2 Most Ridiculous Anti-PUA Videos

Generally, I pay no mind to guys who don’t know about pickup yet want to talk about pickup.

These 2 videos happened to grab my attention the other day because of how ridiculous they are.

This Beta-Male clown seems to think that trying to meet women or chat to women, is desperate and putting women on pedestals.

Now, this idiot below seems to think that PUA’s try to befriend women in order to potentially seduce them…not realizing that PUA’s don’t generally befriend women.

Speaks a lot about the little this guy knows about the pickup artist.

Not to mention he thinks PUA’s are weird. 😉 😯

2 thoughts on “2 Most Ridiculous Anti-PUA Videos

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  1. Lmfao what the actual fuck…….. I couldn’t even finish watching these videos. If a guy wants to go around trying to get laid, let him do what he wants! Who the fuck are you to judge??? Live your life, and let the ‘PUAs’ live theirs. This is not an addiction but a lifestyle. And we chose this lifestyle. Personally I don’t like that term PUA… Nor do I consider myself as one. I’m just a guy having a good time, enjoying life and trying to get laid. If that makes me a creep than so be it! I’m a total CREEP.
    I like girls, some like me and some don’t. Cool! I’ve realized females like a masculine confident ballsy physical threathening type of guy. I take what I want type of guy! Girls always know that I want to fuck them (its the hookup culture man, might as well make the most out it), but that doesn’t I won’t settle down if I bump into a cool chick.
    We don’t try to sneak our way between their legs. Be upfront, tell them you’re about, feel good, chat, connect, crack a few jokes, make her laugh, touch her, try to kiss her, etc. Nothing manipulative there. If they’re down than we can have some sweet passionate caveman like sex! (Almost hooked up with a chick 30mins after meeting her at the gym, logistics were fucked up so I missed out)…. These blokes sound bitter, angry, deflated, confused, annoyed….why why why, why not me. Who are you kidding, you’re a man! Suppressing what you really feel makes you deppressed and shit. I choose not to suppress my masculine energy and that makes me feel better, more confident and more at ease.


    1. Awesome take Kent! In such a sexualized culture, we are merely taking advantage of it. I couldn’t finish the 1st video so I really didn’t even know he was angling at an addiction as to why guys in pickup are into pickup.
      And good take also as to what some want in a man. Ballsy and someone who will go for it. So-called nice guys are the ones try to sneak their way in to a girl’s panties and heart.
      Lol 😆 and it’s funny that I gather the same thing as you do, that these guys are internally wishing they were able to approach women: “Why me, why me, why not me”!?
      Well, it also goes to show that Betas exist of all races. For some strange reason, guys seem to think that black men in general and born with an Alpha’s outlook on women. Total bullshit! I was an AFC clueless Beta also.


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