Make Her Want To Hook Up With This 1 Line

Dating and psychology go hand in hand like salt and pepper.

If you understand how the female mind works, then you can always give her that extra nudge in the right direction. 😈

One such way in which I exploit this, is to give the girl a sense of urgency by telling her that “I’m leaving soon”, “I have a flight to catch in a day or so”, “I’m not from here”, “I’ll be visiting some family for the Summer”, etc.

Such simplistic lines work fucking wonders in propelling the girl to either want to meet up or hook up!

Such lines create a sense of urgency in the girl’s mind where she thinks:

“I have to meet up/hook up with this guy ASAP because he’s leaving town”.

On the other hand, if you don’t indicate that there’s a sense of urgency, the girl has no reason to want to see you again in any hurry.

Get it?

4 thoughts on “Make Her Want To Hook Up With This 1 Line

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  1. Hey man,

    Really interesting article. I think the physiology side of dating the pick up is really fascinating. This line seems like will really work, creates a sense of urgency plus makes you appear as if you have a place to be all in one, nice man.

    Anyway I don’t usually comment on stuff I see online but just wanted to say that I just came across your site and I think its awesome, Im just getting out of a relationship I was in for nearly 5 years and getting back into pick and sites like this and are really really helping me man so thanks again!


    1. I already did Audinue…in this post. Is just for you to get creative and think of some. But getting her to want to meet up is all that is necessary. You don’t have to actually get her to verbally commit to having sex


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