She Will Respect You For Trying And Detest You For Wussing

When it comes to escalating on a girl: you have nothing to lose.

You only lose if and when you neglect to take meaningful action via physical contact and man-to-woman communication.

Most of us tend to get freaked out and jittery over the idea of ‘making a move’ on the girl.

Why is this?

Because we want it to work too badly.

We are attached to the outcome and results rather than enjoy the process and the ride.

Just as attempting to kiss a (new) girl.

Guys always seem to become carried away with the fantasy of pulling off the kiss in Don Juan and James Bond smooth fashion, where the girl submits and gives way to being kissed on the 1st attempt.

This isn’t fucking Hollywood nor some fictitious-romance novel.

In the real world; mating and courtship have friction.

Those entities consist of push-pull.

Pickup consists of push-pull.

You [the guy] push- the girl pulls back.

Men chase; girls retreat.

Whichever way you want to put it, thus is the game between the sexes.

Therefore, I want to leave you with 2 key points:

1.) Women will respect you tremendously just for trying to make a move on them.

2.) Don’t expect to be flawless or perfect when trying to make a move on women

I usually have my attempts blocked, rejected or deflected on the 1st few tries.

Only about 20% of the time I will have a successful-kiss attempt on the initial attempt.

Bear that in mind.

By not getting the kiss or the touch [let’s say you try to take her hand but she deflects it], it doesn’t mean you’re done neither have you failed.

Hence, don’t become discouraged.

If the girl rejects your ‘Move’, simply laugh or smile at it.

Whatever your reaction is: ensure that it is lighthearted, fun and playful.

Don’t be fucking butt-hurt!

Don’t be taken-aback!

Having a look of rejection on your face will have communicated to the girl that you are socially inept, weak and you haven’t gotten a clue about flirting and women.

When you take rejection lightly, the girl’s respect for you soars out the fucking roof! So don’t fear being rejected by taking action and making moves.

Not making a move at all will get you branded a wuss!

Ever hear how chicks talk about men whenever they gather for 1 of those customary-gossip sessions?

Which of the 2 guys do you think gets shamed, crucified and gets to bear a bad name in chick court?

Is he the guy who didn’t try to make a move on her? Or the one who did?

Of course the guy who did NOT try a thing physically/sexually/romantically.

Hence, women will always respect the guy who acts and detest the guy who wusses out.

Oh- and the same goes for simply approaching the girl!

Even if she rejects you, she will still respect you.

What's your view?

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