(Sexual) Chemistry vs Looks – Which Is More Important

As I advance deeper into the art of seduction/pickup, every now and again, I’m hit with a novel revelation or realization into some nuance aspect of the game.

Over the months, I’ve come to realize that chemistry doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with looks.

What I mean is, I can meet a girl today, spurred on by her physical appearance [looks]: nice tits, ass and face to my liking, but the (sexual) chemistry between isn’t as brimming as it ought to be…giving the hotness of the girl.

Contrarily, I can meet a not-so-hot girl who doesn’t have the perfect tit-to-ass ratio to my liking, but the mutual-sexual chemistry is blaringly obvious.

Conventional wisdom would have it that I should feel more of a sexual spark with the sexier girl than the not-so sexy girl…right?


However, it doesn’t quite pan out this way in most cases.

For instance, you guys would have seen my insane-mega day-game video from a week ago where I had picked up more girls on camera in less than 24 hours, than any other pick-up artist practitioner or instructor in the business has ever done…not even close to doing!

Be as it may, as I edited the video throughout the week prior to its release, I was forced to recollect the vibe and the interaction between me and those women.

As I tediously did that, I slowly realized out of all the girls featured in the video, the 1 I shared the most sexual chemistry with, was the least sexier one.

Now, what is this all saying in relation to you potentially facing such a dilemma?

Since I’ve been in this peculiar situation many times, and mishandled it countless times, I can realistically say that it will almost always be the wiser decision to choose to pursue the girl in whom you share (sexual) chemistry with, even though she’s not the hotter one.

Chemistry doesn’t spark with every girl whom you will have met.

In fact, chemistry, whether sexual or non-sexual, cannot be wielded into existence at will.

Chemistry cannot be controlled, directed, redirected or channeled.

It’s either there or it isn’t.

Chemistry is something you cannot force.

The problem here is that lots of guys try to jam sexual chemistry through the door when it isn’t present.

I lose + 70% of the girls I pick up simply for the fact that chemistry isn’t and was never there from the beginning.

When you base your pursuit of women on how hot they looks, you will find yourself in the precarious situation where you lose more girls than you manage to sleep with.

The more prudent strategy is to choose based on chemistry and if it exists between both parties or not.

I’m not advising you to bang girls who aren’t hot or to your liking. But if you don’t share (sexual) chemistry between a particular girls and yourself, then it’s a gross waste of time to pursue her still.

Since chemistry cannot be created, any pursuit of a girl whom you don’t have chemistry with from the get-go, will result in the all-too-familiar failed attempt at getting laid or getting a girlfriend.

You may very well desire a 10. But the chemistry just isn’t there! Whereas you have less desire for a 7, but you two share lots of chemistry.

The wiser decision would be to go with the 7 though she’s less hotter.

The chances of sleeping with the 7 whom you share chemistry with, would’ve been much greater, while pursuit of the 10 whom you share little to no chemistry with, would result in no sex at all.

Thus, I’m beginning to learn to go with the chemistry and not necessarily my looks criterion.

Ironically enough, whenever I do go with the girl with whom I have chemistry, I almost always manage to sleep with her: 95% of the time.

On the other hand, when I decide to pursue a girl who’s hotter but with whom I share little chemistry, my chances of sleeping with her is between 5-10%.

See the stark correlation in contrast?

In conclusion, I see it as a give and take.

Sure I want to sleep with the hottest girls possible. But sometimes, the chemistry just isn’t there.

8 thoughts on “(Sexual) Chemistry vs Looks – Which Is More Important

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  1. “I lose + 70% of the girls I pick up simply for the fact that chemistry isn’t and was never there from the beginning.”

    Preach it fam!


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