3 Crafty Ways To Touch The Girl

In my latest video, I reveal my 3 secret tips that used to get me closer to the girl (physically) in order to get romantic without freaking the girl out.

Most of us struggle whenever on so-called dates and trying to figure out how to get close and establish touch with the girl.

One thought on “3 Crafty Ways To Touch The Girl

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  1. I’ve been getting away with a lot lately. Not sure what changed but I feel like my mindset has slightly shifted. Nowadays 90% of the girls I’m talking to let me touch them (I get to feel their ass, rub my hand between their legs, hold their hand) :/ they don’t freak out or tell me off and it feels fuckin great coz at the same time, by me touching them I get this spike in sexual energy. I get extremely horny, they feel it (state transference)…my dick gets hard and I’m in it to win it.
    Also Kenny, wanna mention something. I think I’ve been pegged as a player at my gym (not bothered by it), coz that’s where I talk to most chicks (most of them are damn sexy) and whenever there’s a hot chick near me, that time I’m minding my own business. I’ll see some guy approach her and then he’ll start trash talking about me, apparently warning her about the shit I get up to lol wtf :/ yet those girls still keep glancing my way while the guy is still talking shit, strange hey.


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