Hey guys, if you’ve been wondering: I haven’t fallen off the map or died.

The reason for my inactivity over the last week is because of a project…a mega-infield cold approach day-game mayhem video which I’d planned to finish and upload by yesterday afternoon.

However, the power supply charger for my notepad had died under the intense work of editing almost 100 infield clips for this 1 of a kind cold-approach project.

Be as it may, it is 2 full hours of straight infield day-game approaches and pickups which were all shot (in the 1st person) last Friday from about 10 AM to 6 PM.

It’s about 98% complete.

When it finishes, it will have been the most interactive and edifying day-game video in PUA and Youtube history. Not only is it 2 full hours of nonstop cold approaches- no breaks- but you’ll learn everything you ever wanted about how to cold approach random women on the streets since 99% of the approaches were done on the streets.

You will never have another question about how to pick up women on the streets again in your life!

You’ll see everything from me picking up a security guard on duty to me getting insta-dates, showing how and when to KINO, kiss, approaching 3 sets, picking up super-hot girl in front of 2 guys whom I thought were the boyfriend, etc.

It’d be akin to watching a movie in the first person.

At the end of the day, you will have realized that looks don’t matter and that your vibe does.

After all; I’m not a handsome dude according to societal standards. But I had picked up over 50 girls in about 9 hours of cold approaching with only about 3 rejections total.

Virtually every girl I had approached I picked up apart from the 1st set of the video which was a warmup set.

Hopefully by this afternoon I will get the video posted.

The following screenshots and photos are from that video project last Friday.







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