Day-Game Mayhem Video- 10 Straight Hours Of Kenny Picking Up Girls On The Streets

My biggest and most time-consuming project yet is here!

I spent approximately 8 days compiling, editing, converting, transferring, stitching and uploading almost 10 video clips [taken last Friday, June 5th] of raw and uncut pickup material.

There has never been such an extensive-video project ever made in the pickup community nearly as close to this one.

Just to catch you up to speed, last Friday, I decided hit the city streets of St John’s, Antigua [where I reside], to film myself in the 1st person picking up girls left to right…hence “Day-Game Mayhem” as the video is entitled.

This is also the reason why I hadn’t updated the blog in a week.

Ultimately, the reason I put together this hellish project is for you guys!

The Summer is upon us, lots of girls are out and about and I can bet my life on it that you’re dead tired of watching hot tail vanish before your eyes.

This video of more than 2 hours of non-stop approaches and pickups of random women, will not only get you highly-fucking motivated, but will also demonstrate the perfect vibe that you should have when picking up women.

I don’t just teach men “Game”.

I teach a “Vibe”…a particular “Vibe”.

I also dispel and dismiss the myth that looks matter.


Your vibe matters!

With no further ado: here is the long-awaited video which was shot 10 straight hours on June 5th [Friday] 2015.


Bonus clips + a break down of my style, format and day-game pickup method.

2 thoughts on “Day-Game Mayhem Video- 10 Straight Hours Of Kenny Picking Up Girls On The Streets

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  1. Hello Kenny,

    before I get lost in this vast (2 h) material, let me first say THANKS. Really appreciate that and was already looking forward the release even more than the new dinosaur movie. Of course two genres which are hardly comparable. lol

    All the best



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