Picked Up Another Random Hottie On Facebook + How To Passively Force Girls To Want To See You And Hook Up

Earlier today while making my usual Facebook rounds, responding to notifications and comments, FB suggested I added this girl as friends, so I went right to work after realizing that she had passed my boner-test.

I’ll let you read the screenshots from FB Messenger then I’ll break down the psychology of such a seduction.

BTW, chat begins from the very beginning with the 1st message tht I sent her. In essence, the 1st message is my opener.






Ok…that escalated fast.

What I want to point out here are few things.

1.) “Shit Tests” should be expected.

What is a shit test?

When the girl said to me, “I don’t know you”, which is the fact, is a shit test especially in this case.

She handed me shit but I passed her shit tests.

What would most guys do?

Bow out gracefully or become all supplicative and weak trying to friend their way into the girl’s heart.

As you had seen: my approach was strictly sex-based- not looking to be friends but to hook up.

Secondly, realize that she threw out another congruence test at me when she said or asked if I had a woman/GF.

Did I say no or did I own it?

I owned it, reassured by the knowledge from experience that women aren’t turned off by men with girlfriends.

Hence, I passed another 1 of her tests which would’ve caused most guys to stumble.

Listen- whenever you pass a girl’s shit tests and congruence tests, her pussy instantly gets wett for you!

She’ll instantly go from a girl who’s indifferent towards you, to a DTF chick…as this Facebook pickup clearly illustrates in my case.

Thirdly, Don’t give up easily!

As I hinted at earlier, a girl merely wants to see/know/confirm whether you’re for real, weak, strong, Beta, Alpha and so forth.

If she senses you are weak, passive and are playing games, she will ignore you.

My aim was very much to the point.

I want sex.

She sensed that, hence she asked if I wanted to fuck.

Whenever a girl asks if it’s sex that you want, the worst way in which to answer this…which most guys use anyway, is:

1.) No! I’m not looking sex!

Yes you are! 😆

Most guys- not wanting to get cornered nor to be branded shallow and unlike a gentleman- will say NO to sex whenever a girl asks if that’s what they want.

When you do this [lie] the girl- knowing that you lied- will punish you by either:

A.) Withhold sex indefinitely and make it a long-drawn out process just to punish you

B.) Punish you for lying by ignoring you and simply stop talking to you

C.) Throw you into the friend-zone as punishment for lying

Therefore, you want to always man up whenever a girl hits you with that question about sex.

Nine in ten times: it is a test to see whether you’ll lie or own it!

Since I owned it; the girl instantly knew that I was a sex-worthy guy who isn’t into any drawn-out process, dates, dating, dinner, etc.

This is why when I look to rendezvous with a new girl, I never suggest dinner, movie, outing or anything elaborate.

I mostly suggest that she comes by…as in my hotel/hostel/guest-house.

Ok, so now- the good stuff.

How To (Passively) Force A Girl To Want To Meet Up And Hook Up

The hidden magic goes straight back to my 1st ever inbox message sent top this girl.


Wherein lies the magic?

Saying to the girl that I’m leaving shortly…as in leaving the country.

This is equivalent to a False-Time Constraint but on a grander level.

In other words, when you tell a girl that you’re about to leave for another country, it propels her into action.

This is also equivalent to a scarce item on the shelf in stores.

A customer is more likely to buy if he or she knows that an item is about to go off the shelf.

Conversely, if the item seems to not be going anywhere, there is no urgency placed upon the consumer to purchase now!

He or she can always buy later!

By saying to a girl as I did, “I’m leaving in a day or so”, you become that item that is about to sell out.

In addition to this strategy, a girl is also 10 times more willing and likely to hook up fast if she knows you’re leaving/traveling because she won’t have to worry about the guy becoming clingy after sex since he would’ve already left town or country anyway.

This is why you almost always want to position yourself as a guy who’s in transition.

With such a frame set, a girl is way less likely to play games, flake or stand you up.

All in all, I want you to keep those tidbits in mind whenever picking up women and trying to get laid ASAP!

Also, if you want to learn how to pick up random girls on Facebook like I do, check out my product: Facebook Bang

7 thoughts on “Picked Up Another Random Hottie On Facebook + How To Passively Force Girls To Want To See You And Hook Up

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  1. Lol! You know, if there’s one thing I admire about your skills is: You drop your pride. The ego holds me back for real sometimes, almost did just now. So I’m texting this girl and all she’s giving me are one-word answers, though she wants to meet up, I’m still annoyed she’s one-wording me. But I calmed down and I’m meeting her tomorrow. Feck, its gonna be so cold and I’m meeting her at a freaken park but she doesn’t my place sooooo..


    1. Glad for you Nino, that you actually have something set up for tomorrow. I know what you mean by those dreaded one-worders lol 😆 .
      Explain a bit about the ego. What did you mean by ego and pride as far as me dropping it? You meant as far as me not feeling rejected?


      1. Yeah, as far as you feeling rejected. I think 98% of guys would have just thought to themselves “argh feck it, she aint into this so let me stop pestering her” and you just bulldozed right through. Its like in football, I know you hate it. But there’s this guy called Yaya Toure, guy isn’t smooth or fancy but he can bulldoze his way through defence like a mofo!


  2. Dude you’re a beast! Lol

    I just seen this cutie, I compliment her on her shoes and she says “thanks my bf got them for me” I had absolutey no comeback lol smh I wasn’t ready to game.. all I thought was what would’ve Kenny said


    1. Lol shiit, you probably would have come up with something had you expected that response. Feck, she killed you there lol!


    2. Lol thanks for that Razor! And I was rooting for you with that hottie you said you complimented. And nice compliment by the way. Complimenting on her shoes shows that you aren’t carried away by her beauty and looks. But I’m glad that you know that you need a good comeback when it comes to things that the girl say. In time and with practice, you’ll learn how to think on your feet laser fucking fast!
      Don’t give up! And keep checking out my website. 😉


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