate.

As you advance, not only will you be able to deviate successfully, but you’ll begin to operate from a different frame where everything opens up like a matrix.

When it comes to texting women in order to set up a rendezvous, get laid or just to catch up, guys over texting is a huge problem.

If you’re sending 4 texts to 1 of hers: then you’re over texting!

You should’ve already known that.

Those intrinsic rules such as “No over-texting”, can be broken…but only when you are unattached from the outcome and aren’t emotionally invested into the text messages.

To those who aren’t au-fait with seduction-community jargon, what this means is that the more dependent you are on anticipating and getting a return message from the girl, the more anxious and disappointed you’ll become if you don’t get a reply.

On the contrary, the less dependent and reliant you are on a return text, if such a text doesn’t come, the affects of it won’t be as strong as if you’d placed much anticipatory energy into it.

Get me?

Ok, so, do I over text?


Do I get away with it?


How come?

My mind is in the right place.

I am NOT text-dependent!

I am NOT sitting with phone in hand, dying and waiting to get a reply from any girl.

Though my phone is virtually glued to my palms as I’m always using it, once I shoot off a Whatsapp-text message or inbox a girl on Facebook, I immediate close that app or continue to do whatever else I might have been doing within the app…like texting other chicks, commenting on posts, replying to my notifications and so forth.

I’m NEVER waiting for an answer or reply to any text I send unless it’s completely urgent shit like working out logistics when I’m meeting up with a girl, and needing a refreshment on her address or on which street she lives.

In such a case, it is highly plausible to await a reply instantly.

However, apart from that, I send and go!

That is the text-game mindset I want you to adopt: Text and Go!

Text the girl and go about your business!

In this case, even if you do over text the girl (by inadvertently sending 4 messages without even receiving 1 reply), it won’t fucking matter [as much] since you aren’t attached to a possible reply.

Thus, it isn’t that I don’t make texting blunders.

I do!

It’s that I simply don’t care either way.

With that being said, if you are going to break the rules of texting, the only prerequisite is that you should be unattached from results/replies.

You cannot be breaking rules of texting while being attached, invested and waiting on the girl to reciprocate with a message of her own.

Divorce your emotions. From your texts and from the outcome.

This doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to be emotion-less. It simply means to keep your emotions in check while texting.

What's your view?

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