Your Personal WHATSAPP Wingman And Pick-Up & Dating Instructor

Hey- you- got Whatsapp?


I’m a Whatsapp junkie too! 😉

I just launched a new program which is a spinoff to my old BBM & Whatsapp-coaching programs which launched some years ago.

With this new coaching program over Whatsapp Messenger, I’ll personally work with you (via Whatsapp) on your sticking-points or personal issue as it relates to a particular girl or a particular area in pickup and dating.

The added beauty is that I’ll teach you how to seduce girls over Whatsapp, and how to get girls off of Whatsapp and into your bed by executing my renown and stealthy text-game formats.

Kenny seducing on Whatsapp

This is a total-fucking revolutionization to the game!

As someone who’s glued to Whatsapp Messenger nearly 24/7 around the clock, it goes without saying that I would’ve thought of something this awesome to get you laid!

Having girls on Whatsapp and not able to make anything happen is just a waste of your time!

Losing girls by text?

I bet!

Don’t know how to text girls to begin with?


This is what I’m here for; to offer Real-time coaching!

As you designated wingman for the day: we will turn those phone new or already dead phone numbers into something meaningful!

As a side note: 80% of the girls I manage to sleep with are results of attraction and seduction over Whatsapp after I would’ve secured their phone numbers.

Here are some recent screenshots from Whatsapp Messenger to illustrate how texting girls on Whatsapp should look like…and the end results.

The subsequent text conversation is between a girl and me whom I had recently slept with while banging her best friend aka BFF a while before I slept with her [my texts in green. Hers in white].



Another girl I’d recently picked up and hooked up with though Whatsapp [my texts in green].


Another girl I’d picked up recently…who happens to be married. But my vibe/texting [humorous] is what is important here to attracting girls.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sparking attraction with girls on Whatsapp.

This Whatsapp-coaching program is 1-time payment only.

Yes- you read that shit correctly!

One-time payment only, will get you enrolled into my Whatsapp circle where we will continue to tweak and troubleshoot your texting issues until you get it handled!

After you will have purchased and joined the coaching program, you will be automatically redirected to a private page where you’ll receive a mobile-phone number to my specialized Whatsapp, where you can add me up and we begin to work on your specific case, a specific girl or a specific sticking-point…or we can schedule a specific time that best suits you.

See you on the other side!

[Note: This program is in no way affiliated with Whatsapp]

Have further questions about the program?

Hit me up @ —->>>

[Reduced price from $200 USD to $129 USD].

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