Sexual Spikes

I strongly believe in sexual spikes and making strong-sexual declarations.

I called over a girl [motioned with my finger] while in the bar sitting Friday night.

She comes over, lean down and I said in her ear, “I want you”.

Girl: “What you mean”?

Me: “I want to fuck you”.

She blushes, laughs and said, “You think I’m that easy? You think I’m just some stray pussy you’re gonna get tonight”?

Me: “Listen, I haven’t been drinking. As you can see, I’m drinking an Arizona. No alcohol for the night. So I’m saying what I mean with intent. It’s not the alcohol talking”.

Rambling is what you want to do in such a situation.

Just ramble after declaring the sexual spike.

I told her to get back to her group and we’ll chat a bit later.

For the rest of the night, she will have remembered me as the guy who pumped her state in a sexual manner.

If I do re-engage her, she will have already known the type of guy I am.

Start using sexual spikes!

2 thoughts on “Sexual Spikes

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  1. Lol right on! I find that once you’ve declared such, its useless to keep on reiterating it. Just ramble on until she rejects or gives in.


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