My Edge Over Stereotypical Good-Looking Guy

You wanna know my secret weapon and edge over the stereotypical good-looking guys when it comes to getting girls at the bars, clubs in particular and on the internet?

I shamelessly approach women and let them know what I’m thinking.

I am not about propping up the bar counter like a statue and expect women to just approach me and throw the pussy into my lap.

Hence, my edge over the average good-looking guy or the guy with $$$ is simply my willingness to approach and get sexual.

Now, don’t think that approaching a girl and telling her that you want to sleep with her, will make it manifest.

That isn’t what I mean…at least not exactly.

There is an unspoken vibe which women can sense emanating from a man.

This “vibe” is what I communicate without having to verbalize my thoughts and intentions.

My edge is that I don’t give off a friend-to-friend vibe.

Most guys are still under the impression that they must friend their way into a girl’s panties: friends first- sex later.

Not only does this not work, but it isn’t a wise strategy when you’re conversing with women in a sexually charge environment like a bar or nightclub.

Hence, while guys are in the club or on the internet for that matter, having these 30 minutes, non-flirty platonic-type of interactions with women which leads to nowhere, I’m swinging for the fences to either:

A.) Take the girl home

B.) Get a solid fucking phone number

Therefore, the primary edge that I have over stereotypical good-looking guys, is my sexualized vibe, sexual aura and willingness to push the envelope.

What's your view?

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