Intimate Positioning When On Dates

Ok guys, I’ve touched on this a few times in recent history, but I’m obliged to periodically twist your arms on this one.

Traditional-dinner dates are NOT conducive to sex in the way that they are set up!

When one goes on a traditional date- especially the first date- there are some unspoken and unwritten rules which guys tend to follow religiously:

*No touching

*No intimacy

*Keep hands to ‘self

*Sit as far away as possible in order to not make your date feel uncomfortable

The list goes on in relation to the dos and donts which are akin to imaginary lines that aren’t there, but people abide within those imaginary lines just out of custom.

Meeting up with a girl to grab a drink and or dinner, is 1 such traditional date which enjoins upon it these unspoken restrictions.

Hence, you have the custom where guy sits across the table from girl where she’s safely outside of his dirty-manly reach.

As quite often the case; this is a recipe for no intimacy, let alone sex after the date.

What guys aren’t getting is this truth: Women want intimacy…but they are prohibited by social rules to say so…especially on a first date!

As the man, she relies on you (consciously and sub-consciously) to know this, therefore take action since her hands are tied in that regard.

However, most men being highly deficient in the social-intelligence department, drop the balls here almost every fucking time by keeping great distance between himself and the damsel!

Ironically, after the guy will have completed such a non-intimate date, buzzed from a bit of red wine or champagne, he attempts to get intimate at the worst-possible moment ever: at the girl’s doorstep…when the date is over!

For clarity sake, by “intimate”, I mean trying to smooch the girl’s cheek or hug her goodnight in a non-sexual manner.

Hence, an entire date was wasted with just a hug in goodbye at its end to show for it.

Also, what a lot of guys are unaware of is another truth which follows: If you’re non-intimate with a girl and then try to get intimate after a great deal of time has elapsed, the girl will become uncomfortable and weirded out by the guy’s sudden attempts at intimacy…especially if he’s highly un-calibrated [non-confident] as most men are.

This is why in pickup, we teach you to get intimate A fucking SAP!

“Intimate” doesn’t always have to denote “sexual”.

Simply holding a girl’s fingers, hand, hand on her shoulder, hugging casually, etc, are all forms of intimacy.

Once you do this right away, the girl rationalizes to herself that you’re the kind of guy who generally does these things and get away with it…hence why you’re confident at it.

However, if you’re on a 2-hour dinner date and by the 1st hour you haven’t remotely done or said anything of intimacy to and with the girl, then attempting to do so after an hour of showing the girl that you don’t have a dick in your pants [figuratively]; things will get fucking awkward!

The girl didn’t see this coming!

Sure the element of surprise is awesome in other areas of courtship. But it backfires like a poorly loaded RPG in your face when it comes to intimacy and closeness on a date.

Saying all this to say: when on your so-called date, ensure that you sit close as possible to the girl!

I didn’t say to stifle her with her presence!

However, you want to sit within arm’s reach!

Most guys foolishly do the opposite and position themselves where it is impossible to reach out and touch their date.

The only how you’ll be able to get away with sitting at a distance yet being a sexual threat, is if the girl already knows your shtick, and she already knows that you’re the kind of guy who has balls and isn’t shy about taking action.

Not trying to blow my own horn, but myself for instance, I can afford to sit/stand wherever I please while on a so-called date and still be comforted in knowing that I can try to sleep with this girl at the last second without weirding her out nor causing any awkward energy in the air.

This only happens [weird energy] on dates where the girl doesn’t see you as a sexual item because of your asexual, non-sexual and non-intimate energy throughout the date and beforehand.

It’s like being friendzoned by a chick for being a non-intimate coward, then try to fuck the same girl who had friendzoned you.


Once a girl deems you a non-intimate and non-sexual item, there is NO way to redeem yourself in her eyes!

Hence, you want to establish your first date with intimacy in mind.

Quit worry about the food, activity, price, cover charge, venue, etc. and always bear in mind that intimacy outweighs all other factors in the girl’s eyes!

She craves an intimate date.

The last thing she can care about is what sorta meal she can stuff her face with…unless she’s a vagrant who hasn’t had a semi-balanced meal in a while.

With my most recent lunch date, I had picked up a random girl on the streets and took her to a bar and grill joint to grab a burger and a soda.

As expected, I sat close as possible to her as logistically allowed.

If the chairs weren’t so darn awfully shaped, I would’ve sat closer than the photos below depicted.

However, the point still remains: Position Yourself Within (Close) Proximity Of The Girl…Close Enough To Touch Her!







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